"Brother, how are you going to solve it?" Li asked.

"What else can I do? I can only wait for the imperial court to send troops." Wang Rui said helplessly.
"Can’t I Jing Xiang solve it by myself?" Li said.
"If there is anyone who can solve Jing Xiang, maybe Sun Jian, the new Changsha prefect who just put down the Changsha rebellion, can give it a try, but he is arrogant and never listens to my orders. Besides, when he was just a Changsha prefect, he would not listen to my orders."
"Sun Jian? Jiangdong Tiger? " Li She couldn’t help but shrink her pupils when she heard this name. If she wants to rise in Jingzhou, she must solve the obstacle of Sun Jian.
"Forget it, don’t talk about it. What does my brother-in-law want from me?" Wang Rui abandoned all other thoughts and looked at Li She with a smile on her face.
Li She talked about the purpose of coming here. "There is indeed one thing to ask for!"
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Chapter one hundred and sixty-two Cartographer
Wang Rui atmospheric replied: "Brother-in-law, although you speak, as long as I can do it in Wang Rui, I will never refuse."
"It’s not a big deal, mainly because it’s time for my Tianmen town to upgrade quickly, but there is no’ intermediate town drawing’, so I have to ask my brother for it." Li said with a shy face.
"It turned out to be such a trivial matter, no problem!" Wang Rui said boldly, and then looked at a man standing at his right rear and said, "Han Zhubo, did you hear what my brother said just now?"
Li She followed and found that she was still an acquaintance. She smiled and said, "I hope you are well!"
This man’s name is Han Sheng, and he was given the master book of Li She by the orders of the satrap, and he also gave Li She a special order, that is, that special order made Li She have the capital for development in the early stage.
"Everything is fine, and the duke is worried." After all, Li’s identity is different now, and Han Sheng is not as cocky as before, but rather a little stiff.
Wang Rui smiled and said, "Do you still know each other?"
"I was fortunate to have once met the Duke." Han Sheng answered.
"That’s easy to say. My brother came to me for the drawings. Go and get them to him!" Wang Rui said.
Han Sheng hesitated, and Li’s heart immediately burst into a knot.
Wang Rui asked, "Is there a problem?"
Han Sheng said: "Because we don’t need these town drawings in Jiangling City, we didn’t make them. We used to have some stocks, but not long ago, with your consent, we were taken away by Qin Ming, the mayor of Longhun Town in Xiangyang. Now there is no stock."
"What should I do? How can I upgrade! " Li is in a hurry.
Wang Rui laughed: "Nothing, just let the cartographer make another one."
"Cartographer?" Li She has never heard of this thing.
After Wang Rui’s explanation, Li She realized that this cartographer is the master of making drawings, or else where to find so many drawings!
Of course, the speed of making drawings depends mainly on the level of cartographers. For example, if you want a junior cartographer to make a’ imperial city drawing’, you can only say that even if you do it for a lifetime, you can’t make it.
All basic architectural draftsmen can make them, but only those special architectural drawings can’t, so those special architectural drawings are absolutely impossible to meet.
After figuring out the situation, Li She immediately said, "Brother, send me two senior cartographers so that I won’t run back and forth all the time."
"You are a Chinese cabbage when you are a senior cartographer. There is only one in the whole South County. I am still useful. I can only send you an intermediate cartographer!" Wang Rui refused.
"Well, let’s go now!" I am very happy to get an intermediate cartographer, Li She.
Wang Rui was a little reluctant to leave, and said, "It’s getting late now. My brother-in-law can stay here for one night, and it’s not too late to leave tomorrow morning."
This Wang Rui brother and sister came to work in Jingxiang from Langya, which is a different place. What’s more, my sister ran away with Li She, and sometimes Wang Rui missed her loved ones all the more. After Li She came this time, she said that she would let Li She’s brother-in-law stay for one night to talk with him.
Anyway, it was dark and it was not convenient to travel, so Li She agreed.
Wang Rui laughed and said, "I must get drunk tonight!" Pull Li She and say, "Go! Let’s drink! "
The lords below were in a hurry and came forward and said, "My Lord, what about us?"
Wang Rui put a straight face and said angrily, "What can I do about your affairs? I have already reported them to the court. Wait for news from the court!" Say that and leave.
Han Sheng didn’t leave with Wang Rui, but looked at the players and said, "Please leave by yourself!"
Some people have a bad atmosphere, but they just turn around and leave. Others have nowhere to go, and they refuse to go anyway. In the end, they are beaten by slaves and thrown out. This world is so realistic that they can only be beaten without ability. It is wishful thinking to ask others to help you.
Some of these players still have their own territory, because they are aware of the crisis. I didn’t expect Wang Rui to come together. I didn’t expect to be such an attitude, so I had to pay attention to it in my heart, so I had to surrender immediately and cling to the sword to avoid a physical death. And those players who have no territory have to fend for themselves.
These can’t blame Wang Rui, because Wang Rui is really helpless, can only say that the weather is going to change in Nanjun.
That night, Wang Rui drank a lot of wine, and finally he returned to his room to lie down with the help of Li She. This is not to say that Li She has a good capacity for alcohol, but Li She just didn’t drink. It was completely Wang Rui who said over coffee and told his own anguish. Li She was just an audience.
Wang Rui, the secretariat of Jingzhou, was really miserable. The following satrap didn’t listen to his orders, especially Cao Yin, the satrap of Wuling County, was against Wang Rui everywhere. Wang Rui’s heart was wronged and he didn’t know who to talk to. Li came at the right moment, and Wang Rui said it all at once.
After finally sending Wang Rui back to her room, Li Shecai gave a sigh of relief. "Wen Qian, we should also rest, and we have to hurry tomorrow morning."
The night passed quickly. Li She came to Wang Rui’s room the next morning and found that Wang Rui was still asleep, which was not easy to disturb.
Just when Han Sheng, the chief editor, came, Li asked Han Sheng for an intermediate cartographer.
"There are several intermediate cartographers. I wonder which one the duke wants? Do you want to take one away at random or is it chosen by the Duke himself? " Han Sheng asked.
"Pick it yourself!" Li said, after all, it’s good to suit your appetite.
Han Sheng led the way. "Then the duke will come with me."
Cartographer is a relatively rare occupation, and this occupation requires too much knowledge, so even if he is only a junior cartographer, it is likely that he can still strike while the iron is hot, carpentry, clay tiles and the like, and the birth of every cartographer is very difficult. Of course, Wang Rui is particularly important, and he lives in Wangfu.
Han Sheng was about to take Li She to the small courtyard where the cartographers lived. Before she got near, she heard a man anxiously shouting, "Wrong! Wrong! It’s not painted like this! "
Li She discovered that an old man was educating a little boy, who looked like he was fourteen or fifteen years old. It should be a picture of a master teaching his disciples.
But I didn’t expect the boy to say, "Yes, it will be easier for workers to do it and look more beautiful!" "
"What do you know about this kid? I’ve been devoted to the drawing industry all my life. Right or wrong, I don’t know!" The old man growled.
"I am right anyway!" The little boy wanted to explain, but he didn’t know how to say it. In the end, he only said this childish thing.