Lilac smile "is going to be repeated."

Don’t you want to find a way to comfort him? "
I didn’t say angrily, "He won’t listen to anyone now. Whoever comforts him must be looking for a scolding!"
Just then, Li Jie, with a refreshing short hair, came over and sat next to the humanoid repeater. "I’m always sad, and my face is about to be torn into a bag."
Small Guangxi is in tears. "It’s not your fault!"
Li Jie said, "Okay, okay, I made me pay you back, okay?"
Small Guangxi called "what do you take to compensate! You can’t afford to lose tens of millions of dollars! " I grabbed my hair again. "My money!"
Lilac whispered, "This little money addict is hopeless!"
I said, "If I lose so much money, I will definitely become like him."
Li Jie has been trying to comfort small Guangxi, and it seems to have some effect. It’s rare for small Guangxi to put away Li Jie’s attitude of bullying and comfort him. He feels much better naturally, and Lilac and I have been busy reporting after the war, summing up our experience and lessons in the performance of fighter planes during the war, handing in files and improving the fighter planes. It’s hard to take a week off and it takes two days to go back and forth. It’s also very nervous to let her see this live drama.
Li Jie asked, "Monkey, if I fell into the water with your mother and you could save one, who would you save?"
I’m happy. Why do girls like to ask such questions that are wrong no matter how they answer? Said to save her, she said you were unfilial; Say save your mother. She says you don’t really love her. Anyway, whatever you answer is wrong! Fortunately, Lilac never asked me this question, otherwise I really don’t know how to answer it.
Xiao Guangxi said, "Of course, save my mother. You can swim!"
Li Jie’s face froze. "What if I can’t swim?"
Small Guangxi said, "Then I will save you because my mother can swim."
Mars appeared in Miss Li’s eyes. "If neither of us can swim, one of us will definitely drown. Which one will you save?"
Small Guangxi cried "hang it all! Where did my mother offend you? Why did you curse her for falling into the water? What’s not your mother? Dare not your mother, you don’t know how distressed you are? "
Miss Li hardly vomited blood. "Well, if I fell into the water with my mother, you could save one. Which one would you save?"
Small Guangxi cried louder, "Do you have a conscience? Did your mother raise you easily? Did you curse her for falling into the water and drowning?" Endure Li Jieshan to seize the small Guangxi ears and twist them three times to the left and three times to the right, yelling at his ears, "Give me less rambling and answer me which one you will save!" ?”
Sure enough.
Lilac seemed to ask seriously, "If I fell into the water with your mother, which one would you save?"
She’s so serious, the smirking in Guangxi is definitely not the best way for her. It’s to get serious and answer her questions seriously. I thought about it and said seriously, "I will try my best to get you all back."
She scolded, "As shameless as that monkey!" I laughed after scolding.
Over there, Li Jie’s ears are twisted with enthusiasm. Shandong rushed over and called "Monkey Boss, I have booked a boat ticket to Jakarta!" It will take another three hours to get on the boat! "
Small Guangxi took the opportunity to break free from its claws and jumped up and shouted, "I love you so much, big guy!"
I walked over with goose bumps and took the boat ticket from Shandong. Yeah, it was good. All five boat tickets were booked, but we went to Jakarta for fun from Yanlong Island. We wanted to travel to Jakarta for a long time, but we couldn’t find the right opportunity until the talents were available.
Lilac looked at the ticket and frowned. "What are you going to Jakarta?"
I asked, "What’s the matter?"
Lilac said, "When I went abroad, I heard that the political situation in Zhaowa was unstable. It can be said that the whole Southeast Asia is an active volcano that can erupt at any time. If there is unrest there, the Chinese will suffer first. If we go to Jakarta now, we may be in big trouble."
Small Guangxi patted his chest. "Come on, we won’t be so lucky. Besides, can we be beaten by monkeys?" Hum, you’d better not let me meet them bullying the Chinese or I’ll kill their family! "
Li Jie said, "That’s true, but we still need a little preparation …"
Xiao Guangxi nodded again and again. "Yes, yes, you must prepare submachine guns and rocket launchers as early as possible!"
Traveling with submachine guns and rocket launchers?
Shandong and I rolled our eyes. This monkey is really not an ordinary genius.
The fourth chapter The first drop of blood ()
With the expansion of the Yanlong Corps, the number of soldiers and their families in Yanlong Island has naturally increased dramatically. Up to now, the population of this small island has reached as high as 160,000, which has been called "Southeast Asia Island"-the population of the island base is only a little over 160,000. In some places, hundreds of thousands of people eat and drink Lazar, which is a huge business opportunity, so some Chinese enterprises are scrambling to sign contracts with the Yanlong Corps to ship various materials to Japan every day. A cruise ship comes every five days to send letters and express delivery from all over the world. If anyone has the conditions and interests to go to Southeast Asia to enjoy a foreign country, it will be the best choice to go out by cruise ship. The standard of collection is really cheap for us mercenary soldiers with high incomes and is very popular among soldiers.
After the signing of the agreement by the army chief, we were in a good mood and had a pleasant cruise.
Six or seven hours from Yanlong Island to Jakarta is enough. It’s really fast, but it’s a little troublesome when crossing the sea. The people in Zhawa are very strict about the entry and exit of Chinese, and their attitude is not good. Many people’s belongings have been confiscated by them under various excuses. Even I brought three kilograms of beef jerky, but I was so lucky that I wanted to pull out my bayonet and poke that stinking German shepherd into the hot pot! We were all a little nervous when they inspected the small Guangxi-the dead monkey actually came to the real suitcase with three submachine guns, two pistols and hundreds of rounds of ammunition! If these weapons are found, we may have to go to jail! But he didn’t panic at all. He pulled the sailor aside and put something in his hand. The sailor with a sullen face like the bottom of the pot smiled and waved and let him go.
"What did you give him? His attitude has changed so quickly?" Li Jie curious to ask
Small Guangxi said, "no matter which country, red envelopes are always the best. It is not a problem for me to transport a tank across the sea if I have money."
Shandong asked, "How much did you give that monkey?"
Small Guangxi said, "One million!"
Li Jie almost jumped up.
Xiao Guangxi Ma added "Indonesian rupiah, of course"
I almost fainted. It’s not bad to buy a bag of rice for a million dollars! There is no way to fight since the failure of the South China Sea War in 1979. The Indonesian rupiah has been going downhill, but the price has soared by one million. It really can’t buy anything. The war was disastrous for Zhaowa. The most direct impact is that they lost the opportunity to exploit oil and gas resources in the South China Sea and earn a lot of foreign exchange.
It’s even cheaper. The oil company’s losses are subsidized by the government, and the incredibly low oil price is maintained steadily. Now the oil price is not working, regardless of the opposition of the country, and the waves are rising. Soon, many people can’t afford to adjust their cars. They can throw these things in the warehouse and cover them with dust. Even the oil should be used to ensure that the economy will naturally be dragged down. It’s hard to devalue the currency. It’s really stingy to start with one million, but it still feels good to touch that thick stack of banknotes. Otherwise, the sailor can release them so readily.
After crossing the sea in a thrilling way, we quickly found a hotel to settle down. At least we should hide the dead monkey’s gun first. Besides, it’s hateful that he mumbled, "If I had known it was so easy, I should have brought the rocket launcher!" I really don’t know whether he is here to travel or to engage in terrorist attacks! Look at this smug monkey, I have an impulse to pull out a bayonet and stab him in the ass.