Su Jiao "There are many people here"

Banquet smiled and said, "Where is your important seat?"
Su Jiao paused and slowly sat back.
Even if she tried to calm Su Jiao’s heart, she was very uncomfortable, and her eyes unconsciously fell on her position.
Someone noticed his eyes and took the initiative to talk to him. "Oh, that’s Su Jiao’s position."
Su Jiao paused. Of course he knew that was his position.
The speaker’s name is Liu Hanyi, and he used to throw his bag in the trash can and pretend that something happened, and he was intimate and made friends with him.
Liu Han stared at him and said, "You look like Su Jiao … and he likes to wear a mask."
Su Jiao was uneasy and said, "Why do you all recognize me as another person?"
Su Jiao looked at the banquet and said, "You recognized me as someone else when you first met me."
"Is there anything similar between me and that Su Jiao except the name?"
Su Jiao assumed a sudden look. He said, "I won’t be that Su Jiao substitute …"
Banquet flow gently laughed. "How can a street mouse be compared with Jiao Jiao? I’ll have a lesson later. Drink coffee."
Coffee is a feast. Soaking Su Jiao personally knows that he rarely does things by himself.
Su Jiao drooped her eyelids. "So."
He changed the subject "Why is his desk so broken?"
Liu Han was embarrassed for a while, but he couldn’t say that he secretly cut it.
"Because he is sloppy."
The girl interrupted in disgust and said, "He’s just a slob. The table is as ugly as his face."
That’s not true
Su Jiao thought coldly.
The table is scratched by others, and it will turn into a mess if he arranges it in a well-organized way.
Cause and effect are reversed, logic is split, and the result is the cause. The apologist ignores ridicule and goes with him.
This is the Sujiao campus. I can’t bear to look straight …
campus life
In the joke that someone tried to eat swan meat, the girl in front of her was also the protagonist Xie Ruru at that time.
Xie Ruru didn’t realize that the teenager’s mood was still happy because he found the topic, and he said eagerly, "But now he has been swept out of the house by Sue’s family, and it may be rotten somewhere."
Said also giggling for two.
Banquet flow staring at Xie Ruru eyes gloomy.
Too close. He doesn’t like Su Jiao being too close to others.
"The banquet is worth%"
Su Jiao heard her laugh twice, and then poured the coffee brought by the banquet on the girl’s head.
Xie Ruru didn’t have the ability to react, and the sticky coffee fell on his head and his face was full of rich coffee aroma, which attracted the attention of all the students in the classroom.
"You are so sloppy."
Su Jiao’s eyes are bright and beautiful. "Is it disgusting to see people with coffee?"
Xie Ruru spent a long time screaming out.
Su Jiao is gentle and "I hate to hear people say that the word sloppy will dirty my eyes."
Her lips quivered to say something. She suddenly looked at Su Jiao and the pecker pen behind him. The banquet seemed to want the banquet to preside over justice-
He has always been gentle and kind, but his eyes are bent and he is very happy. He said to Su Jiao, "Why don’t you sit down after sex?"
Xie Ruru was cold at the moment.
At present, this teenager is not her through the class trend, but she is soft and flat, and she is willing to humiliate Su Jiao.
But higher, like her, she can humiliate others without paying the price … strong.
same night
Xie Ruru thought about what happened in the classroom during the day and felt that she was holding up an internal heat. Even at night, she still felt that she had a disgusting coffee smell.
Xie Ruru couldn’t wait to get into the cracks when she thought that people in the class looked at her strangely today.
She thought of the teenager tossing and turning, hating and cursing, "Sooner or later, your face will be as ugly as Su Jiao!"
This curse made her feel better, but she was still Japanese.
She wanted to pick up the phone, and she was going to find someone to check the identity of this person. If it was a banquet, she would find someone to teach him a lesson!
She didn’t feel that she had a bad breath until she was connected with a good person. She put her mobile phone aside and closed her eyes.
The wings of the night horn swept across the sky and the moon.
Twelve o’clock midnight rings quietly.