The man didn’t answer her, but he was more forceful than words. He directly asked her and told her his answer, and his brave offensive and rough moves made her feel that the man wanted to kill her.

One by one
Not separated by walls and ears, both of them suppressed the unbearable recitation.
But the low, deep, dull sound is even more nerve-racking in this dark night
Bao Niu felt that she was out of her mind and her mind was short-circuited. She looked up at his face and chest and felt the sweat flowing. She felt that two people were tightly connected to each other. Every one of them felt that she was actually hit by the heart.
It’s her heart.
The line of sight slowly became blurred. She twisted her brow and bit her lip to death. She couldn’t help but stretch out her hand to pull his short hair in a frenzy …
Dry crazy!
Excitement is rampant here.
And in the wild jungle where he is haunted by wild beasts, he rushes and shouts on the rampage * just as human beings are the most primitive entangled, such as men and women are the most primitive killing wars, and the low and intermittent depressing voice is sweating, stuffy and hoarse and sexy …
After several tossing and turning, she suddenly stretched her neck high and stood back, bit her lip and screamed.
"Juwan Juwan …"
Owl suddenly bowed his head and bit her mouth, staring at her with dark eyes.
The torrent gushed out like a beast on fire.
Gee …
From this night on, the two of them went back to the past. The only difference was that Leng Xiao never stayed in the army at night. Every day, he would try to come back as early as possible. Of course, every night, he would spend the night in Baoqing’s boudoir as scheduled until dawn and leave in a hurry the next day.
After more than a week like this, even Bao Ma was a little surprised that he appeared at home frequently. Unexpectedly, he got up and sighed that the second child was finally taking care of his family, and his heart was no longer pretending to be anything but the army. It was very gratifying to listen.
During this period, in the name of the college entrance examination cram school, Baoqi secretly went to Moyun Wenshe to find Master Mo to learn tattoos during the day, and it was very comfortable to hang out with Leng Xiao at night and enjoy the secret life of two people. Most of the time, Leng Xiao didn’t interfere with her homework too deliberately. Sometimes, if she was too fascinated by her pictures, she would wake her up properly or just sit next to her with a pen and do her own thing.
Sometimes, on a whim, Baoqi will let go of the brush in his hand and ask him to teach her to play the online game called "Emperor Coming to Heaven".
In that game, she built herself a little female role.
When she was building the role, she was very upset for a while. Because Leng Xiao’s role in the game was called undefeated God of War, she wanted him to take a matching name, but she couldn’t think of the right one. Finally, she thought about it and made the female role-God of War baby.
Undefeated God of War, God of War baby! It’s disgusting and interesting!
Fortunately, when he saw her character name, he didn’t show the expression of dizziness, vomiting and constipation.
In fact, he has no expression
Her thief smiled and got up leisurely. Every game, she rode her second-class bordeaux horse behind his tall king’s royal horse, and enjoyed being protected by him with a lot of people pk. Seeing him galloping in the battlefield with swords and shadows, the arrogant attitude of natural enemies was unknown. Of course, at the same time, she also enjoyed being envied by other female players, and her satisfaction and vanity soared to the extreme.
Sometimes she can’t help but ask herself in a trance.
Baoqi, if one day you don’t have his protection, how can you live?
She can’t understand it, because what she is doing now is completely in conflict with the principle she set for herself before returning to Beijing.
Because I love him
A woman doesn’t need too many reasons to love a man, more than she can’t find a reason to give him a look, a move, a gesture of indifference, and a tiny detail seems to be enough.
This kind of beauty is more simple than the love she once fantasized about. Even if he doesn’t say anything and needs to smell him, she will feel as if even the speed of air flow has accelerated.
Later, when she was studying abroad for five years, she repeatedly thought about this man’s kindness, this man’s voice, and why this man would be so absorbed in every gesture.
Finally, she made sure she wasn’t a bitch herself.
Because Leng Xiao has such charm, he needs to give her a look without saying a word, which can make her feel flattered.
Yes, she was really flattered when he lived, enjoying the best things that Lengxiao gave her, and of course, letting him turn her bedroom into a den of passion at night * The affair continued under the eyelids of Leng family.
It passed again when it was dazzling.
It’s only two days before the Spring Festival.
I don’t know if things have been going so smoothly recently that God can’t look at them, or there will always be a gap in the secret. This afternoon, when she stretched out her arms and legs and got out of the door of the Moire House store, she saw the black Mercedes parked not far away.
There are two women standing next to Ben.
One is angry and cold, and the other is careful to wander about.
Eyelids jumped, Bao Qi didn’t say anything, and silently walked over. Mom was already standing here. How could she argue?
Fortunately, Bao Ma was very angry, but she didn’t scold her in the street. She frowned and took the unlucky child back to the cold house without saying anything.
As soon as she entered the living room, she held her temper for a long time, just like setting off firecrackers during the Chinese New Year, and it cracked.
"Not to the college entrance examination? How do you cram? Why did you go to a place like that? Hmm? Say it! "
Bite bite lips treasure and pure hanging eyelids didn’t speak.
Since you’re defending yourself, don’t argue. Just let her scold you and let it out.
However, the less she talks, the more anxious Bao Qi is.
"Speak? Aren’t you a good talker? Why are you dumb? You fooled me around. If your aunt hadn’t met you in a place like that and told me that I was still in the dark, let you knead the ball and crush Baoqi. Am I too arrogant or are you used to lying? Ma, you’re about to take the college entrance examination. What’s it like to go to a place like that every day and fool around with those hooligans? Where do you want me to put my face? "
It’s estimated that Bao Ma’s words are getting sharper and sharper, and looking at her eyes without any impurities is full of anger and indisputable annoyance.
She’s angry. She’s really angry!
Anger and impatience are hard to be suppressed these days. Angry mother and daughter have caused cracks and old things in the past 12 years. The memory department has gathered together in a pile, and the intensity of high explosives has increased by more than one grade. Just give her a good scolding.
Treasure and pure sipping lip didn’t refute the in the mind nine loop te.
It’s hard to feel that a mother’s love is twelve years late, and in an instant, a big duck’s egg is drawn after a chicken’s dead egg is beaten.
Secretly grind her teeth. Her indignant eyes involuntarily glanced at the past and fell on the body that kept comforting Bao Ma.
The strange uneasiness in my heart came again.
It’s her again! It’s her every time!
What is once a coincidence, twice and three times? She is deliberate.
Thought of here, in Bao Ma’s thunderous denunciation, she turned her eyes in disgust and stared at the wandering sun.
"Are you intentional?"
Mumbled something, shook his head in confusion and frowned in tears, and pleaded "No, Xiao Qi, I’m afraid you’ll be a bad cousin and hello."
After saying this, she turned her head to persuade Bao Ma, "Cousin Xiaoqi is not a bad boy. It must be fun for her to go to the tattoo parlor, so don’t worry too much."
"Read sunseeker, if you don’t speak for her today, I’ll dare to kill and set fire to her sometime."
Bao Qi looked at this scene ironically and felt funny and depressed.
What a good aunt! Afraid she’ll learn badly? ! If you really want to, will she directly bring Bao Ma to arrest her? Afraid of her denial or restraint? Moreover, seeing her good looks and looking at her mother’s angry and ferocious face, she felt that this fellow was not a good thing all the more.
Section 14
No matter whether she is interested or not, she hates this kind of small-scale behavior behind people’s backs
Little people!
She took a deep breath to meet Bao Ma’s reprimand and walked to the front of You Nianxi. Watching her change her face often made the sarcastic little Zhang Fei’s face sharp and mean.