Ah, it is better to live like this than to die. I hate orochimaru Konoha more and more when I think about it. I hate three generations of Gang Shou, and I hate that kid the most! It’s a pity that I have been following orochimaru to know some secrets that I shouldn’t know, and now my mind has been banned. If I want to think of that person’s name, it will explode immediately. It’s almost impossible for me to climb out of the grave again, right?

What should we do now? Orochimaru isn’t around at the moment, and now he’s alone. How are we going to intercept peony? Tuan Zang is obsessed with this problem now. You can’t go directly to Shimada Hanzo and tell him that you’re alone, can you? This is embarrassing. Absolutely not. So what should we do?
In order to show his ability, he tried his best to find the key place. Where did Xiao Nan go when he went out? In order to find out this objective, it is decisive to unite-absolutely.
Tuanzang didn’t do anything but condense a trace of chakra with his fingers, then put his hand in turn, knocked the tatami on the ground for three times, and then drank the tea in an old spirit.
In a short time, there was movement on the ground and it never came out.
"What does Tuanzang want from me?"
"I wonder where that woman went?"
"She went to fire nation a month ago. If you want to ambush her, you can take her if you want to bury the Muye Pass in Yuren Village! In addition, according to the news from the avatar, she is one day away from the pass! "
“? So now she is coming back soon? "
"Do you know where she went?"
"This is don’t know I don’t have her body placed in two places at once by the way, do you have any information over there? He doesn’t need it in the intelligence organization, but what he needs now is the information of orochimaru’s filthy reincarnation, which happens to be with you. Then it’s up to you to find out his filthy reincarnation! When the time comes, the organization will help you take revenge! "
"Are you going to deal with orochimaru?"
"We will almost get his filthy reincarnation scroll, and then we can directly kill him. What we value most is his endurance. He is a garbage organization and no one can watch it!"
"Can that help me get out of orochimaru’s control?"
"It’s very simple for you to pay enough to help you get out of his control!"
"reward? What reward do you need? "
"It is very simple that you first instigated orochimaru to attack Konoha and let him become rebellious again; The second is to kill orochimaru and bring him back to the filthy land for reincarnation! Finish these two, then you can get rid of the controlled fate! "
"If I could really kill orochimaru, I would have killed him! Do you still have to ask the organization for a group? " Tuanzang immediately saw through the inside.
"Don’t worry, someone will help you when you finish these two times. Of course, it’s not yet. At present, the organization is collecting some fresh blood and has enough manpower so that you can finish these two tasks more easily! Isn’t it? "
"When can I start to do these two things? What if orochimaru discovers my plot and seals me halfway? "
"You don’t worry about this organization. There is a spy planted around orochimaru. If you are really sealed, then he will help you get out of the seal. Besides, it’s nothing to be sealed now. After all, it will take about 1 year for the organization to plan the fastest and 56 years for planning and preparation. Everyone knows that Konoha is the first forbearing village. Anyone who doesn’t look at Konoha may be bitten by this tiger in his later years. Now it’s not the best time to implement the plan!
And just at this time, the organization will take the opportunity to collect some experts, and with those experts joining the organization, we can go further, right? "
"It’s good, that is, 56 years! Now for me, every time I am put in it, it’s like falling asleep, maybe for a second, maybe for a month or even a year. It makes no difference. I hope you can remember me when you implement the plan! " Tibetan dialect is mingled with unspeakable sadness and loss.
This is indeed the greatest irony for a group of people who used to be all-powerful, but who can you really blame? You can say that it is sinful to hide yourself! If it weren’t for those dark events, maybe it wouldn’t be Gang Shou who is sitting in the big position now, but his group is hiding, right? Staying in the dark, he has been captured by the darkness, and his heart has become dark. Perhaps the biggest reason why Tuanzang failed and was absolutely watched is that he can best understand the darkness in Tuanzang’s heart! This may also be the reason for never giving Tuanzang a chance without permission!
It’s a pity that people are not as good as the day. orochimaru placed a group to hide in the white snake, and told the dialogue department of orochimaru and orochimaru that the murderous look became more and more intense. At the same time, he made up his mind to change the settings of metempsychosis after returning home to make it more perfect! And this time it’s true that I’m going to betray you for a reason. orochimaru thought about whether to tell Konoha Xiao’s plan, but he thought about the Uber-tree Maomao. orochimaru wanted to think about it, but he didn’t inform Konoha that one more person knew that it would be more dangerous and then he would have a chance to meet Konoha Maomao. It’s not too late to tell him anyway. There is still time!
