At this time, a group of people came in from outside, all dressed in casual clothes, but their backs were straight and their expressions were firm. At first glance, they ignored Wen Leyang and others, but quickly drew the bodies in the city. Two of them carefully carried Leyang out.

Wen Leyang’s mouth seemed to want to say something. Gu Xiaojun shook his head at him. "Don’t worry about his body, we will take care of it." After that, the old man paused for a moment and seemed to want to say something, but finally shook his head and changed the subject. "You can’t stay here. Where are you going?"
Liu Zhengxian didn’t hide that "I’ll go back to the master’s place and report things to his old man’s house as soon as possible."
It’s already bright outside. At this time yesterday, Wenleyang just met the tour guide Xiaoliu and was preparing to enter the Town God Temple. At that time, he never dreamed that so many things would happen in just one day.
Wenleyang also hesitated for a while and shook his head somewhat self-effacing. Now it’s hard for him to even move, let alone what he is doing. I want to go back to Wenjiacun first. Fortunately, now I know that killing Yaoyuan is one of our own. Hiderigami’s five elder brothers won’t be hurt in his hands. It’s not dangerous to count the raccoons and don’t touch the cone of life and death.
Gu Xiaojun nodded. "I’ll send someone to send you."
Wenleyang’s so-called non-water mirror and Liu Zheng snorted at the same time and looked up with great backbone. They were all monks, and their ideas were ingrained since childhood and refused to appreciate it.
Wenleyang smiled and pondered slightly. After a while, he ordered "Water Mirror Monk to take me back to Wenjia Village, and Fei Daochang to help me send Liu Zheng’s head".
Ji Fei’s road is very thoughtful and nods to Wen Leyang. "I’ll go to Beijing Painting City after seeing Liu Zheng’s head off. If they give me a face, I’ll ask Le Yang Wen Jiuding Mountain Jade Operator to give it to him."
Wenleyang nodded exultantly. He can’t go anywhere now. Jade Fu is an excuse. Please come to Jiuding Mountain with Leyeyang Wen to clarify the cause and effect of the matter. That would be great.
Ji Fei Lao Dao pulled the water mirror monk aside and asked him in a low voice, "Do you have any money, monk?"
The water mirror monk looked alert. "What?"
Lao Dao frowned. "I didn’t go to the painting city to eat and drink less money before, but I didn’t know at that time that they were so cross. I didn’t dare to start again this time. How do I have to buy something?"
The monk nodded righteously and took out a handful of money from his pocket, two of which were red and stuffed into the arms of the old man. "That’s all!"
WenLeYang wobbled up at this time! Now the cold mixed with yin and yang in the body seems to have a spiritual wisdom, as if knowing that his roots are suffering from the surging poison flow, and he is quiet. He is no longer struggling to wriggle like just now, as if to pull out the bone marrow, and the pain stops.
Wen Leyang can barely walk, but the force ratio can’t make any strength. His limbs and bones are so heavy that his muscles and bones are hard to pull. The poison of life and death is like pieces of hard lead ingots pressing on every bone.
Wenleyang angel raised my hand to try to make two wrong punches, and as soon as he had an accumulated force, he suddenly screamed and fell into the monk’s arms. The heavy life and death poison flowed, and it was tolerable to crush it heavily, but the yin and yang force wrapped in the poison immediately saved up like a knife, which made him miserable
Gu Xiaojun squinted at Wen Leyang. "You really don’t want me to send you?"
Wen Leyang relaxed his fist, and the pain disappeared once he didn’t move. He shook his head with a wry smile. "The water mirror monk can just send me … but" Wen Leyang reached out and pointed to the huge golden bell and the dumpling on his head. "Can you help me take these two things home?"
Le Yang Wen Wu method of heaven and earth is broken and involved, and everything has returned to the painting city. In addition, I have inexplicably called for a giant sword to be inserted in the ground of the painting city.
