The arrangement was for the White brothers to persuade them to surrender some artillery.

The two men shook their heads to show that this was a Scottish artillery regiment, and no Irish refused to surrender.
Zhu Jinglun regretted not bringing an artillery. At that time, why didn’t he think that he might capture the artillery? Those artillery left in the manhole couldn’t move last night, but the artillery could still walk. I think it was still inexperienced.
Zhu Jinglun sighed, "Forget it. Anyway, it’s just pulling the banner of tiger skin. Even artillery can’t beat the Hong Kong battery."
"Hong Kong? Are we going to fight Hong Kong? "
A few people didn’t expect to go to Hong Kong. They were discussing going back to manholes.
Applause one after another, obviously, the constant victory has made them swell a little, which is really beyond my power.
I don’t want to think that Hong Kong is really so easy to beat Chen Guiji, and I have never played anything.
Zhu Jinglun can understand the excitement of Black Dog and others, but what are the White brothers happy about?
Seeing that the two brothers are rubbing their hands, Zhu Jinglun is puzzled.
White said, "General, maybe we can put on a show!"
White cheated Xin ‘an City and became addicted. His younger brother envied the two brothers and even tried to cheat Hong Kong!
Zhu Jinglun ha ha smiled.
Shaking his head, he said, "We should rescue the manhole this time. I didn’t expect the foreigner’s reaction to be so fierce that even the Hong Kong garrison was transferred. This is not a good thing. I’m afraid it will be even harder for the manhole to resist. They may wait until we get to the rescue. Now, when we go back by land for a day, we will probably be able to collect their bodies. But since the foreigner dares to cross the rubicon and draw Hong Kong troops, I don’t mind giving him a Hei Hu heart and inserting it into his heart!"
The black dog said excitedly, "Let me take the lead this time."
Fangshan, the fortune teller, looked at it. "Can’t you see that this is to rescue Zhao from Wei!"
Section 90 Virtual tension potential
When the time comes, it will be logical to send someone to the manhole to ask for Huiyuan, and Zhu Jinglun will complete the rescue of the manhole
In Zhu Jinglun’s own "Black Dog is the pioneer to take your battalion to Kowloon City, and I and Queequeg’s backup will slowly enter all the way to make more flags and make more publicity."
Distribute and act at once.
Half an hour after the departure of Black Dog, Zhu Jinglun pulled those flags at random, and they were all colorful in red, black and yellow. He also dragged ten infantry guns with these guns. It’s not enough to go to war, but to really fight the Kowloon Mountain battery. These guns are even more important to prove that he is really going to attack Hong Kong and increase the panic in Hong Kong. Zhu Jinglun will not hesitate to throw away these guns for the first time, because it is impossible to bombard the British battery on Hong Kong Island, even the Kowloon City battery. Only the British dare to put the Kowloon battery under their noses without destroying it because they have confidence.
Out of the city, crossing Shahe River and Shenzhen River via Futian Village, the south is very strong, and people are constantly sent to contact the surrounding villages to tell everyone that we are going to fight Hong Kong. Welcome all the villagers to join in the grand ceremony. Passing through Yuen Long, Sha Tau Kok, Tai Po and other villages, some people and the strong meet.
There are many reasons why the villages here in Kowloon Peninsula are not fond of foreigners in Hong Kong. Before the Raven War, after the so-called British occupied Hong Kong Island, some landlords in Kowloon Peninsula leased their land to some tenants in Hong Kong. As a result, after Hong Kong was ceded, the other party refused to pay the rent and lost the lawsuit in the foreigner’s court. Therefore, the gentry on the peninsula were extremely dissatisfied with Hong Kong, and these gentry were also leaders of organizations such as Yong ying, Xiang Yong and the public security bureau, and all of them had soldiers in their hands.
By the time Zhu Jinglun arrived outside the Kowloon Walled City in the evening, more than a dozen villages had gathered, and the number of township brave and his own soldiers was 2,000, which was really a bit like attacking Hong Kong.
On this day, Zhu Jinglun marched slowly, and the Hong Kong government became a pot of porridge.
General Grant, who is in charge of Hong Kong’s defense, and Governor Bao Bao have different opinions.
Grant is the commander of the army, but he has never had a high position in the British army. He is subordinate to the naval attack on Guangzhou East Fort. This attack manhole was commanded by the commander of the navy, Sima Mi Geli, but where is Grant’s identity? He should be responsible for defending nature in Hong Kong.
