"Didn’t you say something happened to the imperial tomb?" Lin Yuan asked.

"Well, I’m afraid I won’t come back if I stay outside the palace for too long." Mu Yixuan said with a smile.
"Why do you want to retire to the mountains with me so soon?" Lin kite laughed.
Mu Yixuan stopped and wiped her nose gently. There was a strong smile in her eyes. "Really jealous?"
"I’m joking with that smelly girl!" Lin Yuan gave him a blinding look and hit his hand.
Muyixuan ponder to see her kiss to fall Lin kite is hastily stopped figure a magic already fell in the distance.
Mu Yixuan’s cold lip angle evoked a smile, but the moment had already fallen behind her and held her in her arms. Judo "remembered that you were more restless than Xuaner when you were pregnant."
"Is there?" Lin Yuan frowned.
"Well" MuYixuan low should be.
"No, I seldom go out of the palace when I come back from the city." Lin Yuan looked thoughtful.
"Always go to the guest to live. I have two white robes for you." Mu Yixuan woke up.
"It’s okay. Look at the shadow. It’s much more considerate than you. You take care of Xuan’s son so well. Your face is better than before," Lin said.
Mu Yixuan hugged her hand and suddenly tightened his displeasure. "What did you argue with her when you were old?"
"Isn’t it? You quarreled with me the night you left town! If I hadn’t told you that you might have to treat me coldly during pregnancy! " Lin Yuan’s account came up and looked at him angrily.
Mu Yixuan couldn’t help laughing. "You are really jealous of your daughter, kite!"
Lin kite one leng frown was about to mouth MuYixuan kiss already fell.
"Xuan son is really good to you after someone hurts."
"Then I’m going to cross over again and think that your daughter’s generation is in pain."
"Don’t you dare"
"Just no chance"
"Well … it hurts!"
"I still have to marry me. I’ll never get a chance."
"I won’t have a daughter."
"My generation still wants Xuan Shantou!"
"I tube you always … uh-huh …"
In the distance, Zi Xuan and Duguying sat on the roof and watched from a distance.
"I told you not to be nervous. My father and mother won’t eat people. My mother will definitely be jealous again. She is so stingy."
"When did you say that?"
"Now say hey hey …"
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Duguying and Zi Xuan stayed in Yueguo for more than half a month.
In the evening, Zi Xuan, who was coming back from the shadow pavilion to let him enter the palace, made the coachman change his way and went to the general altar of Yue Bai.
Zi Xuan, the carriage, snuggled lazily in Duguying’s arms and squinted for a nap.
"Didn’t tell your father and mother the truth?" Duguying finally said.
"Said they worry about also hibernate for two or three months, when it gets warm, they wake up," said Zi Xuan, still squinting lightly.
"Well" DuGuYing should be a eyes full of complexity and added, "don’t sleep this year? This child should be born in winter. "
Zi Xuan was stiff and immediately raised his head to hug him. "Don’t worry, I will bite my teeth until this little guy is born."
The lonely shadow kissed and fell, and her tender eyes were full of love.
He has been afraid to ask and think back to the edge of life and death. How did she survive? How strong should her heart be to withstand the pain!
It would be great if he could take the place of her to bear all the pain.
"Don’t worry, I’ve been dead once, and nothing beats me!" Zi Xuan hands holding his face crystal bright eyes filled with hee hee smile.
"Hu said what is death once!" Duguying took one look at her and held her tightly in her arms. I don’t know that every time I talk about it, there will always be inexplicable uneasiness.
"Let’s start tomorrow, first leave at the clock and then go back to the snow-capped mountains," Zi Xuan discussed.
"It’s time to go back to the snow-capped mountains and spend the winter in Zhongli," Duguying replied.
"The temple broke ground. How do you say it? You have to go and see it yourself." Zi Xuan raised her head to show her eyebrows.
"Master won’t blame you for giving birth to the baby at the clock, and when summer comes, we will be in the snow-capped mountains." Duguying is not a tone of discussion.
"No" Zi Xuan looked serious.
"Don’t worry me, will you?" Duguying said faintly that she was buried in her neck.
"Don’t have to go in person." Zi Xuan pushed him without giving in.
"Listen to me this time." Duguying is still soft but does not give in.
"I don’t care, I must go before Mammy brings her mother-in-law back!" Zi Xuan pulled his clothes with his charming hands.
DuGuYing is looking at her handsome frown remained silent.
"Dugu Ying, let’s go. I’m not afraid of being cold!" Zi Xuan kept pulling.
"Shadow …"
""xianggong "…"
The whole person leaned over and stared at him with big watery eyes.
Duguying couldn’t help sighing, but Zi Xuan laughed before her mouth. "It’s a deal. Don’t go back on our word!"
"If you kiss one, you won’t go back on your word".
"Both!" Zi Xuan cheerfully approached heavily and printed a kiss on his side face with beautiful lines.
"There’s another one." Duguying smiled and approached with her lips.
At this moment, Xiao Za sounded "Lord Xuan has arrived"
"Here we are." Zi Xuan squinted a smile.