But being my own son never gives her a formal look, which makes her almost crazy like a stranger.

"Mo Qing Yan, if you die, you will die. Why do you want to plant it back? You are so resourceful. Since you gave birth to two people, you lost your car and gave up your daughter to let your son come back. It is impossible to rob the throne with me! Die! You all deserve to die! "
"bang-"all the precious jewelry on the dresser was pushed to the ground by the queen.
"ah! !” The queen roared wildly-she finally climbed to this position, and it is impossible for her to lose it again.
"No, he will die. He must die!" The queen finally calmed down after a long time.
"Is it romantic?" The cold voice reveals the feeling of murder.
"Belonging to" suddenly a woman appeared in front of the queen, and a bunch of enchanting red flames were faintly visible in the female collar, which was usually seen by the collar cover method.
"Go and kill the man who was brought to Taidian today. No matter what you do, I want to see his body in three days." The queen looked at herself in the toilet mirror with her little finger up and enchanting, and arranged some messy sideburns for herself.
"Ask the Empress to show me the sacred fire order." The romantic tone is like a heartless person
Queen cold hum a hand appeared a wooden flame token.
"It is a life!" When the woman saw the token, she immediately disappeared into the bedroom.
The queen glanced at the flame in her hand, evoked an ironic smile at the corner of her mouth, and continued to manage her hair. She should keep her image at any time, and maybe the emperor will come over.
Suddenly, the queen’s hand suddenly stopped and looked at a bunch of silvery white hair in her temples.
"No … what’s this … no, I can’t be old. The emperor certainly doesn’t like me. I can’t let this thing appear …" The queen’s trembling hand muttered something with nervousness and panic, and hurriedly pulled out the small bunch of white hair and teeth even if the scalp was bloodshot.
"How can I be old? I want to stay young forever, so the emperor will love me. Hahahaha …" Looking at that bunch of hair pulled out, the queen threw it aside in the brazier and looked at herself in the mirror and laughed wildly.
Yu Haochen wore a white face and an evil smile seemed to hang around her mouth.
"Why did Master Yu come to the Taidian so early today?" The East Palace guards are naturally acquainted with Yu Haochen. After all, Taidian’s friends have this one, and now it seems that there is another one.
"Yes, can I go in?" Yu Haochen hand negative behind asked with a smile.
"Master Yu, please wait for a moment. I’ll report to Yitai Temple. Yesterday, I told everyone to report before entering." A guard said respectfully.
"Then go" Yu Haochen is leaning against the door.
When the guard ran to report, he thought about going to Master Yu. When did he not go on the rampage? Did he become polite when he knew that the temple had new friends and felt threatened? Well, it’s really possible
"Master Taidian Jade is asking for an audience outside." The guard hurried to report.
"Let him in," said the Nangong Yinfeng. "He just got up. Does Yu Haochen get up early? Come here in such a hurry to see little green sister. Speaking of which, it’s a good thing that he was here yesterday, otherwise little green sister would be possessed, but he’s not going to say thank you to him. What do you say thank you?
Yu Haochen came in with a charming smile. "Get up so early?"
"naturally, I think you’re looking for Xiao Lu. We’re going to have breakfast with our father later. Why don’t you join us?" Nangong Yinfeng kindly suggested.
Yu Haochen raised his eyebrows, "But disrespectful to Little Green?" Have a look around
"He probably hasn’t got up yet, right next door to me," said Nangong Yinfeng.
"Then I’ll call him." Yu Haochen said with a enchanting smile in his eyes, and he was about to turn around.
"Well, ok, no, you stay here and I’ll call." How can Yu Haochen, a bastard, immediately stop and run out at the thought that Little Green is a daughter and she has prepared a dress?
Yu Haochen turned and looked at Zheng and ran out of the back with a smile.
"Little green, did you get up? We promised my father to have breakfast with him yesterday, won’t you forget? " The nangongshan silver tone with a hint of spoil blackmail pei warm the door Chapter 151 Group adults gloriously wounded.
Pei Wennuan has already put on her clothes in the house. Damn it, how can she comb her hair in a bun? How can she forget how to even comb her hair in a bun? No matter what, it’s nice to comb it directly. Then she cut her long hair and put it behind her head. At first glance, the sideburns on both sides are full of spirit. In fact, she forgot that she used to comb it like this before.
The door was quickly opened and Pei Wennuan hurriedly said, "Let’s go and hope not to be late."
"You …" So go to see my father? The nangongshan silver wind looked at her and counted her hairstyles, but I have to say that it looks good.
"hmm? What’s wrong? " Pei warm doubt looked at him.
"I didn’t go to my place in advance-I want to formally introduce my friend to you." Nangong Yinfeng naturally took Pei’s warm hand and walked into his room.
"Goo goo ….." Before the introduction of the Nangong Silver Wind, I just woke up and came to the group to see it. Pei Wennuan jumped into her arms first and finally became a little beauty. It was beautiful and beautiful. I licked me.
Tuan small tongue licked Pei’s warm white face hard, so soft and comfortable.
"Giggle … you stop that now and it itches." Pei Nuan was tickled by the group and couldn’t help laughing.
"I’ll throw you out when you’re here." The Nangong Silver Wind quit and the dead sable dared to flirt with his sister’s group. When he heard it, he stopped talking and stopped playing tricks. Stay in Pei’s warm arms and rub it a little.
Suddenly, the group saw Yu Haochen’s eyes staring "hissing …" Even the back hair exploded. If it wasn’t for Pei’s warm embrace, he might have rushed to bite it directly.
"What’s wrong with you, Tuan?" Pei warm looked at confused in anger and said
Nangong Yinfeng naturally doesn’t want to pay attention to it. Who let it eat the warm tofu just now? Now it’s convulsions again.
"Little Green, this is Haochen. You saw Haochen yesterday. How is this little green?" The Nangong Silver Wind raised his eyebrows in an ostentatious manner.
Yu Haochen looked at Pei Wennuan’s long and narrow phoenix eyes with amazement. "She … isn’t she a man?"
"I didn’t tell you that Little Green is a man. Oh, she’s my sister." Nangong Yinfeng naturally put his hand on Yu Haochen’s shoulder and showed off in an ostentatious manner. He finally has a sister who is more beautiful than Yu Haochen’s sister.
"By the way, I’ll go to the pharmacy to get some conditioning herbs for my father. You can chat here for a while now." The Nangong Yinfeng immediately turned to leave when he thought of anything.
Leave Nangong Yinfeng and touch it. Isn’t it good if your sister is with his good friend?