"That’s because you don’t know Riemann!" JiZhaoWen face a heavy spirit said, "step Ye city riemann now hate bo jingyan old thin always horizontal thrust a knife riemann shall not kill bo jingyan? Step by step, step by step, you are not helping, you are just helping! "

"Ah, I stopped talking here." Step Ye City wanted to refute Jizhao again, but she got a pick-up here. After saying this, she hung up in a hurry.
Until I heard the words, the side "beeping" was busy. Ye Cheng reacted and his face was black to the bottom of the pot.
His landline dialed a secret message and said in a deep voice, "Help me book a ticket to Yanzhou as soon as possible!"
Riemann ran outside for a day without any results. Tired, he went to the kindergarten to pick Rui Rui up and go home.
When I first arrived at the kindergarten, the class leader Rui Rui saw her with a surprised face. "Rui Rui, mom, why are you here?"
Riemann blurted out "I’m here to pick up my son from school."
"Ah?" Squad one leng "at one o’ clock in the afternoon when farce has been picked up …"
Li Man stared at the squad leader with a stiff face and turned white. "Teacher, what do you mean by Rui Rui being picked up?"
The squad leader and Riemann’s color is getting worse and worse, and his look is also tense. "It’s a young man who came with a man of about fifty years old. I’m glad to see them. Ruirui seems to call the young man Uncle Bu. I’m familiar with everyone. The middle-aged man also told me that it was Ruirui’s grandfather. I just …"
Grandpa Rui Rui? Uncle bu?
If Rui Rui calls Uncle Bu Ye Cheng, who is the middle-aged man who claims to be Grandpa Rui Rui?
After some thought, Riemann’s face changed and took out the words directly to Step Ye City.
After a few steps, Yecheng picked it up. Before the man could speak, Riemann was cold. "Did you pick up Ruirui at one o’clock in Buye City?"
Buyecheng readily admitted, "Yes, what’s wrong?"
"What’s the matter with you?" Riemann sneered at his chest to make room for anger. "Did you pick up my son with my permission?"
"I’m accompanying my father to pick up his grandson back to Bo’s house, but you said I wanted to kidnap him." Bu Yecheng said it was only natural. "Riemann, don’t be too nervous. Ruirui is nothing if Bo Jiasun goes back to Bo’s house for a few days, right?"
"Buye City!" Riemann chest ups and downs with almost gnashing of teeth called out step Ye city name low dumb line tendril out of ridicule "you are not the kui is a good friend! Dealing with things is just as annoying. "
Say that finish this sentence before the man back to her coldly hangs up the words.
Buyecheng, who was already on his way to the airport, was hung up by a woman for the second time today. He was very upset, but he could vent his anger and secretly looked at him in the rearview mirror. Buyecheng, the assistant, coldly growled, "Why don’t you watch what I do!" 、
Riemann hung up on Ye Cheng’s words and thought for a moment. After that, she gave Bo Jingyan a message.
"Riemann?" The words are answered through the thin voice? Mute voice faint can also hear a little surprise.
"Bo Jing Yan Rui Rui was taken to Nanling Villa by your father!" Riemann said coldly, "Do you think I’ll be picked up by him myself or you?"
Bo Jingyan doesn’t seem to know that it’s also a surprise to hear that Rui Rui was taken back by Lao Bo, the old house of Bo’s family. "You said Rui Rui was taken back by my dad?"
"Do you think I’m joking with you now?" Riemann sneered angrily at the words. "Or do you think I might be at your mercy now?"
Bo jingyan was silent for half a ring at that end, and finally she closed her mouth in a low voice. "Well, if Rui Rui is really at Bo’s house, I’ll go back and send him to you now."
"no!" Riemann coldly refused, "Even if you come to my house, I will wait for you to send Rui Rui out at the door of Bo’s house. Bo Jing said that Rui Rui is my child, and neither you nor Bo Qingmian is qualified to touch him. Do you hear me clearly?"
Bo Jingyan gently pulled her lips. "I know you can rest assured that I won’t rob Rui Rui with you."
