"You didn’t think too beautifully …" Sima Taifu said, "It’s not good for my Sima …"

"Benefits, of course, you don’t governors still everyone from generation to generation can be immortal; If you want to be a vassal, you will be with Hector even if Hector even defeated Huangfu, you won’t really give the land to you with both hands. You know, the decline of the royal family in one thousand generations? It is precisely because of the scattered forces that the royal name can barely maintain its balance by fighting with the princes … Do you think people like Huang Fuchun will allow themselves to take the old road of thousands of generations of royalty? "
Speaking of which, Sima Taifu’s clothes are soaked behind him.
She was just about to say something when she suddenly coughed because she was angry; This cough is almost killing her. It seems that she will die of breathlessness at any moment.
He Lianheng quietly watched and waited for her response without urging.
After a long time, Sima Taifu barely spoke "… then what do you want us to do in Sima’s house …"
"Do nothing"
"What …"
He Lianheng said, "Doing nothing is enough."
"You mean …" Sima Taifu said, "No, Xiaoshan allied forces are already fighting, and I can also revoke the order … You mean that no matter what orders Huangfuchun gives me, we will all …" "Just pretend that we don’t know" "…"
"Isn’t it good to get the maximum benefit by doing nothing?" He Lianheng added, "Think about Lezheng, Yong Men and Bank of China Zuo Qiu in the past. If you want to fight, you have to take risks and fight for it once and for all."
In fact, there is no need for He Lianheng to spread the word with her like this, saying that she knew in a coma that it was Hector Lians secret who sneaked into Weichi House and had a general idea in her heart.
Huangfu Helian’s struggle seems to be very sudden, but no one is surprised.
In the past, there was a person named Wei Chilan who could maintain balance in front of the royal family. After Weichilan’s death, Huangfu and Helian will win the day if they win each other. The death of Dijon is just an opportunity. If there is no alliance with Weichi, as Helianheng said, what can Sima’s family be in the battle of princes? Less than enough than more than the middle class.
"… good name of my Sima family" Sima Taifu slowly sat up straight, even if he was badly weak, he still bowed down to Helianheng seriously "May I, Hector … you can give my children back to me"
"This is not possible for the time being."
"What? !”
"Nature is to threaten you" He Lianheng said with a smile, "I don’t believe you, and you don’t believe me. Threatening is more convenient than suspecting each other."
"LianHeng … you do this … not too ashamed …"
"Really?" It’s time to say that He Lianheng has finished. He once again lifted the car curtain and got up and went out. "We will personally escort you back and have a good rest."
The man said that and went out without giving her another chance to ask.
But Sima Taifu knew that He Lianheng would never be idle and deliberately sent her to Guizhou. Now this escort and intimidation team must have something to do in Guizhou.
Think of her body blood gas surge badly, abdominal pain not only hands and feet but also ineffective.
She knew rationally that He Lianheng didn’t need to lie to him. Wei Chichong was really dead in their hands. But feelings, she still has some expectations. It’s all fair to mix true and false what Helianheng said.
Sima Taifu vigorously moved his body close to the side window and opened the curtain to look out.
The water was shining outside, and her heart looked at the cavalry and the front and rear queues closely following the carriage.
They all wear Wei Chi Jia Jun with one exception.
Sima Taifu looked at it for a long time and thought about it for a long time before she thought that Bai Lianheng was going to Guizhou, and the pros and cons of those naked threats lingered in her mind. Sima Shi is now the master of the family, and she is far from being so simply promised by herself-who can sit in a country and live in others?
But no matter what she thinks, she can spare the two children who were held hostage in the hands of He Lianheng.
Why don’t you abandon them and stay back in Guizhou?
Otherwise, they have the peace of mind, and they are assigned to Hector even …
Sima Taifu sighed heavily, and finally only "the tide is gone" emerged in his chest.
Chapter two hundred and forty-five On the eve of the decisive battle ()
"… Does it still hurt?"
"Painless …"
"How can it be painless and oozing blood …" The fire was painted like smoke with ointment in one hand and clean gauze dipped in medicine in the other, and it was wiped away on Jiang Yi’s back.
Jiang Yi hung his head and held a pheasant branch in his right hand. "It really doesn’t hurt."
After riding for several hours, the paint was like smoke, so I asked him to stop and look at the injury. Jiang Yi was so tired that he found a place in the forest to rest for a while. He came back to roast a pheasant and ate it. Does it hurt? Of course, it hurts. It’s common for ordinary people to be so badly injured that they don’t come to bed for ten days and a half. But Jiang Yi’s body is tough all the year round. Not to mention, he can bear the pain. He is numb all the way riding. It’s not that the paint is like smoke. I’m afraid he can’t find it
He was naked, waiting for the paint to repaint him and carefully tying his gauze again.
My daughter’s delicate hands bypassed his side with gauze to his chest and then left from the other side. Jiang Yi couldn’t help but look down and feel uncomfortable. Then her ears turned red and she burned panic. She could pretend that she was heated by the fire in front of her eyes.
When he’s injured, he’s packed up and the pheasant is cooked.
Jiang Yi didn’t want to pass the whole chicken to the lacquer smoke attached to the branches, but he quickly pulled up his clothes to "eat quickly"
"If you don’t eat, you eat first." Paint smoke said, "If I eat less, you eat first."
"It’s okay for you to eat," Jiang said. "Just give me the leftovers."
Paint like smoke still wants to refuse Jiangyi, but she has picked up the kettle and chewed up a small piece of dry food from her sleeve. The fragrant pheasant provoked the paint like smoke, and her forefinger moved. When she knew that Jiangyi was pushed again, it was also a wave, she finally opened her mouth and bit the pheasant. The two of them silently ate something. Half of the chickens were full of paint like smoke and handed the rest back to Jiangyi. Jiang Yi gave her the kettle, and the two of them had a perfect understanding, just like when they were hunting in the mountains when they were young.
Wait until you have enough to eat and drink and dare not delay the two of them to start again.
It will take three days to March from Zhangzhou to Dongting if it is the fastest; It takes two days for two people to travel, but they don’t have that much time-it will be the fourth day of the month when it is bright again. If everything is over, they won’t be able to come, so Jiang Yi was injured and didn’t plan to take a break. They specially changed horses at the post office when they went out to work, but they went to Dongting without sleep.
But this time, there must be no time so far. It is Wucheng that they have to arrive. This time it’s only necessary to get to the bridge village.
-He Lianheng ordered people to send them to Dongting early, so that all the troops in Bailuhong could plow in the west of the lake at the junction of Dongting and Yangdong, and in the bridge village, they set up a sentry post of wolf smoke. Jiang Yi had to light this attack signal when he was in time.
If all the battlefields can be arranged exactly like Lian Hengheng; Then the news of the war in the three places will be sent to Tiandu Palace when Chiyoyo’s funeral ceremony worships at noon.
Although paint smoke looks like that kind of weak girl, she is tough and stubborn, saying that if she wants to go with Jiang Yi, she will go together. Except for that rest, she didn’t delay a minute all the way. She always followed Jiang Yi with a whip and accompanied him over the mountains.
When the night is dark as ink, a man and a woman come across the bridge village on horseback.
There was a fire flashing in the dark, and then the smoke was thicker than the night and rose to the East Pavilion.