He and Wen Jiuyi are on the first floor.

There is a narrow corridor from the deck to the house with a thin door. Parasites can’t help but spit. Before the females step on the shoulders of the parasites, they quickly burst open all the doors on the first floor, and the walls are covered with their handprints.
【 Worm-】
"Here it is!" A naked female insect waved her hands, and her eyes were round with male blood on her lips. "There he is!" "
Alek smashed his head on the wall, stepped on his back and pushed it to the ceiling where there were no feet in the narrow corridor. It was more effective to spread the wings of the butterfly family-only climbing the noodles and iron pipes.
It’s near
It’s close! It’s close! That’s right!
Alek felt his throat tense, and he would have similar reactions in the face of all captain levels. This is not his fragility, but the mental pollution attached to the natural captain level.
This is also an important sign to distinguish grades.
Naturally noble captain ranks are accompanied by different mental pollution. Those captain ranks that don’t make people feel sick and dizzy are mostly evolved from soldier ranks. Alek covers his mouth and supports his body with one hand.
He is fashionable in the face of Parasite 7 and has no such strong vomiting feeling.
At the moment, there are still ten meters away from the house. Alek wants to find a place to spit out his breath and hold his breath. After biting his lips, his hands are separated and he swings forward quickly. His toes sweep across several people’s heads.
The door has been opened!
The sun shines obliquely from the window to their small room at the door, and rows of granulation grow to the ground. They talk in secret along the sun, and thousands of petals are in full bloom, showing a silky texture, like several little angel faces. But in the sun, they are not simply natural creatures. With the increase of people, they crinkle and cry like babies.
"Fire! Bring the fire! " The first few parasites shouted that they had nothing on their bodies, and their nails and teeth bit those granulation and flowers, and they chewed ivory branches and leaves flowing out of the fracture. Alek heard short and piercing screams.
He covered his ears with all the pursuers behind him and didn’t look pale like a stroke.
A granulation grows rapidly, and the sharp edge is covered with sharp spines in two breaths. The parasites are severely beaten on the back, and their hearts are pierced in mourning. Blood is sprayed on the wall. Alek consciously holds the metal sheet in his palm.
Vomiting, nausea, dizziness.
Fuck off! Get out!
The strength of the low-level parasites is visible to the naked eye. These monsters drain their eyes into two holes, and when the body dries up, it is thrown aside by these granulation.
Alek hardly dared to think whether Wen Jiuyi was still alive.
He struggled to rush to the most dense part of the granulation. I don’t know if it was because of Wen Jiuyi’s spirit or Alec’s strength. These granulation always fell to the ground and their flowers and branches were quickly absorbed by their companions.
Power has formed a circulation in this small world, and granulation flexibly wraps around the metal sheet. Otherwise, this weapon can be separated from the female insect’s hand, but it can rely on a large number of branches to wrap around and stop its terrible attack.
They scattered around and attacked Alec flexibly from all angles. At this moment, Alec was not facing a captain. He had to face all the captain granulation at 36 degrees.
"91! !” Alec shuddered to call "Wen Jiuyi! Wen Jiuyi! " His ankle was entangled in granulation and his wrist was bitten by flowers. The pain soared with blood.
Is he dead?
He won’t die-he said he would kill Calialek, who was wrapped around his neck by granulation. He felt that these monsters were taking root in his blood, and a mouthful of blood flowed out of the mouth of the female insect.
Or … Too weak.
Alek bite that bitter juice of the vine in front of him and made him cry.
If I open the brain domain … If I open the brain domain.
"Fire! Fire! " Eleven tones come out from the back.
It’s only a moment when the hot air burns from the room, but it’s far from enough to stop the granulation from going crazy. They form an airtight grid like weaving to kill the flame. Alek feels that the vines around him become small and dry.
They gave up this part of their nutritional choices and put more power into facing the real enemy.
There is no sound.
The sound of flames burning, the creaking of wood and branches and leaves, is not at all.
In the long silence, all the crazy people prepared their weapons. When Alek looked back, they held knives, guns and torches. Their eyes were shining with blood in the fire, even if the hungry wolves were in front of them, they would stay away.
Alek grabbed a layer with a gun.
He knows that this thing can’t be opened, and there are twelve bullets that still work.