I didn’t understand at first

But if you think about it, you nod your head.
Yes, it’s all the same. There’s really no reason not to agree.
Thinking about this, he sighed, "Song Ge is always a real country minister. I heard that the Jiangnan cremation will come to the capital soon, which is a political reform. I’m afraid Song Ge is in trouble."
The political reform has made a lot of noise. The capital is fine, but great events happen almost every day in Jiangnan.
Because the imperial court has been pushing hard, there would be no big trouble.
But those Jiangnan gentry stopped the political reform
Thinking about the capital.
Everyone can see that this is for the official document of Song Dynasty.
Smell speech Chen Xuance also frowned, but soon said, "I believe that Song adults must have a way to deal with this. You and I should worry about our own affairs first. After all, we can’t get involved in the political reform."
Tanding into the mu is a confrontation between the court and the gentry
Less is what one or two ministers can say
No matter what they say or do, the best way is to wait.
Ouyang Ji knows clearly in his heart, so there is no need to say more about each other and return to his residence together.
But the heart also believes that Song Ge Lao will be able to settle this matter.
Just as the Longyangfu pilot was successful!

The stars are high at night
imperial city
In a courtyard, it is precisely the office of the East Factory.
Jin Wang is the main seat of the East Factory, and the five big heads are seated.
In other stalls, it will be distributed everywhere.
At the moment, he looked around for a week and cleared his throat. "I believe you all know that the gentry in the south of the Yangtze River will go to Beijing in a few days. This matter can’t go wrong. Is there any news from Xiao Li, Wang Shouyuan and Wang Daren?"
"back to the princes and public!" Xiao Li got up and dequeued and took out a pamphlet from his sleeve. "This is an old thing that Wang Daren just came today and asked our East Factory to give to Song Ge."
"According to Wang Daren, this is the list of Jiangnan gentry colluding with the white door, with evidence attached."
Jin Wang immediately smiled when he heard this.
I can’t help but sigh that Wang Daren is really fierce.
I cann’t believe I listed the list so quickly with evidence in it
What a talent.
He could have predicted that it would be easy to hand over the official document of Song Dynasty to the cremation in the south of Beijing.
Immediately, Jin Wang did not hesitate to directly say, "Good Xiao Li, you send a trustworthy person to send the list to Song Fu overnight and remember to hand it over to Song’s adult face to face."
Xiao Li nodded and left the lobby.
At this time, another boss came out and leaned down and said, "Back to my father-in-law, we have just received news from Haizhou today that the royal remnants of the previous period have returned to the sea with the white door."
"At the same time, we also got some news that the sun and the sea have not been calm recently."
"Some fishing boats at sea have been attacked, and it is suspected that they are sea otters."
As soon as this was said,
Jin Wang narrowed his eyes slightly.
The remnants of the former royal family returned to Haihaikou to attack fishing boats.
The two seem to be nothing too big.
But I feel in my heart
It’s not as simple as it seems.