Because teams like Nottingham Forest don’t have much choice.

They started with the idea of drawing Lazio away from home, and they didn’t even have any other plans, such as what to do if they fall behind first.
This is not to say that Tony Twain is incompetent, but because it is meaningless.
With the strength gap between Nottingham Forest and Lazio, if Nottingham Forest falls behind first, the game will be meaningless to them.
There is still the word "Lazio rhythm" in football.
Being led by Lazio will be difficult for many teams, and Nottingham Forest will not be surprised.
So Tony Twain is actually cross the rubicon.
This kind of courage is commendable, but their luck and strength are still a little poor.
If Messi doesn’t score this goal, Lazio will be more difficult.
But now that Messi has scored, this assumption is meaningless.
He smiled.
It is really a good opponent, and there are not many teams that can make Lazio so embarrassed.
However, because he is a good opponent, Changsheng does not intend to go easy on him in the future.
Because Changsheng smelled a dangerous smell from this game.
Nowadays, due to the strength of Nottingham Forest, Tony Twain’s talent has not been fully developed.
If Nottingham Forest becomes stronger in the future, this Tony Twain will definitely be its own enemy. No matter which team you coach at that time, you will inevitably meet him.
Be merciless to the enemy!
Tony Twain is in pain now.
His carefully prepared plan failed, and his wall-tight defense allowed Lazio to seize the opportunity to score.
Nottingham forest lost the game when the ball flew into the goal.
He doesn’t think his team has a chance to even the score.
Because he knows winning well, he is not the kind of coach who will get carried away and put a lot of pressure on him after leading, so he can still take advantage of it.
He will definitely be the person with the highest goal of winning, as long as he can win, and he doesn’t care whether winning is beautiful or not.
So in the next game, Lazio will definitely shrink their defense and ensure their victory.
And Nottingham forest can’t be pressed to attack, it will only lose more goals.
Since failure is inevitable, we should make plans based on this situation. Be able to lose a small goal, and never lose more goals.
The group match is about the goal difference. If you are defeated by Lazio by a big score in this game, it will be very unfavorable for the qualifying situation in the future. If you need to compare the goal difference with Real Madrid or Dortmund, won’t you suffer?
Moreover, it would be too demoralizing for the team that claims to be the strongest defensive team in Europe to make Lazio a sieve …
Tony Dunns reasoned and made his decision.
After losing the ball, the team’s tactical strategy remained unchanged, or continued to defend itself.
Until the end of the game, 0: 1 is the best score at present!
After the game resumed, it was as Tony Dunn expected.
Lazio, the leading team, didn’t continue to attack heavily and try to score another goal.
It is no different from the previous rhythm.