I really regret running to this place with nothing to do. If I had known this would happen, I should have taken Ma Xiaoling or Shura to come with me!

The female ghost was extremely fast, waving her sharp nails, and Hei Hu tried to take my life, but I dodged it sideways.
My horse quickly made a move at her to say "Mommy, Mommy, Boom!"
The female ghost was shocked by me and said, "You are a monk. Which spell is this?"
I said, "I created it myself!"
The female ghost said, "What?"
I saw her absence for a moment and immediately took out her pocket and put away the operator paper. I rubbed it directly into a ball and threw it at the female ghost.
The female the ghost looked at the reaction is very quick, gently whisking will pick up the paper.
When she took over, her palm suddenly emitted a long white smoke, and she hurriedly threw the paper ball out of cutting.
She held her hand and was very angry. "How dare you sneak up on me!"
I "…"
I threw it at her in front of her. How did it become a sneak attack? !
She gritted her teeth hard and shook her hand, which had just caught the paper ball, and took a mouthful of air conditioning.
It seems that the operator paper just now is very obvious and has weakened her in an instant.
I dare not delay seeing that she is injured now. Look at the French window of the old house behind her and immediately bend down and drill in.
When it’s necessary to climb the courtyard wall over there, I’m going to wrap her around here and jump down the second floor window to escape here at one go.
Bend down and go in here. I frowned as soon as I came in!
There is a thick layer of gray corner on the ground, and the furniture is covered with gray cobwebs.
I suddenly came in and startled some ordinary ghosts in the room.
A ghost patted his chest and said, "Mom, you scared me to death!" "
I pursed my lips and looked back at the female ghost and shouted "Excuse me!" Look at the stairs on the second floor and stride across!
The female ghost chased her in and immediately ran downstairs.
I ran to the second floor and tried to pull a door, but the door lock was rusty and I pushed hard for a long time. No!
The female ghost waved her hand and saw that she was going to lean over. I pulled down the door frame and held the door panel in astonishment, "Holy shit!"
I don’t want to push the door panel directly towards this female ghost. I went in and ran to the corner to push the window, and I was about to jump downstairs. As soon as I pushed a crack, I suddenly stared again.
A man in the street at the bottom of the building looked at it coldly!
I know that man Liu Mengjiao!
Suddenly, I don’t know whether to push the window or not. I hesitated for a moment. The female ghost grabbed my neck …
The in the mind is finished!
Just then, when the female ghost also stared out of the window, Liu Mengjiao opened her eyes again and reached out and said, "Who let you out?"
This female ghost instantly let me float out of the window and glared at Liu Mengjiao, who ran away!
Liu Mengjiao got up and wanted to chase her, but instead of chasing her, she stopped and looked at me coldly. "Did you let this female ghost escape?"
I froze. "You, how did you get here?"
Liu Mengjiao looked at me coldly and said, "My house is next to me …" Then she asked me, "How did you come to my house?"
☆, Chapter seventy-three Willow home
Next to … is her home?
I suddenly feel that the world is really pitiful when I smell it.
I never expected that manager Huang had met him before, and then he turned to Liu Mengjiao’s door today because of a distress message.
Liu Mengjiao continued to ask, "Why did you let that female ghost out?"
I quickly laughed and told the truth, "This is not my intention either!"
I said, "I came here to do good deeds like Lei Feng. Who knows this is an evil ghost!" "
Liu Meng jiao looked at my tone with a track record, but it was not merciful at all. "Do good deeds like Lei Feng? Do a good job and come to my door? "
In order to prove my fault, I told her the whole story
Liu Mengjiao’s tone was slightly angry. "If you know that it is a sealed ghost, do you dare to untie the seal spell casually? Didn’t you even think of this at that time?"
I said, "Probably because I am simple and kind, she deceived me in a few words."
Liu Mengjiao sniffed and said, "Kind?"
She was probably still upset about yesterday’s incident. At this time, she added coldly, "I don’t think you are kind. At this time, I let the female ghost go. Who knows if you said it was true or not!"
When I heard this, I shook my head and denied, "How is that possible!"
I listed the evidence to her and said, "Didn’t you see that female ghost pinch my neck? It says that she wants to hurt me. Since she wants to hurt me, we will definitely not be a group. "
Her face was livid and she asked me again, "Do you know what kind of spectre you let go!"
I said, "I don’t know."
Liu Meng jiao said, "This female ghost is full of resentment and wants to seek revenge and let her go, which will kill people sooner or later."
She said word for word, "Because you let her go when the time comes, will you take this responsibility if something goes wrong?"
I said guiltily, "Maybe … she’s turned over a new leaf and is going to be a ghost again?"
Liu Mengjiao sneered again, "You don’t believe what you say yourself. Do you think others will?"
I smell speech curled my mouth and stopped cheeping.
Although I don’t like who Liu Mengjiao and I belong to, I really let the female ghost go. Now I feel guilty after listening to her righteous words.
But I really can’t blame this thing!
The ghostly distress message kept popping up …
I think no matter who is at this time, he must want to find out according to his curiosity.
Looking for help along the address, I also found that it was a female ghost, but her tone was very wronged, which made people feel sorry, but who thought it was pretending to be a fake and then turned against people!
This female ghost is simply too bad!
That is, from then on, I deeply understood what nonsense is, and these demon ghosts can’t be trusted.
Since then, I have always been deeply vigilant when I treat those who are not familiar with monsters.
I said, "Isn’t it just a female ghost? I’ll get her back later and put her head in the well."