After a moment’s pause, he asked, "I don’t think you are so young but you are so bold to go to this extremely dangerous place?"

Zhai Ling, of course, won’t treat Dragon Ten as an ordinary fix true person who can’t feel each other’s breath. Presumably, it’s also superior than those people in the college. Many strong people let him meet at the moment. I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse. Aren’t all those masters in the news uncertain?
Zhai Ling takes a pause and he won’t be afraid of anything because of this. Hearing the old man’s question, he guessed that the old man’s identity leaned over but answered irrelevant questions. "I heard that the Ten Dragons lived here, but I didn’t know … but the famous Ten Dragons lived here?"
Dragon Ten looked at Zhai Ling and smiled suddenly. He also praised in his heart: "This evil emperor’s adult is extremely intelligent, and his adult is worthy of being an adult and his means of knowing people is first-class."
Smiled, Dragon Ten didn’t hide his identity, nodded and said, "Yes, I am Dragon Ten, and you are quite clever."
Is it really Dragon Ten? !
11. People in the Black Crystal
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Fix the true Tao, and realize the aura of heaven and earth. The first natural state is to gather the spirit. When the aura reaches saturation, it will condense the bridge of life. When the bridge of life comes out, it will be the foundation, and after the foundation, it will be like supporting life. This Zhai Ling did not know.
At any rate, he has also experienced many times. Li Re-evil and Long Shi’s dialogue memory are vague, and he knows what the knot is, but he doesn’t know what it should be like.
The Dragon Ten is already in this realm, and it was already in that realm hundreds of years ago, but now it is not a little stronger.
People in their realm can easily split mountains and fly to the ground, even the land gods don’t have their kind of collar
Zhai Ling’s face was so happy that he really walked away from the Universiade that he easily met someone he was looking for. Now think about it. The dragon ten in memory is not much different from what it looks like now. It is a lot less unstoppable and sharp than that, and the whole person is much more peaceful.
Now that people have found Zhai Ling, it is natural to say what they have come for.
Long Shi didn’t object, but led Zhai Ling to take the road to remonstrate: "I’ll take you there, and then you can make plans."
Li Re evil what sent here ZhaiLingGen don’t know is to see the dragon ten very careful appearance in the mind also calm a lot.
He naturally doesn’t understand the meaning of Dragon Ten’s words. Zhai Ling is not stupid, but he also feels that Li Re-evil is a good thing to send. Maybe he wants to take it, but he won’t be so easy.
Deep in the eyes, the cold cave of ice and snow is like an endless abyss, which seems to be hiding and stirring. It’s very strange, like an ancient fierce beast with a huge mouth, and people inadvertently swallowed it.
"Dragon elder?" Zhai Ling looked at the dragon ten out of the hole with a little doubt.
Dragon ten shallow a smile "this is the evil emperor’s adult personally set up the hole and you can safely enter my hole and wait for you."
Zhailing nodded and then stepped into the ice and snow cold hole.
Dead. This is the only idea after Zhai Ling came in. He can’t see the road ahead. Only when the hole is tilted and the light is faint can he see the road clearly.
After a few steps, the strange phenomenon of ice and snow appeared.
The brilliance of several crystals completely illuminates the whole cave. Fortunately, the brightness is very soft. Otherwise, wouldn’t the volley brightness of hundreds of crystals shine on the blind eyes and care about your practice?
Zhai Ling finally came to an old heavy iron gate, which was slightly open and could barely see the scene inside.
Not half of the room is dark, but the outside light is shallow. I saw a statue of a half-man high black crystal in the middle of the room and other things around it. This also made Zhai Ling determine that this black crystal is what Li Re evil left behind, but I don’t know what this black crystal is.
Zhai Ling pushed the door and suddenly a huge momentum rushed out. The sleeves swelled and Zhailing could not help but close his eyes and arms to resist the wind.
"This is such a big momentum that I can get by?" Zhai Ling heart dark scold but also remembered the former dragon ten said "make a decision".
"Presumably, Senior Dragon could see that my strength was not high, so I was so stupid that I didn’t think of the implication of Senior Dragon."
Can’t blame Dragon Ten for not waking up directly. After all, it’s the first time he and Zhai Ling met. If he stopped Zhai Ling from letting him get close to what Lire evil sent, even everyone would wonder if Dragon Ten had any covetousness.
One step after another, Zhai Ling struggled to resist this pressure, even if the ghost-faced fox, the high-order fixer in the foundation period, never gave him such pressure
Zhai Ling opened his eyes slightly and narrowed into a thin seam. He looked not far away. The shallow light of the high black crystal also made Zhai Ling vaguely see that this crystal seems to be hiding a person!
It’s hard to think of this strong pressure and be a strong man with ten skills.
"Don’t LiRe evil I stay is so … a powerful fix true person? But how can I wake him up? I’m so hard to get close. "
Heart secretly tidy and endure a lot of.
One minute goes by.
