Say that finish before monk answer just smiling hostile Gongsun Zhi way "I heard that Mo Gong doesn’t like to take medicine that can’t be done. After that, Mr. Gongsun wants more tonics to let him have a good tonic, or Prime Minister Mo will blame me when he arrives in Beijing, which is better than seeing him with his own eyes."

With that, he glanced at Mock as if he were making trouble with children.
Mock "…"
I don’t care so much for my wife. I hate taking medicine. Oh! !
I’m going to run away from home. No, I’m going to tell my dad about you. !
But then no one paid attention to him, and everyone discussed such things as reporting to Emperor Zhenyun.
"Fortunately, the girl in the evening and Mo Gong helped to find the temple of the Second Emperor, which can be regarded as a reward for the Black Flag Army when they heard that something had happened to the Big Emperor and the Second Emperor. Fortunately, they met the Second Emperor with everything wrong."
Emperor Phoenix Night nodded and said, "Of course, you can say that, but my father may not believe it."
"But the emperor not only doubts the temple, I’m afraid it’s more suspicious of the big emperor, but also the temple where the remnants of Yeze are not too worried. Besides, the emperor loves the temple, and the old minister estimates that the problem is not big." One of the staff is not very worried. I can see that everyone is not very worried
Emperor phoenix night smiled noncommittally.
Liu Xi-yun walked with a trance at night, and she didn’t understand and dare not be interested in these state affairs. Who did Emperor Zhenyun love and spoil?
After all these things, Liu Xixi suddenly became full of doubts about this person.
However, if you tell Difeng to listen at night, he won’t listen, will he? I will even have a bad feeling with myself because of this incident. If only she could have more contact with Emperor Zhenyun, then she could find more reliable evidence to prove her guess that Emperor Zhenyun disliked herself too much.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 539 Become a tea party
Liu Sunseeker sighed gloomily at night, mainly because he was too arrogant and scampering too much at that time. Now he finds out that Emperor Zhenyun hated Congcong girls, whether it was really Congcong or Congcong. He likes a kind of person, that is, a clever, obedient, gentle and timid woman.
If you give her a second chance, she will dress up as a pig and eat a tiger and try her best to make Di Zhenyun like her.
"What are you going to do about the fake girl in Yueer?" Gongsun Zhi suddenly arrived at Liuxi Night, Liuxi Night, and then sat back and watched the Emperor Phoenix Night.
Today, Emperor Phoenix Night wore a white embroidered moire robe, and her long black hair was neatly tied in a silver crown. She had been lazily propping up against the audience and talking about it. At this time, she heard Liu Xiyue’s name, which made some changes.
His eyes slightly bent up. He looked at her faintly. The look in his eyes was a bit like a boy’s eyes full of tenderness when he secretly loves a girl. This look was accepted by Liu Xixi at night, because others were afraid to peep at the emperor’s every move at night. Another person was Gongsun Zhi because of his discussion.
However, when the old sparrow saw something was wrong, it immediately put its neck on its head and put on a pair of old people who didn’t see anything.
Liu Sunseeker’s eyes were so deep that she got goose bumps at night, and she couldn’t react for a while.
Today, she was sitting next to the Emperor Phoenix Night, so the Emperor Phoenix Night reached out and picked her up very roguishly. "What do you think, Queen? This is your business. The Emperor wants to hear your meaning."
It’s not good to hate being seen by others
Liu Xi’s face was a little feverish at night, and he slapped a dozen hands of Emperor Feng at night, but the sound was too loud, wasn’t it? She secretly looked at her eyes and bowed her head, pretending that she was not in the staff, and she became more and more indignant and found that it seemed that she had just taken the name of a prostitute. No, actually, I am upright. In fact, I am not able to warm the bed in the temple. In fact, I am very ambitious. I want to help Difeng get everything he wants! !
Well, that’s my goal! ! Secretly holding hands, Liu Xixi said seriously, "Actually, I have an immature idea."
A word just came out, and all the staff looked at her uniformly, and her eyes were full of what she wanted to hear.
Well, why are you looking at me like that? I’m not an idol star
I’m embarrassed to be seen by all at Liusunseeker night.
Difeng looked at her with a lazy smile at night. "You are very famous here in my family. My queen can enter the kitchen and beat the villain. They have always admired you. I am embarrassed to tell you that I will speak for them this time."
Liu Xi night "…"
I’m so shy. I’m not that good! !
"Yes, yes, but the rest of us have to say when the girl will give birth to a chubby little temple in vain."
"Yes, it must be a blessing for me to inherit your looks and wisdom."
"The little princess has to add a few, or the little temple will be too lonely. Besides, our temple has always been very gentle to women."
Twittering, twittering, and finally just a serious strategy meeting directly became a short tea party for the East Lengthening Li family.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 54 Conference Center Thought
The central idea is to have a lot of life, and leave the rest to us, and we will help you settle it.
Liu Xixi had a dry cough last night, and then softly said, "Oh, it won’t matter if I am born or not. I decided not to talk about it alone."
So everyone watched the emperor phoenix night, and his face was black, which was very good. By the way, he even smeared whether he had just been too kind, endured it because of his love, or taught this girl a lesson.
So he gave a charming smile to Liu Xixi, but somehow Liu Xixi decided that he was a little sore all over. "Thank you, the queen, for teaching me, and I will work harder."
Say that finish also has pointed to touch the willow sunseeker late abdomen warm body temperature stung willow sunseeker late a tingle body seems to be touched by him is very sensitive.
Damn it, this man is really a fox-
"Oh, we’re going too far. Aren’t we talking about the disposal of that fake?" Liu Sunseeker’s dry cough again in the evening will want to expose this matter.
Emperor Feng glanced at her at night. Forget it. My little girl was too thin-skinned to scare him away. What did she eat? So he swept the crowd with dignity and said, "Then please listen to the late-night method."
So several old foxes immediately put away their smirked faces. In fact, they just sat straight in the position, which made Liu Xixi feel particularly comfortable. No wonder many people like being an official and being an emperor. It’s really not so good for you to follow suit.
So she also became serious. She smiled lightly at Judo. "My solution is that since she can pretend to be me, what if I can’t pretend to be her?" I’m sure I can dress up as her smoothly, but I can get rid of her unnoticed. At the same time, we can disturb the hands and feet of the enemy behind the scenes, and he will wonder what we really want. If it’s so difficult, he will make a bigger mistake, and if I enter the palace as Mo Ruan Ruan, I can come into contact with more people and things, which may be very helpful to the temple. "
"That’s a good idea. Oh, my old man is really old. Why didn’t he think of it?" Gongsun Zhi smell speech couldn’t help clapping for joy.
"For that Mo Ruan Ruan dares to dress up as Miss Yuer, not many people know about this matter. If Miss Yuer dresses up as Mo Ruan Ruan in turn, you can come into contact with Mo Ruan Ruan and don’t know that she has changed people. Those dark lines are also convenient for us to find out what the party is doing this time."