"… must be friends."

"Almost better than my brother." Xiaojing smiled sincerely and didn’t try to look at her. When two rows of neat white teeth shook her slightly, she grinned hard and couldn’t say joy.
Of course, Baoqing is also very happy.
Fix a marriage, Fuze
Thinking about this, her doubts are expanding. Think about how much patience Fan Tie has to have to sleep every day and still be able to resist the temptation of Xiaojing.
You know, a mature, charming and beautiful woman has an innocent, evil and lovely soul in her body, and the combination of the two collides to make a woman a fox. It is absolutely tempting for a man to abandon his reason. Why didn’t he … eat her?
Amazing! Captain Fan can bear it!
"Bao Qi, come here-"
A cold thunder suddenly exploded at the ear.
In a flash, she saw the cold owl waving at her.
Two people are too familiar with and understand the cold owl to see her shining eyes and sly smile and know that this little girl doesn’t know what’s up with Xiaojing again.
Bao Qi winked at him and gave him a restless look, then ignored her and continued to play with Xiaojing.
Yeah, it’s fun
Former Xiaojing lived a depressed life.
Now Xiaojing is living a relaxed life.
Like all children with different minds, she smiles when she doesn’t, and she is in a daze and silent. Her mind is simple and clean, and no matter who plays with her, she feels that her youth is back.
This is not a small well, but also "July 7"
Treasure and pure micro squinting at her also grinning heartless smile "what’s the matter? Happy like this. "
"Birds laugh"
"That little well also smiles."
"well! Laugh hey hey-"
Xiaojing happily nodded and smiled. Happiness and contentment shone into the window. Beautiful eyes were clear and flawed like two black grapes soaked in water.
Before looking at Xiao Jing Bao Qi, she unexpectedly thought of leaving Bao Ma in the afternoon. Compared with Bao Ma, she finally realized the true meaning of happiness.
The ancients did not deceive me!
He who knows is the happiest, and he who knows is the most satisfied.
Bao Ma’s pain and misfortune are finished from a certain aspect because she can’t give up her own desires, and everything has to be held in her heart. However, Xiao Jing’s happiness is because her heart is empty and there is nothing in it, so that her heart can be greatly filled and satisfied with a little benefit.
Looking at her teasing the big bird and the little bird, Bao Qi wanted to think, then got up and went to the sofa and asked Fan Tie for his mobile phone to aim the camera at Xiaojing and two little babies and smiled and bent his eyebrows.
"Well, let me take beautiful photos with you and big birds and birds, ok? I put you all in my brother’s camera so that my brother can see you whenever he misses you. "
"well! Good "delighted to raise the little well happily nodded and smiled" thank you for July 7th "
Fan Tie’s mobile phone is quite high and precious, and she keeps catching Xiaojing in her hand. She just laughs and thinks that she is better than the big bird and the little bird brothers. In the camera, she seems to know what taking pictures is, and she is a little nervous and cramped.
Section 63
And next to them, two young masters, Big Bird and Little Bird, who don’t know much about camera props, looked at their mother and kept directing their fingers. They also stared at the camera with black eyes. They couldn’t help looking at the camera. A cool face and a smiling face couldn’t tell the harmonious time.