Even the outside dragon moved for "three hours? ! Little master endurance is too surprised me. "
"It’s true that my brother’s momentum is unusual, and those who fix the truth in the gathering spirit period are afraid that they will be crushed at the first time. Even those who fix the truth in the foundation period have few achievements like this. It’s quite strong and talented to want to have a little master’s strength." Snow Girl did not know when she appeared beside Dragon Ten, and according to her original promise, her brother and sister would recognize the Lord as this moment, but she had already regarded Zhailing as a little master, and she was also amazed at Zhai Ling’s strength.
Finally, after an hour, Zhai Ling was backed out by that powerful momentum.
Iron gate with a loud sound Zhai Ling back against the crystal wall nai a wry smile.
My strength is still too weak to persist for so long, but it is only five steps away. The statue of half-man high black crystal is still thousands of miles away.
Heart wry smile eye this situation is not others don’t want to give, but he Zhai Ling strength is not enough also can’t get.
Sighed a Zhai Ling swallow a restore aura Dan medicine for a moment and got up and looked at the eyes deeply that black iron door with a wry smile and left.
For a moment, Zhai Ling returned to the ice and snow hole outside the mouth of the cave.
And Snow Girl disappeared without a trace. Dragon Ten Nai smiled. This Snow Girl’s strength is equal to his own. He also knows that this Snow Girl’s temperament must also be unwilling to appear before Zhai Ling so early.
One thing is one thing, and the dragon looks at Zhai Ling with a slight smile. "What?"
Zhai Ling looked bitter and shook his head. "Dragon predecessors don’t have to joke about being small, but this weight is also little."
Dragon Ten knows that Zhailing will say this, which is also reassuring. I am afraid that Zhai Ling is a brainless little man who just wants to wake up the man. Now it seems that he is worried.
Dragon ten consoled, "It’s wonderful that you can recognize the eye situation so clearly. It’s true that you can resist the man’s momentum in reality unless …"
"Unless what?" Zhai Ling zheng blurted out is also a moment gave a wry smile.
Dragon 10 smiled and he could see that Zhai Ling also guessed that he was going to add words. He nodded and said, "Yes, when your strength is high, you can naturally wake up that person. If your strength is still shallow, even if you wake up that person, it will be beneficial to you. I think it will be lost if you come here again when your strength reaches the high level of the foundation period."
"High-level construction period?" Zhailing murmured quietly, thinking suddenly and suddenly, his eyes lit up, and he thanked the dragon ten and said, "I thanked the dragon’s predecessors, so I will come here again when my strength reaches the standard."
Dragon ten smiled and looked at Zhai Ling’s departure. The figure once again reminded of the evil emperor’s struggle between heaven and earth.
"Pick up the old story of Zhumen and ask how it has been stormy? Ah, a new era is coming again. "
Snow girl’s side is not looking at Zhai Ling’s back. There is something more in her eyes that doesn’t mean anything.
It has a history of nearly a thousand years since the establishment of Dazhou, a country that can live for so long. This area is the whole eastern region and it is rare, which shows that Dazhou’s strength is also good
Yes, it is such a country that is still strong and prosperous today, but it is always resistant to a force.
And this force is enough to shock several countries around the fix true circle [Tianmen].
In Tianmen, the feud between Zhou Dynasty will rise to the beginning of the establishment of Zhou Dynasty, where a country, Daxia, was established.
When the Xia Dynasty belonged to the top countries in the surrounding dynasties, Wang Jun was blinded by the prosperity of floating smoke, which made him self-indulgent and fatuous from then on.
The people were miserable, and eventually an uprising broke out to overthrow the Xia Dynasty. At that time, the founder of the Zhou Dynasty became famous and finally overthrew the Xia Dynasty.
In the summer, the survivors fled everywhere and quietly established the Tianmen. Later, the Tianmen became more and more powerful and gradually surfaced, and Zhou officially declared war.
In hundreds of years, the two fought each other for tens of thousands of times, but they could not give each other a substantial blow.
It is also from the recent 50 years that Tianmen has changed the strategy of confrontation in Zhou Dynasty, and the alliance of hostile countries in Zhou Dynasty has cultivated the shadow power in Zhou Dynasty.
Whether it’s true or not is known to those who really know it.
At the moment, a field base somewhere in Tianmen.
At the beginning, they tried to kill the little princess Long Yinger, but unexpectedly, a Zhai Ling was killed halfway, which led to the annihilation of the army. This also caused a series of subsequent plans to be stranded. There is no doubt that this incident also led to the fact that the planner was very angry and vowed to find the person who destroyed his plan.
Senior colonel said that the force of nature, Tianmen, will be sent out to find out that Zhai Ling is unknown. I don’t know a simple form, but it is also looking for a needle in a haystack.
But when the senior colonel was very angry, a very unexpected news came from outside.
"Is it really him?" Senior colonel’s face is happy and his eyes are shining with strange light.