The blue robe man looked stiff and forced a smile to apologize, but when he carefully looked at Ye Shuang’s appearance, he pointed to Ye Shuang in horror and said, "How is it possible?"

Before the words were finished, he knew that he had made a slip of the tongue without saying anything. He immediately knelt down and kowtowed and said, "I don’t mean to offend you, regardless of the villain. Let’s let it go this time."
The man’s forehead drummed on the floor.
But Ye Shuang didn’t feel relaxed before. He was very white. He recognized his identity. He didn’t expect to be recognized as soon as he came out. But at the beginning, his portrait was recognized by people all over the river’s lake, and there was no fuss. He was in a hurry to go out and forget about it.
"Get up and answer me a few questions," Ye Shuang said in a cold tone.
"Yes, yes," the blue robe man quickly got up and bent, saying, "Little knowledge is inexhaustible."
"What great events have happened near Zhongnanshan in the past two years?" Ye Shuang asked a question in his heart. When he was just trapped, the stone wall rang loudly. He wanted to know if the Lord had come to save him.
Hearing Ye Shuang’s question, the man carefully looked up at Ye Shuang’s eyes and said cautiously, "If you want to say something important, it is natural that you and the ancient tomb school are trapped."
Fall also listened attentively to this person’s words, and she also wanted to know what happened after the three people were trapped.
"I just get out of trouble, you elaborate." Ye Shuang frowned.
"Yes, yes," the big fellow said as if he poured beans when he heard Ye Shuang’s words. "When you were just trapped two years ago, the master of Qiu Shuang brought people to the ancient tomb school, and two of them were also missing at the same time. Naturally, I didn’t know that you had fallen on both sides, so I fought hard and returned to Tianshan Mountain. Later, I came to the ancient tomb school again with other hall masters and deputy hall masters, and both sides fought a war with each other to find three."
"Can there be casualties in the ancient tomb school?" Can’t help but ask jack.
"No" The blue robe man saw the question and dared not neglect it. He quickly replied, "There was a serious injury, but there was no death."
When I heard this, I was relieved and gestured, "You continue to talk."
"Later, the two sides couldn’t find three traces. I heard that Miss Tianshan Qu had a white fox. The fox somehow found your breath and then found the dim palm. I heard that the two sides had another argument but didn’t start work."
Speaking of which, the blue robe man looked at the two men with envious eyes. "But on the other side, the stone wall could not be opened. Later, the old man personally came to Tianshan Mountain and still failed to open the stone wall."
"More than a year ago, after the water warrior was reborn, he said that he was killed by Ye Gong." The blue robe man carefully looked at Ye Shuang and carefully said, "Heaven will argue with the ancient tomb again, but it has calmed down in the past year."
"Brother Shui, a mastermind in the ancient tomb, dare not tell lies." Suddenly, Ye Shuang explained that the ancient tomb school was excused.
Ye Shuang nodded and said nothing but asked "Tianshan Mountain? Has there been a major event in Tianshan recently? "
Ye Shuang knows in his heart that if according to the normal plan, Tian Shuang Tang Fei Yun Tang and Shenfeng Tang should have established three halls, and I’m afraid the Lord has also chosen the day to fight in the Jianghu, and the pace has also started.
When the blue robe man heard this, his spirit suddenly perked up. "Just two months ago, the master announced in the Western Regions that he would return to the Jianghu in the future. It is said that all the forces in the Jianghu went to congratulate the guests like a cloud, which is a rare event in the Jianghu for more than 20 years. On that day, the master also announced the establishment of Tianshuang Hall, Feiyun Hall, Shenfeng Hall, Qiufeng Hall, Liuyun Hall and Zhuifeng Hall. Several other masters are deputy hall masters. I heard that there are dozens of real masters in each hall of the three halls."
Then he looked at Ye Shuang’s eyes and said, "You have also been appointed as the deputy master of Tian Shuang Hall."
See Ye Shuang smiled and didn’t react too much before he continued, "It’s been two months since the sky will reappear and give them an ultimatum to all the forces in the western regions, big and small."
"Is it finally time to start?" Ye Shuang muttered absently, "I haven’t missed too much."
Heaven will be in the western regions, and Ye Shuang believes that heaven will easily wipe out most forces in the western regions, including Baituo Villa, Religion, Lingjiu Palace and Tantric Sect, which will be more difficult.
Ye Shuang asked the man a few questions again, and after solving some doubts in his heart, he let the man retreat, but others in the restaurant also dared not stay and left quickly with him.
Ye Shuang and this meal are boring. Both of them are thinking about things, and they seem to be a little preoccupied. They are not excited about eating before.
After waiting for the account, I walked out of the restaurant and left town for Chang’ an. When I suddenly asked, "Is it necessary to enter the Central Plains after Ye Frost will wipe out the western regions?"
Ye Shuang knew that it was difficult to ask this question, but he didn’t want to deceive him. He nodded, "The first step is to wipe out the western regions, and the second step is to enter the Central Plains."
