"Seeing that there is no woman around Mo Shao is the illegitimate daughter of Minister Gu who is afraid that the two families will get married soon."

"On this occasion, this marriage around Mo Shao is a foregone conclusion. This woman is really lucky."
Talking about Gu Zhengting’s ear, Yin Yueqin glanced at him, and the two men respectfully presented wreaths and then walked into the mourning hall and bowed three times as usual.
After the ceremony, they walked to the front of Gu Yi, but both husband and wife’s eyes fell on Mo Jun at night.
The man dressed in black looks sad but doesn’t hurt his brow. He is firm and can’t help but look twice.
The more Gu Zhengting looked at it, the more he felt that this eldest son-in-law was to his liking. He couldn’t help but soften his voice and said, "I’m sorry for your loss!"
It used to be called "Mo Zong" but now it is called "Jun Ye". Even Mo Jun Ye was surprised.
He held the woman’s hand slightly and said politely, "Thank you, Uncle Gu."
Gu Yi listened to this call, and the embarrassment in his heart didn’t cure, and his face flushed involuntarily.
"Dad, Aunt Qin, let’s have a cup of tea inside."
Gu Zhengting shook his head and said, "I won’t sit Azeri if I have work to do in the Ministry."
Gu Yi is busy bringing Azeri. "Azeri, this is my grandfather and this is my grandmother."
Azeri raised his black eyes and said politely, "grandparents."
Gu Zhengting fell in love with this handsome and unseemly nephew for almost a second. His black eyes are bright and clean, and he looks like her real grandmother.
Gu Zhengting covered his excitement and pretended to be calm. "Come back with your child another day. Your grandfather has been chanting to see it."
Gu Yi naturally saw Mo Jun didn’t take the initiative to speak at night.
Mo Jun is very satisfied with this move of women at night and feels a bit like a householder.
He took all the women and children to his chest and said seriously, "When Mohism is over, I’ll come with Aze and ask you to see my uncle off. I’ll greet Aze, another guest!"
"See you grandparents another day!"
Azeri once again showed his excellent tutor, and even Yin Yueqin, who has always been critical, could not help but admire him slightly.
I have to say that Mohism has taught this child very well.
Gu Yi sent the couple to see all kinds of luxury cars parked outside the old house, but they didn’t sigh when they saw a familiar figure coming from the car.
I was so stunned that I couldn’t believe what she saw.
This man is Shen Han.
What is he doing here?
Will Tsukiyomi ikuto fight with him?
Meaning in the mind a tight hurriedly ran down the way "shen always you come"
Shen Han’s eyes are slightly dull and his face is cold. His tone is very bad. "Master Mo is my predecessor. I’ll mourn him. Don’t you want to stop him?"
Of course I have to stop it!
She can’t imagine what will happen later if she doesn’t stop.
Section 454
"Mr. Shen, at this time, you’d better go home first, Tsukiyomi ikuto."
Shen Han looked at the nervous woman with a sneer at her mouth. "I’m here to offer my condolences. What’s the matter with Mo Lao and Mo Jun?"
"You’re not Mo Jun’s wife at night, and it’s not too late to stop after you really become his wife." Shen Han has always been polite to Gu Yi, but today a few words are full of thorns.
Gu Yi’s look changed and he was about to persuade him to listen to a sentence behind him and suddenly insert a sentence, "Let him in with a little meaning."
Mo Jun, at the entrance of my old house, put his hands in his pockets at night, and his eyes were as cold as snow, with faint cold light.
Tsukiyomi ikuto?’ Seeing a man like this, I was worried about rushing to him.