Then orochimaru thought about the three children who were taken care of by Jiraiya, and he thought about killing them. Now, give them a hand, and pay off the account!
Thought of here, orochimaru summoned a little snake and wrote a scroll for the little snake to swallow. The little snake followed orochimaru’s instructions and went to the nearest orochimaru base to bring the man there! And orochimaru himself wandered underground to the ambush position and waited for Xiaonan to arrive.
On the other hand, I received a letter from Jiraiya a month ago. Xiao Nan is thinking about this time Jiraiya calling her attention!
Jiraiya called peony in the past to learn about what Nagato is doing with Yahiko at present. In addition, he took peony’s famous mansion for two rounds. Finally, peony was at ease. When Yahiko thought that accompanying Jiraiya was a wave and wanted to come back, Jiraiya gave peony a scroll!
"Master, what is this?"
"peony, do you know what the master told you to come over?"
"I don’t know. I’m also curious about what will call me here. At this time, Yahiko is doing something important. My sudden departure may also cause trouble to them! So they are short of manpower! "
"Actually, I called you here because of your little martial uncle!"
"Little ShiShu? Who is it? At the beginning, I knew that I was in the same session as the master, that is, I endured the other two, right? How can there be an extra little martial uncle? It seems that the master is still the smallest among the three forbearance? "
"Later, you will meet your little uncle. He will recognize you at the first sight and you will recognize him at the first sight!"
"Master, don’t be so mysterious, okay?"
"Ah ha ha!" Feel your proud brother coquetry Jiraiya also impetuously peony that enchanting city.
"Well, I officially told you that my teacher, the old man, took another apprentice in his later years, but everyone didn’t know it. This apprentice is my younger brother, that is, you three younger uncles. Your younger uncles asked me to bring you a message, especially you and Nagato!"
"What’s your order, Junior Uncle?"
"Well, you can save your life by holding the key first. It’s a talisman for you. In addition, there is another thing in this scroll. This thing is for Nagato and Yahiko. Of course, the teacher, I don’t want you to see this second thing. It’s very dangerous!
Let me give you a word from your little martial uncle, that is, you must stick to your heart, don’t let hatred bury you, don’t believe in masked men, and don’t become a sword in others’ hands! "
"What do you mean by master?"
"This don’t ask me, I also asked you little ShiShu, he said that he is now very weak and can’t help you smooth the obstacles, but it is also an important disaster in your life to be reborn!
This is what your little martial uncle explained to him. I don’t know. I would have helped you if I didn’t have something to do in Daming House, but I really can’t leave! "
"Don’t worry, master, I will take good care of them both!" Looking at the scroll in his hand, peony firmly thought of what Jiraiya said when he said goodbye to Jiraiya
"We will remember your words, Uncle Su, who has never been masked!" Peony is full of curiosity and gratitude to the unknown little martial uncle.
"Remember it’s best not to have the second thing in the scroll. I can’t stand it, your master. I was almost killed!" Jiraiya a face of fear to peony told way
"What makes teachers feel fear? Even in those days, Shimada Hanzo didn’t scare the teacher, did he? The teacher also won the title of three forbearance, but what will it be? " It’s strange to think while walking. I really want to know what’s in it!
Chapter 30 Escape from Ambush and Trap
See is going to the place, suddenly absent-minded peony felt chakra fluctuations!
"There is an ambush!" Peony instantly thought of it! Suddenly stopped to pose for the fighting posture and put Jiraiya to the scroll in her arms!
"Ha ha, I haven’t seen you for a long time. I didn’t expect Xiaonnandu to be so big!" Orochimaru came out of the grass!
"Who are you?" Xiao nan felt a little familiar when he saw the man in front of him, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen this man at the moment, but it was strange that he knew his name!
"This is not a place to talk. Leave a member here to attract attention. Come with me and let’s talk!" Say that finish regardless of peony decided to directly into the shadows of the trees.
Seeing his moving peony, I instantly remembered who it was, and also left a paper member very obediently and followed orochimaru away.
"Lord orochimaru didn’t expect your teacher to talk to me about you a few days ago!"
"oh? Did you go out to see Jiraiya? "
"That’s right, I’ve just been with the teacher for more than two days. If it weren’t for the rush of Nagato and Yahiko, I guess I’ll stay with the teacher for a while! At that time, Lord orochimaru, I am very curious about what you are looking for me for! "
"Oh, no one is going to ambush you, take you away and then blackmail you into saying Nagato and Yahiko!"