"Will True Religion and my Ancient Tombs School be your goals when marching into the Central Plains?" Fall tone calmly asked
After a moment’s silence, Ye Shuang said, "Although I don’t know the specific situation, if it is going to leave the Western Regions, the True Religion and Huashan Sect must be the first card. A big war must be inevitable. If you ancient tombs retreat to the ancient tombs and stay out of it, it should be fine."
"Impossible" fell cold. "You are still not too white. Although the ancient tomb school and the true school seem hostile, it is impossible for the first party to live and die. from ruin’s head will never look at the true religion being destroyed by the Heaven Club."
Ye Shuang sighed. He had long thought about this problem and how to deal with it, but he found that there was no way for him to be in the church of heaven. It was impossible for the master to let the true religion go because of himself unless he really taught the church of heaven but the town church minister. Three-year-olds know that they won’t unless there is a real danger of extermination, then they will fall on the opposite side of the ancient tomb school, and he knows that it will be extremely difficult to fall.
"Will Ye Shuang hug me?" Fall tone weakly to Ye Shuang way
Ye Shuang didn’t speak, but hugged and fell directly. Ye Shuang didn’t feel any warm and fragrant nephrite. There was guilt.
For a long time, Ye Shuang suddenly felt a hemp on his chest and then several acupuncture points were blocked, and the whole person suddenly stiffened.
"What are you doing?" Ye Shuang’s heart vibrated. I can’t believe it. I watched my hands break free from her arms and still held her posture.
"Ye Shuang" whispered softly, but rubbed his hand in Ye Shuang’s face and said, "I can’t talk to you. I never promised."
"Are you going back to the tomb?" After the shock, Ye Shuang gradually calmed down to frown.
"Yes, I’m going back to the ancient tomb." I said, "If I can’t stay in the ancient tomb school for more than ten years, you’ll turn your back on the ancient tomb and one day you’ll become enemies on the opposite side of your former disciples."
"Besides, I don’t want to be protected by you all the time because I am your person." I said firmly, "I want to be a man who is willing to give everything to me. Can you do that?"
Looking at the stare, Ye Shuang lost his voice, completely silent and difficult, and said, "I can’t do it for the time being."
"I know," Luo Ping nodded and walked around Ye Shuang, saying, "You don’t know me very well. Over the years, there have been many people chasing me, and you don’t know, but I didn’t promise that I wanted to find an erotic man instead of because of my appearance."
"Although I became your person in the cave, I will be your person in this life, but I can’t follow you now." I decided, "Unless one day you make me feel that it is worth my efforts, I will go with you, but our relationship is too fragile and there is not much foundation for me to love you so dead set. I can’t do it."
Ye Shuang never imagined that Luo was such a strong-minded woman, which made him a little caught off guard, or suddenly found that he knew Luo very shallowly, and he didn’t know what the woman was thinking.
"Are you going to leave me for a generation?" Ye Shuang tone dimly asked.
"I don’t know," said a little confused. "Maybe we will meet with the ancient tomb school after a few days. Maybe we will draw swords in the future. If I am reincarnated, I may give up everything of the ancient tomb school and feel at ease to be your woman."
"I won’t do anything to you and I won’t let others hurt you." Ye Shuang said firmly, "I will take you away from the ancient tomb."
"Hehe" Luo chuckled and two leaves of frost arranged a hair and clothes, and her eyes were full of tenderness and said, "You are my man. I am waiting for you to take me away from the ancient tomb in the open one day. I will really go with you one day. Don’t be silly to go to the ancient tomb now after I leave, so you are a trap. I don’t want my man to be so stupid."
Fall gently leaned against Ye Shuang and hugged him quietly for a while, then put him in a secluded place and bowed his head and kissed him. "After I left for an hour, your acupuncture points will be untied. Don’t go to the ancient tomb to find me." After a pause, he continued, "I know you can’t kill yourself in the sky. Take care."
Ye Shuang lay on the ground watching the falling figure fade away, and the sense of frustration in his heart made him extremely tormented. He didn’t expect to be separated as soon as he came out.
After struggling for an hour in the torment, Ye Shuang got up and looked at the direction of falling away. The Iraqi people had already traced it. An hour later, it was Zhongnanshan again. She was sure to return to the ancient tomb quickly, and she had already come or not.
Stand quietly for a moment, and Ye Shuang resolutely turned to the northwest Tianshan Mountains.
The first volume Jianghu frost mark Chapter two hundred and twenty-seven Anger
Chapter two hundred and twenty-seven Anger
After leaving Zhongnanshan, Ye Shuang went to the trapped cave in Tianshan Mountain day and night. For two years, he failed to fully display his flying skills. He ran thousands of miles in one breath before stopping for a rest. The feeling of flying high in the sky made him sincerely realize his freedom.
In less than three days, he arrived at Tianshan Mountain in one breath. When he showed his token watch and his identity, he quickly caused a stir, especially when the epee in his hand caused many people to point fingers. He didn’t pay much attention to it, but immediately rushed to see the hero.
Although I didn’t pay much attention to it, Ye Shuang still felt the tension before the war, and the Tianshan alert was much stricter than before