It’s different from time to time, so whoever owns this treasure can be regarded as a waste and can pass the time difference into a rare genius.

Behind him came a big black cow and a red pig.
At the end, two tall and gluttonous beasts followed.
Seeing a new person entering the big black cow, the red pig’s face was surprised.
"Hum! Hey! " The red pig seems to say something
See their Chu shine heart some panic, after all, their strength Chu shine is seen.
It turns out that they have always been this place.
"I’m not afraid that they are all my mounts." Jiang Feng comforted Chu Linger and said to them all at the same time, "This is my wife who is one of our own. Be polite in the future."
A line of people blinked at Chu Shine.
Very human nodded his head.
See if they’re all right. Jiang Fengdang shouted at Chu Linger and said, "I just want to practice, but you can be familiar with it here."
Jiang Feng said, regardless of him.
Cross your legs and sit directly in place, and then move your mind.
A delicate porcelain vase appeared in the hand.
See porcelain Jiang Feng satisfaction nodded his head.
Yes, this is exactly what I got before. Now he is still too weak to fix it. It was not half past one in those years.
"thump! Hey! "
Give a bite.
The pow of natural spring flow into Jiang Feng’s body along his throat.
At the same time, I feel that my body is hot and my immortal energy bursts from the seven meridians.
The rapid operation of the body achievement method constantly absorbs the natural spring water and brings him immortal energy.
The apocalypse beads roared in the wind.
Jiang Feng’s body is like a whirlpool of waves, and he thinks he is one, constantly sucking the energy of the Apocalypse Pearl Fairy.
Wind and rain change and rhyme gather
So little by little in the past.
I don’t know how long Jiang Feng has been practicing.
Suddenly, a powerful force burst out.
A breath rises from the mark of heaven between the eyebrows and goes straight through the clouds to dial the clouds.
Fairy energy has also spread to his own heart, and the strong wind roared past like running for his life.
Jiang Fengkou gave a rebuke.
The reconstruction of pick Jin Xian Si directly broke out.
The invincible breath swept the apocalypse bead.
In one breath, Jiang Feng directly broke through to pick up the four reconstructions of Wonderland.
If others see this, they will be surprised. Genius, no! Uber!
This little reality is too Uber.
It’s already powerful to raise the spring water to a higher level.
I didn’t expect him to break through two floors directly.
It’s really shocking
"ah! Husband, it’s great that you have broken through again. "Chu Linger was excited.
But the big black cow grunted a few times.
Obviously, my heart secretly complains.
Don’t even dare to challenge him to build another layer now, so why not just kill him?
I am really a poor calf.
The big black cow kept shaking his head and sighing.
"How long has it been! ?” Jiang feng looked at Chu shine and asked
Chu shine didn’t hide "it’s been half a month, and it should only be two days or so outside"
Half a month.
It’s not too long when it’s okay
"go! Let’s go out! "
Jiang Feng pulls Chu Linger’s little palm to read again and then reappears in the hall of hunting demons.
Jiang Feng suddenly appeared.
Frightened Fang Pang 21.
Doubtful color "adult where did you come from! ?”
"This you no matter what’s up! ?” Jiang Feng stared at the fat two mouth asked
Fat two this just to react.
Take out an invitation from your arms and respectfully hand it to Jiang Feng. "This is Zhao Zhao, the commander of the company, who asked me to give it to you so that you must go to the party today."
Jiang Feng promised this thing.
This trip will never be as simple as you expected.
"That’s right!" Pang Er suddenly said, "There is one more thing to tell your adult that Ma Xiao came yesterday afternoon, and you have asked him to join the twelfth team."
"oh! ?”
Jiang Feng almost forgot about it.
Pang Er has done a good job in Jiang Feng, so he can rest assured that "he still needs to hone and give it to you in the future."
Fat two smell speech nodded his head.
Although he is disgusted with Ma Xiao, since Jiang Fengkou, he can’t say much.
"I hope the other party will not be too incompetent," said Pang Er slowly.
Nodded his head.
Jiang Feng Chu shine said 1 again and left the hunting hall alone.