As soon as he finished this sentence, Riemann had already hung up.
Bo Jing’s words were so dark that the screen rang half, and eventually she had to get up and leave Bo’s house.
He ran back to his hometown at a speed of 100 mph.
As soon as I entered the Xuan, I saw sitting in the hall. At this time, my eyes were facing the small eyes, one old and one young.
At first, Rui Rui couldn’t hold his breath, and Bo Qingmian roared, "I don’t want to live here, you bad old man. I want to go back to Mommy!"
Bo Qingmian’s tone is very tough, and there is no negotiation tone at all. "You will live here in the future."
Ruirui continued to yell, "I don’t want it!"
Before Bo Qingmian changed his shoes again, he came up with a cold face, "Dad! Who told you to pick up Rui Rui! "
When the little guy heard Bo Jing’s voice, he immediately rushed to Bo Jing’s face and let him hug him.
Bo Qingmian glanced lightly and held Rui Rui skillfully in his arms. Bo Jingyan casually said, "I just took my grandson back to live. Why are you so nervous!"
"I came to help Riemann send Ruirui back!"
Bo Qingmian glared at Bo Jingyan. "Don’t you dare!"
Bo Jing frowned deeply. "Dad, don’t make fun of Rui Rui. In recent years, Riemann has brought him up by himself. What have we paid for Rui Rui? Is it too late to remember to get the child back now? "
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Chapter 56 I will never allow you two to be together
"I don’t care about this," Bo Qingmian said rudely. "I know that Rui Rui is the blood of our family. You can’t even think about leaving him outside."
Section 76
Bo Jing Yan clung to his neck and looked extremely unhappy. Rui Rui said faintly, "Dad, no matter what you say, I must return Rui Rui to Riemann."
Bo Qingmian heard that he was blowing his eyes with his hands behind his back. "Bo Jingyan, do you want to resist your old age?"
Bo Jing said with a lip lick and a half-ring, lifted Rui Rui, who was kneeling on his shoulder, and set the little guy’s face softly and asked, "Rui Rui, do you want to live with grandpa?"
"I don’t want it!" Rui Rui wants to shake his head and mouth, and he wants to cry. "I don’t want to live with old thin dad."
Bo Jingyan moved her eyes to Bo Qingyan’s face again. "Dad, did you hear that?" Even if you want to take Ruirui away from Riemann and I don’t live here, are you going to leave Ruirui here to live with an old man? "
Bo Qingmian’s face is slightly cooled and he is still explaining word for word. "When I get Rui Rui’s mouth back, you will receive him from you-"
"I don’t want it!" Bo Qingmian was interrupted by Bo Jing’s cold words before he finished. "I am used to living alone and don’t like children bothering me. If you think that living with an old man like Rui Rui is more suitable for his growth than living with his mother, I will agree with you."
Bo Qingmian’s face turned blue and purple by Bo Jing’s words. "Bo Jing said that you should come with me less. If you want to get out, you should get out and get excited with the old man, right?" I’m telling you, I’m going to settle your son. If you don’t raise me, I’ll raise it for you! "
Rui Rui coagulates Bo Jing’s words. Wow, I cried, and my little face looked pathetic. "I don’t want to live here …"
Bo Jing Yan caressed Rui Rui’s forehead, glanced at Bo Qingmian, and then went to the second floor with Rui Rui. He lived in this room.
After arriving at the room, Bo Jingyan took Rui Rui to the big bed and comforted, "Rui Rui, let’s stay here for one night and one day. Why don’t you go back to your mother?"
Rui Rui’s eyes stared. "Does Lao Bo want to live here, too?"
Bo Jing laughed and said, "I live here with Lao Bo."
When the little guy smells his face, his heart gets a little better. "Then I’ll live here with Lao Bo for one night."
After calming the little guy down, he walked from the bed to the French window and saw a smar car outside the door. Riemann was far away, but she couldn’t see it clearly, but she could feel the anxiety emanating from her.