The dumpling is an animal of heaven and earth. Even if the corpse is dead, it is a treasure. It is almost as toxic as Wenleyang. It has high academic research value … When this thing is put into the red leaf forest, it is responsible for raising poisonous insects and refining toxins. The name of the disease will be blown up immediately. After the dumpling is cut off, there is no blood splashing. From the wound, it looks like jelly, and the blood does not flow everywhere.
The giant sword is full of gold, not to mention’ I’. If it can be called at once, it is estimated that the Wen family, old and young, can dream and wake themselves up.
Gu Xiaojun first pointed to the corpse. "This thing is fine. It’s not too big. A container truck can deliver this sword to your house …" Gu Xiaojun hesitated to say, "I’ll help you find a way when it takes some time!"
Small owners Liu Zheng xi xi smiled back to WenLeYang said, "he is so good to you, you be careful! Le Yang is so sweet that he has to recruit new soldiers. "
Gu Xiaojun nodded unabashedly. "You help me, I help you, everyone is convenient."
Wenleyang smiled evenly, and he agreed to Leyang Sweet. If Gu Xiaojun can help, he will help Leyang. Two thousand years ago, although he was dissatisfied, he didn’t hesitate to do things. Now it’s his turn. This extension brother will never break his word unless he dies.
Gu Xiaojun doesn’t seem to have noticed how much Wenleyang attaches importance to his own promise to be happy and sweet.
Ji Fei Lao Dao helped Liu Zheng, the small boss, to find his classmate. Gu Xiaojun kept sending Wen Leyang out of the bar street and gave him two business cards. One was Gu Xiaojun himself, and the other was that his department joined people in Sichuan in the morning with a slight coolness and a refreshing feeling. Wen Leyang took a deep breath and asked Gu Xiaojun, "I told you about Liu Xiang’s happy things, right?"
Xiao-jun gu wondered nodded "know about"
Wen Leyang’s expression is more puzzled than Gu Xiaojun’s, "Why don’t you care if that monster wants to escape and everyone has no good life?" Gu Xiaojun’s organization is not to kill the person who fixes the truth, but to prevent the person who fixes the truth from making trouble in people. It is reasonable to say that Liu Xiang wants to break away from the cone of heaven and fight against the black and white island.
Gu Xiaojun shook his head with a wry smile. "What should I do? Can I make a report and apply for a batch of original bombs from the country? I should have said that this matter is beyond my ability and I can report it. "
Wen Leyang pondered that it was not very reliable to sign and present the original bomb. "Then at least you have to help us drive the cone back to Black and White Island and regroup?"
Gu Xiaojun scratched his head in distress as if Wenleyang had given him a difficult problem. "This … here is a matter of principle. If we don’t fight downtown like yesterday, we won’t care. No matter what you do, it’s all your business."
And once we get involved, we won’t care about good and evil and the reason must be to directly catch you all. "
This WenLeYang by his gas music "willow phase return to people is also our fix true thing? The nine-headed monster should not kill the monk, right? " Wenleyang’s tone is not to blame him. He is not sure whether Liu Xiang likes ordinary people or monks.
Xiao-jun gu hey a some nai shrugged his shoulders "you told me that these didn’t lead the root don’t think willow phase have what think this is all your own blind hubbub to you don’t foul, don’t let me tube I have what way! Besides … "Gu Xiaojun’s eyes turned from a passionate old soldier to a cheeky old fox." Even if Liu Xiang escaped, how did you know that he came to China first? Maybe it’s a good thing to wander all the way east to other countries. "
Monsters belong to humans.
Wenleyang leng for a long time suddenly laughed completely angry at Gu Xiaojun waved and got into a taxi with the help of a monk.
The water mirror monk waited for the bus to get up before he said to the driver, "Go to Sichuan!" "
Gayi driver stifled the brakes with one foot. "Where to?"
