"If they don’t stop attacking, we people will kill their muskets for half an hour at most."

"At the end of the will guess surrounded us butch army must be trying to force us down …"
Chapter four hundred and thirty-five Lost the wife and folded the soldiers.
Zhou Haoguang frowned at the side lieutenant and asked, "Do you mean to surrender to the Tiger and Leopard Army …"
See lieutenant face outpouring affirmation expression Zhou Haoguang full of despair facial expression directly replaced by anger in front of the lieutenant big scold a way "f * * king … general even surrender such words say exports are you still a soldier? Do you still have a little military backbone in your eyes … "
"Besides, I will lead you to surrender to the butch army and what will your family do in Beijing …"
In a panic, the lieutenant hurriedly explained, "The general said that staying green is not afraid of burning without materials … If we want to live with the general, these departments will be able to live with the general, and you will still have a chance to make a comeback …"
"At the end of the general your family in Beijing will be sure that the court will never punish them from time to time …"
"Judging from the present situation, the tigers and leopards left behind in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces can touch more than 100,000 troops outside Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, and not only that, the tigers and leopards in Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces will also be hit harder than the fighters dispatched by the court."
"General, do you think it’s possible for the imperial court to take the Huanglongmu … since there is no way to take the Huanglong to threaten the butch army camp Anna butch army to attack the capital and levy tens of thousands of northern troops, there will be no worries about attacking the capital and forcing the imperial court to negotiate with them …"
"At the end, it will be certain that this military conflict with the Tiger and Leopard Army will be compromised by the imperial court. When the time comes, the imperial court will not only ask the general about your crime, but also continue to weigh the general. Because the imperial court needs you, the general who fought with the Tiger and Leopard Army, to retrain the army to make up for the battlefield losses …"
Lieutenant speculated that although Zhou Haoguang was very shocked
But Zhou Haoguang is not stupid. After a short analysis, he has to admit that all the analysis of the lieutenant is justified.
The tiger and leopard army showed strong fighting capacity in the battle just now. The tiger and leopard army in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces can be wiped out, and we can also wipe out several offensive armies.
Besides, Zhou Haoguang knows about the Tiger and Leopard Army, and holds the idea of negotiating with the court. The Tiger and Leopard Army will never just attack its own army all the way.
Maybe at this time, he was surrounded by several armies like himself, waiting for his demise.
Thought of here, Zhou Haoguang’s face finally eased.
In the face of Zhou Haoguang’s changing face, the lieutenant is also relieved.
At this moment, a butch gunner suddenly came to Zhou Haoguang’s position with a white flag.
Zhou Haoguang and other people will look forward to a news that will let all of them breathe a sigh of relief directly to their ears.
"I want everyone to surrender to the Shaanxi Governor’s Office to absolutely guarantee their safety and return everyone to the court in future negotiations with the court …"
In the face of the choice between death and life, I have already thought that Zhou Haoguang had no doubt and chose to surrender to the Tiger and Leopard Army.
Losing 5,000 cavalry, the biggest enemy, the loyalist barracks, has been headed by thousands of infantry, and there is no fighting capacity at all. Following loyalist routed troops all the way, the Tiger and Leopard Army forced down the loyalist barracks with less than ten rounds of ammunition.
As soon as the battle in Yangquan county was over, the first line of defense of loyalists was attacked and the northern army was recruited, and the news that the court was going to hold peace talks was received.
In order to force the northern army to continue to attack the capital, the DPRK etiquette urged Emperor Chongzhen to completely put the so-called face directly to the sky to hold peace talks with the butch army, demanding that the northern army stop all military actions and stop marching into the capital …
The commander-in-chief of the Northern Army’s Wei Zheng personally understood the emperor Chongzhen’s orders at a glance.
However, it was clear that Wei Zheng had to pick up this trick from the court.
Because at this moment, Wei Zheng has not reached the point where it can really replace the imperial court to replace Emperor Chongzhen.
Without sufficient military strength, if you really want to break into the capital to replace Chongzhen, the whole dynasty will surely fall into a chaotic warlord regime.
More importantly, hundreds of thousands of border troops on the defensive side will lose command because of this …
When the troops are insufficient, there is no way to ensure the stability of the entire border defense.
In this case, Jin won’t miss this opportunity to rob the south again after he has suffered a big loss …
Tens of thousands of late Jin troops plundered the warlords in the central plains in the south, and the separatist regime was in chaos … All this was the situation they were about to face after attacking the capital to replace Emperor Chongzhen at this moment.
There are only tens of thousands of tigers and leopards in their hands, and hundreds of local troops are stationed. Wei Zheng will never make such a stupid thing as attacking the capital to replace Emperor Chongzhen.
