Reporters also dropped Guardiola and rushed to the entrance.

Guardiola knows who’s here without looking back.
Except that man, who else can bring such a big noise in this stadium?
Sure enough, it is a constant victory!
Ever-victorious, surrounded by reporters, came up from the opening.
"Close, close, close …" A reporter stared at Chang Sheng and Guardiola, mumbling constantly.
Lazio fans in the stands are shouting: "lead us to beat Barcelona, Chang!" Chang! !”
Changsheng waved back to these enthusiastic fans.
He just kept waving back to the fans and moved on.
As he approached the fork in the road, he turned towards Guardiola, and the reporters suddenly became excited.
Especially those who think that two people have a good relationship.
It seems that Changsheng will give Guardiola a long-lost hug and then welcome him back to the Olympic Stadium.
Even Guardiola was a little surprised to see Chang Sheng, who had turned around-he was psychologically prepared, and Chang Sheng would definitely not give him a good look. After all, they were enemies.
But I didn’t expect Changsheng to turn around!
Is this a hug?
Somehow, Guardiola was a little nervous and embarrassed …
But just when he was uneasy, Changsheng stopped and waved at this side.
Then Guardiola heard a roar from behind him: "Chang! Beat them! Beat them! Often! "
Then Changsheng turned and walked to the home team coach’s seat.
I just came to say hello to the Lazio fans behind me …
Guardiola suddenly lost some …
It’s really romantic to laugh at yourself later.
"Just to say hello to the fans? What a pity … "
"See see? ! I told you! The relationship between the two of them is already on fire and water. How can they say hello? Didn’t you even look at Guardiola? Standing so close to each other … Less than five meters? Actually treat each other as air … How much hatred is this? "
"It seems that the resentment against Guardiola is often deeper? So Guardiola is going to fly when his wings are hard, and then he betrayed Chang? "
"I think Guardiola is a hypocrite at ordinary times …"
At that time, it also caused discussion among journalists.
Changsheng just returned to his position as the coach of the home team, and then sat down with his upper body straight, his arms around his chest and his legs crossed.
With such a gesture, the photographers kept pressing the shutter in front of them, and he didn’t even look at the cameras, with a straight face and no smile.
Those photographers took a short shot at Changsheng and then dispersed.
Winning this just got up again and walked to the sidelines.
Guardiola also stood on the sidelines.
There is a distance of about ten meters between two people.
Changsheng glanced over there and found that Guardiola was just looking at this side.
So Chang Sheng turned his face slightly, and his face remained expressionless.
But when he looked at Guardiola four times, he blinked one eye.
Then he quickly turned back and continued to look at the empty stadium with a straight face.
The caddies have spread the flag of the Champions League in the middle circle.
The theme song of the Champions League was played on the live broadcast, and the familiar and passionate music rang. It’s time for the players to play.
Guardiola froze.
He’s sure he was right just now, right?
Always winking at yourself?
Is that a face?
Then he bowed his head and laughed.
This fart man!
I must beat you this time! Then I’ll make you fart in front of me again!
When he looked up again, there was no smile on his face. He also kept a straight face and stared at the Champions League flag in the middle circle.
Listening to the passionate Champions League theme song, waiting for the players from both sides to appear.
Jose Passareira, with the captain’s armband, Lazio’s flag in one hand and the caddy in the other, led his teammates out of the tunnel and walked to the stadium.
There are two flags erected in the stadium, one with the logo of Lazio on the sky blue and the other with the logo of Barcelona on the dark red.
He led the team to the flag of Lazio.
By his side are Barcelona players.
The leader is his partner in the Spanish national team-central defender Puyol, captain of Barcelona.
He knows many people in the Barcelona team and is familiar with them. Because they are all teammates of the Spanish national team. This Spanish national team is basically composed of players from Barcelona, Lazio and Real Madrid.
So both sides are familiar with each other.
But today, Jose Passareira didn’t even look at his teammates in the national team next to him.
They are not teammates now, but enemies!
When the players of the two teams came out, there were huge shouts, cheers and boos.
The commentator also looked very excited: "Here we go! Players from both sides come out! Lazio vs Barcelona! Two top technical offensive football teams in Europe! Stars are shining in both teams … This is Europe … No, it is the most concerned duel in the world football this year! Really strong dialogue! "
"There are too many topics in this game. Who is the most authentic Tiki-taka, Barcelona or Lazio? Who is stronger, Barcelona or Lazio? Often personal feud with Guardiola … We can start looking forward to a wonderful 90-minute showdown! This kind of competition is rare, so don’t miss it! "