Wenleyang stopped thinking at the root of the road, leaned back in his seat and looked at the scenery outside the window. His mood gradually brightened up. That’s why he couldn’t figure out the root of things. Anyway, one day when the car was about to leave the downtown area, Wenleyang suddenly remembered one thing and walked over and asked the water mirror monk, "Don’t you give all your money to the road?" Still have money to take a taxi? "
A driver jammed the brakes again. "Pay the deposit first!"
Lu Wenleyang once called back to the hotel. The pangolin broke ground and ran away long ago. He didn’t even leave the room. Wen Leyang was relieved that the sea was too dangerous. Let’s go back to Qilian Mountain.
It takes almost two days to drive a taxi to the expressway. The driver’s master took on such a big job. He was very happy all the way from Tan Xing’s white hair to Xintiandi’s late-night gunshot. It was more vivid than Wen Leyang’s personal experience. Wen Leyang listened with mirth without interrupting.
Just when the driver said that Haicheng had stopped, suddenly a dazzling bright light blew up from the road ahead. Wenleyang sat up and looked at the water mirror monk in horror. This kind of flash is all too familiar.
About two or three hundred meters in front of them, the same taxi with a sea license slipped out sideways in a sharp brake. Wenleyang was heavy, but his eyesight was still in a flash of flying sword, and half a wheel of the taxi had been cut off.
WenLeYang denounced a from the heart!
Last night, back and forth in the painting city, dozens of lives finally made him feel a little sorrowful. Compared with ordinary people, their strength is much stronger. Maybe they just took a shot in the secular world and killed several people. Now Wen Leyang is tired of these monks running to people to blame. It’s not that his mind is kind, and the main family of Wen Leyang is not to fix the truth. It will be very unpleasant to watch the monks try to be brave and ordinary people die.
This section of expressway has been far away from Haicheng District, with a speed of 160-70 mph and a speed of 70 mph. There are also many carts with sudden changes, which make all the cars out of control, rub against each other and blow up a series of sparks. Almost all the people involved in it have raised their fears and despair, their expressions are harsh, and the brake friction sharply cuts through the sky, looking at a catastrophe that can be eliminated.
Suddenly, a familiar and clear Buddhist prayer was found in a taxi attacked by a flying sword, and then a layer of golden Buddha’s light quickly filled the whole day!
Wen Leyang was overjoyed and exclaimed, "It’s a good monk!"
The driver’s master came to ask who is good at breaking. He is gnashing his teeth and stepping on the brakes. Wen Leyang is really afraid that he will pick out the steering wheel one by one. Their car is now screaming and rushing forward like other vehicles.
At first, the Buddha’s light is thick to the extreme, and it contains merciful softness as the essence. All the cars trapped in it rush almost to curb the potential. After a while, the huge inertia is absorbed by the Buddha’s light, and the vehicles of all sizes are firmly stopped. A horse is about to play a car accident, and the Buddha’s light has lifted Wen Leyang and the water mirror without trace. Everyone outside the monk can’t believe what is happening.
As soon as the first car stopped, the rabbit demon in a white monk’s robe was good at breaking off, and he flashed out to the green farmland on both sides of the road and roared, "The demon killed Ku Heaven and Earth in vain!"
As soon as the water mirror monk pulled the door, he would jump to help Wen Leyang. He pulled him and frowned at the same time. He didn’t expect to give him beads yesterday, and he looked so handsome that the rabbit was injured.
In the moonlight, the deep red blood of the monk’s robe is constantly oozing out as if a delicate red flower is slowly blooming and raising a bit dazzling and amazing!
Chapter 32 Battle righteousness
On both sides of the highway, there are farms and fields in the distance. In the warm spring season, layers of new green are rippling in the blue, which makes the beauty of the south of the Yangtze River slightly clear.
The little rabbit demon is good at breaking, and the monk’s eyes are sharp and alert. He looks a little weak and pale all around, and there is blood oozing out of his chest and abdomen, which has dyed a shocking red in the golden Buddha light.