So tens of thousands of northern troops just stopped before the imperial court arranged the second line of defense outside Beijing.
As time goes by, when the strength of the loyalist army is increasing day by day.
Wei Zheng finally received the news that Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces were attacked by more than 100 thousand loyalists
After hearing the news, Zhao Yun, who had a bad temper, grabbed a big knife and rushed into the military account of the court negotiators to ask them what the court had not kept its promise …
If these negotiators can’t answer, they will cut their heads off with a big knife.
In the face of anger, Zhao Yun had long expected that there would be a moment when the court negotiators directly denied it.
"General Zhao’s court has told the world to stop all military operations before receiving the new imperial edict from all the loyalists around Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces …"
"You all know about these situations … the officials guess that attacking these loyalists in Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces must be that they disobeyed the imperial edict and acted without authorization …"
"Want General Zhao to believe that the imperial court officials and horses will give the court a thorough investigation of the Qing soldiers and severely stop all military actions against Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces …"
Although I know that what the other party said is all a lie, how can it be that the bandits are born in Zhaoyun’s sophistry?
In less than a few rounds, Zhao Yun came with a face of anger, and he couldn’t say a word with a series of rhetorical questions.
In the face of this result, his face did not change at all. Wei Zheng’s face flashed a sneer directly.
And then a little murderous look emanated from the Wei Zheng body.
Seeing this, Zhao Yun’s eyes lit up and hurriedly urged, "A guard … it seems that there is nothing to say with these stay at the end … A guard, you will give a chance to cut their heads at the end of the horse …"
"After cutting off their heads, continue to attack the capital and kill directly outside the capital to let the court know that our butch army is not so fun …"
Wei Zheng first nodded, then shook his head, and finally said, "These civilians really should be killed …"
"More than half of our great court will become what it is today because of these civil servants …"
"But killing is not killing now or killing us …"
Zhaoyun eyebrows a wrinkly a face puzzled asks, "We didn’t kill him or kill him now … I don’t understand what you said …"
Wei Zhengkou explained, "Judging from the current situation, the imperial court has one purpose of negotiating with us, that is, to entrust us here for them to attack Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces when the army wins …"
"If the imperial court sends troops to attack the big camps in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces and the capital, we will definitely choose to withdraw our troops and return to Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces."
"When the time comes, the crisis in the imperial capital will be lifted …"
"Not only that, but also the loyalist of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces will wreak havoc on the territory of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, weaken our strength, and what’s more, we will retreat and give us a beating in Reservoir Dogs …"
See zhaoyun a face of default nodded WeiZheng temper turned and continued, "but can we make the court realize … the court can put us together and we can put the court together …"
"Shuai had already thought about this problem before going to war, so he left Wang Feng in Datong and Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces with a full 20 thousand well-equipped butch and leopard troops …"
"Not only so handsome, but also gave Wang Feng a key moment. We will stay in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces with 20,000 elites. We can also cooperate with the local garrison to further expand our territory and let the court lose its wife and fold its soldiers."
"Do you think that the left-behind troops in Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces can’t stop the court from sending more than 100,000 attack force?"
"Absolutely stop it …" Zhao Yun, who is full of confidence in the fighting capacity of the butch army, answered without thinking.
"Not only can you stop General Wang from having a big appetite, but you can also take this opportunity to destroy several elite teams sent by the imperial court, and according to the guard, you will make Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces expand our territory …"
Weizheng nodded and affirmed, "Handsome is the result …"
"The imperial court intends to put us together through this attack. That handsome man can also put the imperial court together through this counterattack, so that the imperial court can’t say how bitter it is …"
"If we can win this counterattack, face the heavy losses on the front line, face the powerful front of the northern army, and the court will really compromise with us no matter how unwilling it is."
"Then we can ask the court to kill these ungrateful civilians."
Chapter four hundred and thirty-six Fake play really do it
After two days of waiting, staying in Taiyuan, Wang Feng and Kelly Y Zhou did not disappoint Wei Zheng.
Because in just two days, they annihilated and attacked 40 thousand loyalist elites in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces and captured more than 29 thousand loyalist soldiers at all levels
Not only that, but the government troops also lost more than 20 thousand people when they attacked Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces from other directions, and then they had to take care of themselves because of the losses of the attacking troops and retreat hastily
In the face of this result, Wei Zheng’s face directly showed a heartfelt and relaxed smile.
On the front of the same face excited zhaoyun tone easily said …
"After the war is over, it is to see what kind of reaction the court will have."
"But we can’t watch the left-behind troops eat meat on the battlefield while we stop here motionless and can’t even drink a hot soup …"