"Shout …" The girl gasped. It’s also a triple transformation. How can Jiang Feng speed so much faster than him?

VIP seat
Chu Lao shook his head and said, "This little light will avoid the estimated attack. I want to consume Chu Shuier’s energy and then launch a fatal blow."
"If Chu Shuier Cong’s direct Wushu attack makes this little hiding avoidable, then he will die."
Chu Lao analyzed.
Chu shine is not so people recognize Jiang Feng strength she has seen with Chu Shuier root is not Jiang Feng opponent.
Of course, these elders don’t know
Only when the real Emperor Cave experienced that terrible scene did I know that Jiang Feng’s strength could never be shaped by common sense.
Chu water apparently also found wrong.
When jiao drinks a god’s realm and three reconstructions, the breath rises to the extreme, and the blue heaven mark between the eyebrows suddenly melts into water mist.
Water mist forming an ice phoenix
Huge ratio can cover the whole site Jiang Feng, even if the posture is severe, it is impossible to escape.
"Ming …"
The ice phoenix gave a long sound.
Exhausted fairy energy around quickly swooped toward the ice phoenix gathering from the virtual.
Call hard towards Jiang Feng.
The VIP table Chu Lao saw the scene before him.
Nodding Chu water is still a bit of a mind. I’m afraid this Jiang Feng will be defeated.
It’s not just Chu Lao
Watching a crowd is also so recognized.
"Hua!" Before the warm palm sounded, all this amazing scene applauded.
But just for a moment
Everyone can’t laugh.
See Jiang Feng looked at the ice phoenix instead of hiding. Instead, the mark of heaven suddenly rose and the purple fairy energy surrounded him.
For a moment, the whole person seemed to melt into a fire.
Purple gas rises, and the whole person’s feet are directly rushed away.
"touch!" With one punch, the hurricane was deafening
Pang Daxian gave out a scream in the air outlet of the energy explosion ice, and directly melted the ice slag at random to directly explode.
Look at Jiang Feng again
"Hoo!" Slowly spit out a sigh, and the immortal energy dispersed and fell into the ring from the virtual.
Quiet …
The scene was silent. Just now, thunderclap came with the pause.
Everyone feels incredible.
This small without wushu unexpectedly direct fairy energy will be strong wushu scattered.
"You …" The girl turned red with anger.
I didn’t expect this result.
"You’re no match for me. Go quickly. I’ll be angry and scratch your cheek later."
Jiang Feng smiled and said.
Girl smell speech facial expression, a change she can clearly perceive Jiang Fengxiu stronger than her.
You look fierce. What if you really scratch her?
When you take a few steps back
"Come on! I admit defeat! " The girl jumped into the ring directly.
As if he were running for his life, he ran to the distance and was so angry that an elder in the ring blew his eyes.