The quarrel between the two men began after receiving the letter handed over by Yang De, which guaranteed that Hong Kong was more important to Britain than it is now, and that the entire expeditionary force rear base could not lose its claim. Immediately, someone was sent to inform Xima Mi Geli Huiyuan to temporarily abandon the plan of attacking manholes.
Grant, on the other hand, thinks that the Qing army on the shore is just an empty show, but he agrees to recall some British troops to help Hong Kong, but he can’t stop attacking manholes. He thinks that releasing a Qing army in manholes is very dangerous, which is even worse for Hong Kong in the long run. At the same time, Grant and Erjin are the envoys to China. They advocated attacking the former Ergin from the south of sh, but they chose to send troops to Guangzhou to teach China people a lesson.
With the support of Elgin, it has always been a common decision for Bao Ling and Grant to defend against problems in Hong Kong. Now Bao Ling and Grant disagree with each other, and there is no quarrel at last until the afternoon. Neither of them can say who decided to write a letter to Xima Mi Ge Li, and Xima Mi Ge Li decided whether to transfer some troops to help or give up the military action force to help.
For both of them, this compromise is that both of them can accept the guarantee that if Simi Macquarie knows the importance of Hong Kong, he will definitely support himself. Grant believes that Simi Macquarie, a military general, will make his own decision according to the battlefield situation. He believes that if Simi Macquarie’s troops return, there is one reason, that is, he has completely destroyed the manhole resistance.
When Zhu Jinglun led his troops into Kowloon City in the panic of Hong Kong people, Bao Ling and Grant’s letter had been delivered to Simi Macquarie.
Zhu Jinglun needs to walk for a day, and people can reach his legs in two or three hours. Compared with the British steamboat, it is really no advantage.
Zhu Jinglun didn’t know that the Governor quarreled with Grant, that all decisions were in the hands of Simi Mi Ge Li, and he didn’t know the progress of military operations against manholes in Simi Mi Ge Li. For example, he knew that Yang De was very pessimistic about his plan to attack Hong Kong.
Yang De warmly welcomed Zhu Jinglun into the yamen of his inspection department, but he kept complaining that the British were powerful and the fort on Hong Kong Island was sharp.
This guy is obviously talking to the British army, trying to cancel or delay the attack on Hong Kong. Zhu Jinglun denied that this guy had defected, but his position showed problems.
For one thing, he has common interests with Hong Kong, and it is also because of the diplomatic concept of Qing officials that more than one thing is better than less. He is not willing to provoke foreigners. Once Zhu Jinglun fights with the British here, Yang Degan is sure that the worst luck will be himself.
Zhu Jinglun can’t beat the foreigners, and Kowloon City is ruined, but he lost in Yang De. If Zhu Jinglun defeated the British and captured Hong Kong Island with seeds, it wouldn’t be good for him. After Zhu Jinglun took the credit, Zhu Jinglun stayed here. He Yang De was used to being a local tyrant, and he didn’t want to be inferior.
Anyway, Yang Deyou has a thousand and ten thousand reasons not to want Zhu Jinglun to fight the British here.
Zhu Jinglun listened carefully to Yang De’s reason not to nod, but he just didn’t decide that he was waiting for a message.
And this news is closely related to the situation of manholes. No one knows that manholes are in danger at this time.
Section 99 Neither the land nor the ancestors can give up.
After only playing for half a day, Chen Zhiting felt as if it had been many years, and he could no longer live like a year.
His eyes were red and his heart was bleeding when he looked at the messy battlefield.
It’s not that it’s hard to count the bodies lying on the battlefield. There are definitely more foreigners than manhole people.
To be honest, it’s thanks to Zhu Jinglun’s teaching them to dig trenches. It’s not that manhole people can’t dig trenches. It’s that they never thought that trenches would fight foreigners. If they were themselves, they would be more willing to build barriers. This is a unified mindset, that is, they like to dig trenches the most, and Xiang Army mainly protects themselves with barriers.
However, the way foreigners fought was different from that of the Qing and Taiping armies. They couldn’t stop the bow and arrow barriers, and they couldn’t stop the foreigners’ shells. So they dug five trenches outside the Shajing market in succession and mobilized the people, men, women and children in Shili Township nearby. They dug trenches deeper than the trenches in the East Fort, and reinforced the logs according to Zhu Jinglun’s suggestion, and even built some tunnels to avoid the other side’s dense shelling.
In this way, the township brave in Shajing suffered almost no damage when the foreigners’ naval guns were attacked and the British infantry attacked.