The general director of "Poor" has a cool tone. "Do you know how to shoot more and burn more overseas? I’ll ask Cai to send you the accounts later. If you want to upgrade, Wei Jiu is the only one. "

Ye Zaixi pushed his luggage forward and ordered himself to follow the director "you take a place for me"
With that, she went to Taiwan to ask about the upgrade on the back of her feet.
Soon Ye Zaixi returned to the team of guests. Instead of taking her suitcase, she stopped in front of her and patted the director.
"Why didn’t you come back for an upgrade?" The general director asked.
If the general director is not the kind of person who can’t open a pot, but he just got upset by Ye Zaixi, he will go back.
Ye wiped her other manicure at the tip of the stream, so the clouds are light and the wind is light. "I thought about it. It’s too cold in first class or it’s more lively with everyone."
She won’t say that the receptionist just told her that the economy class fare to China is more than 10 thousand, and now it’s the peak season, and the first class fare is 8 times that of economy class, which is almost 10 thousand
Ye Zaixi said this time that it is not enough for her parents to continue to invest more in her and move the cash flow in the company.
Her parents filled her with more than half of the coffin before they got it together.
Ordinary parents really can’t do anything like Ye Zaixi’s parents who give up their coffins and spoil their children.
Ye Zaixi believes that he will be popular.
Especially after she saw that the mysterious guest turned out to be Wei Jiuwei, she was more convinced of her investment vision.
This is the first time that Top Stream has participated in the life variety show, and the ratings are still bursting.
She spent a lot of money on this investment!
It’s a pity that all the money is bet on this variety show, and the money is getting tighter and tighter. 10 thousand yuan is nothing to Qianye Zaixi, but it is not suitable for the situation that she is short of money now
Even the forebrain fever spent 50 thousand on the second-hand market, and she resold it and put it into the investment of this program
Let’s wait until she is taken away by Wei Jiuwei before thinking about first class.
Everyone lined up to check in and rested for a while until Wei Jiuwei and his assistant were not seen in line at the boarding gate.
They are both first-class tickets, but they can enter first through VIP channel.
Due to the fact that he has just revealed his identity through live broadcast, many Wei Jiuwei fans in the waiting room have confirmed Wei Jiuwei’s flight to wait for him through the live broadcast.
However, these fans pounced until all the first-class passengers got in and the economy-class passengers started boarding, and Wei Jiuwei didn’t show up.
Unicorn Chan knew that two "elder sisters" with black super and fashionable dresses had just passed in the first-class passage.
One of them is Wei Jiuwei, who has changed into a long red dress.
If Unicorn Chan hadn’t been able to detect uncle Kyubi no Youko’s special smell, he wouldn’t have seen that big black wave would be a wig.
Unicorn Chan still remembers that uncle Kyubi no Youko’s wide-brimmed hat at the check-in port was short grandma gray hair.
How did Yu Unicorn Chan determine that Wei Jiuwei was Uncle Kyubi no Youko? He could smell Uncle Kyubi no Youko.
It’s not smell or smell. Let Unicorn Chan say that the smell of the nine-tailed fox is too far away to smell it. He can only smell it when Uncle Kyubi no Youko releases his charm skills.
That red dress "sister" just smiled back at them in this direction after entering the boarding passage.
At that moment, Unicorn Chan knew it was Uncle Kyubi no Youko.
Uncle Kyubi no Youko’s ability seems to have weakened since he came to this world. Many of them have just been released, which is not attractive. At best, it is to make others feel good about him.
Compared with the previous time when cleaning up Warcraft in the wild monkey cave and releasing its charm, it can make the momentum of the Warcraft department in the cave less than 90%
Has Uncle Kyubi no Youko been "weakened" like him since he came to this world? This is a word that Unicorn Chan just learned.
Luo Yufei just complained to Chu Que while playing games in the waiting hall that his favorite hero was weakened even by the update this morning.
Unicorn Chan glanced at Chu Que again.
Suzaku’s brother can’t remember anything at all. Does Uncle Kyubi no Youko remember him? Wait for a chance to test one.
Being able to meet in this world has been weakened so much. Maybe Uncle Kyubi no Youko was reincarnated after his death.
What happened in their world? Didn’t his life resist the disaster? What, Brother Suzaku and Uncle Kyubi no Youko are still dead?
What about princess royal?
Unicorn Chan looked at the "line" in his left hand. No one else could see it. He knew it was the mark that meant princess royal was still alive.
I wonder if I can see princess royal again in this world?
Unicorn Chan thought all the way and was hugged by his father.
After everyone settled in their seats and the hatch was closed, Luo Yufei had a rare and careful time. He got up and the director in the back seat said, "I’ve been looking at this hatch. Wei Jiuwei didn’t come in."
The director surprised him that Wei Jiu would only wait until there were fewer fans, and didn’t pay attention to the hatch.
Artists have to change other flights temporarily, so please don’t discuss with them before.
The general director hurried to find and ask questions.
Unicorn Chan didn’t expect Uncle Kyubi no Youko to be cheated even by the program group, but Kyubi no Youko just turned around and smiled at everyone.
"Uncle Kyubi no Youko came first. He was wearing a red dress." Unicorn Chan told him quietly, dragging Luo Yu’s flying suit.
Luo Yufei …
After an oolong, the general director confirmed that all the program members boarded the flight.
The flight from the capital to China will take more than ten hours. They took off early, and the time difference between the two countries will be one hour. It will also be noon when they arrive in China.
Unicorn Chan is used to the take-off and landing of airplanes. Now he is very good at adjusting his ear discomfort.
Ye Feng originally planned to let the baby sleep in a cage, but Unicorn Chan thought that just now, my sister introduced on the radio that Cheng Hui had four meals and they were all national specialties.
Unicorn Chan is thinking about delicious food and doesn’t want to sleep. What if he misses it? He heard that someone is going to eat airplane meals specially. It must be delicious.