"What did you think a moment ago? Hum, I hope you are struggling with guilt in your heart … "Zhao Lao coldly dumped a sentence and then some sickliest" alas, that’s all … "

She Wenyi will then consult a few people’s faces in Jiyun, and a few people will bow their heads to him. Then they will breathe a sigh of relief and think about it. It seems that the girl probably asked some words in the process of being distracted just now. What did the three people in Jiyun say to withstand the pressure?
At this time, it is not good to think about teammates like pigs and gods. Everyone’s eyes are fixed on She Wenyi. Although he has been practicing for a long time, he can look down on some things, but there is still pressure after all.
She Wenyi’s mood is a little complicated, and some things shouldn’t be like this. It is hard to imagine that he was distracted by some words on such an occasion. He learned to avoid such a small mistake many years ago, but then he came to himself for nothing, and his mentality was not as relaxed as originally thought.
"She shopkeeper …" At this time, the girl bit her lip and made some efforts before saying, "What?"
She Wenyi looked at the young girl’s green face with a show of refusal. It took a long time for her left mother finger to slip quietly from the forefinger jade Banzhi before she arched her hand and smiled at the girl.
Chapter 39 to (a)
Back to a moment ago, she wenyi was distracted.
"Several uncles’ books … have you contacted in advance?" Xu Anqi so asked 1.
JiWenZhong three people hurriedly shook his head to deny "no … never never contacted"
"That’s a coincidence for six books …"
"It’s five … er"
At this time, the big rhythm is questioning and defending. Although several people have some confusion in their thoughts, there is always a sound in their hearts that wakes them up-except admitting that their books have been tampered with, they all bite to death and deny what they say. This is also an agreed thing in advance. As far as qualifications are concerned, they are not outstanding. Although their ability to withstand pressure has increased for many years in business, on the whole, such occasions are still a little timid-the elders reprimand angrily, the colleagues’ eyes, the owner Xu Anqi questioned … and so on.
Girl Gherardini looked at them JiWenSan face pale in Li Shang forehead is seeping fine sweat.
A lot of things are then clear-these three people obviously lied.
When they do things, they talk about morality. At this time, the lies are exposed, so everyone loses the last letter to them.
Xu Xuan peeled the orange off the table. At this time, his stomach was a little propped up. When he saw this scene, he felt that Xu Anqi’s move was very clever. Then he remembered a game of "rat old age" and "bright moon" in previous lives-or later generations.
Followed by Xu Anqi 56-point thrashing pose said a few words, after the three people over there, no one believed in themselves again, only then nodded and affirmed something.
At this time, She Wenyi was still immersed in his own thinking.
I have to say that sometimes even if many things are prepared in advance, there are still quite a few accidents when they really happen-just like this moment.
Xu Anqi has said a lot about whether she understands or doesn’t understand whether there is something or not, and that’s the main purpose. On such occasions, if she wants to talk, everyone’s focus will fall on her body. If she talks more, some atmosphere will move with her, and then she will be able to master more initiative, and then take this initiative to deal with some things quickly. If things can be solved, it would be great, of course, just thinking about it.
The girl’s heart was firmly convinced that she Wenyi was the mastermind behind it. This was also based on a simple exclusion method made according to the qualifications of Xu Jiazhong’s shopkeeper. Then she left a few people to choose one, which was She Wenyi. But at that time, she couldn’t sit still and judge for herself. When she got to the hall, she found that the books had been tampered with. Five shopkeepers came to Yu Huai ‘an and Yangzhou, but the shopkeepers never came. Although they were always close to She Wenyi, the fact was that Xu Anqi knew that she Wenyi was a tough guy. Slightly, all his subsequent preparations were aimed at Ji Yunyun, and three people went to talk to her, which affected Shewenyi’s mentality. It was never thought that even at this time, the girl still had some confusion.
She Wenyi also had some words in his heart at this time, but the fact is already the case. He won’t bother about anything, even the guilty look of the three people in Jiyun doesn’t care about his original plans, and the loss of books is not complicated. He controlled the meeting when he was holding it. The day before the call, Xu Anqi found out that on the one hand, Xu Anqi was confused for a short time, and on the other hand, she also let her know that Xu’s family had been defected. She Wenyi thought that this matter would bound Xu Anqi’s hands and feet from both reality and spirit.
In his original idea, Xu Anqi probably wouldn’t spread the word about the loss of books on such occasions. In today’s situation, it’s not good for Xu’s family to block the news that is not conducive to the overall stability-experienced people will do this. Then, when the meeting was held for discussion, Xu Anqi didn’t dare to make a decision on many things even if the results were discussed. Of course, he also left a hint for Xu Anqi to let the shopkeepers in Huai’ an and Yangzhou miss the meeting. He believed that Xu Anqi was clever and could not see these things clearly, and then after the meeting, these things turned into darkness and then she
In this way, he can avoid his public exposure. Although he won’t be too worried even if he is exposed, it is also a troublesome thing after all. On the other hand, he is not a cold-blooded person. After all, he still has some feelings for the Xu family over the years. Before he became involved with the Cheng family, he has tried hard to block several more destructive plans. It seems that he can’t do it himself. He tries his best to leave a way out for the Xu family, leaving a huge market share for the Xu family’s business, and it won’t really be good to ruin the Xu family.
It turns out that this is his plan.
It was Xu Anqi who dabbled in business. After all, not long ago, she was still a girl who was waiting to be married in a boudoir. What she did every day was just reading some novels or embroidering some needlework. Although she has made rapid progress now, she has a certain climate in speaking, holding her balance and grasping her tone, but some aspects are still insufficient, which led her to dare to put some things on the stand, such a similar disorderly behavior and disrupted the arrangement of She Wenyi.
Punch the master to death. Sometimes there is some truth in this statement.
Now that we are at a disadvantage, if we cover it up, we will become more and more passive. She Wenyi is a person who likes to take the initiative. When he stops moving, he makes a decision.
"Say yes!" She Wenyi sighed and then deflected the voice, "Miss, if you want to ask something, just ask it and know it." She said, handing Xu Anqi an arch with a calm and calm attitude, as if everything he did was taken for granted, and there was nothing to say to people.
Just now, when Shewenyi was distracted, everyone had made things clear. At this time, after seeing that he could do something similar to betrayal, he could still make such a gesture. Many shopkeepers in Hsu family admired Shewenyi very much. At this moment, this admiration was replaced by some kind of anxiety and fear, so his eyes were somewhat complicated.
See she wenyi Gherardini expression girl opened her mouth only to find that she couldn’t tell him except asking him a "what". If you want to study it again, there is no spectrum in her heart. She made a fuss about some things in her illness and tore up a lot of things after some targeted arrangements. At this moment, some things are spread out but the stalls are messy. She wants to work harder to clean up this chaotic stall, but her body is tired and she is coming again …
The girl felt her body suddenly sink.
"Miss!" Yunzhu has been noting that she hurriedly held her aside at this time, and Daier also came to help the girl to be helped aside in the plush chair. Then everyone reacted. Xu Anqi was sick until now.
At this time, what a girl can say and do is at the limit. After the train of thought is broken in her mind, she is forced to fight hard, and she will be exhausted in an instant.
"Miss, since she is seriously ill, let’s go back to rest!" She Wenyi said that there was something in her voice. Although he was a little sorry for Xu’s family, as far as personal feelings are concerned, this girl was watched by him when he grew up and saw her haggard, and there was no pity in his heart. So when the mood lasted for a moment, he pressed her away.
"no!" The girl gritted her teeth and said something stubborn but didn’t last long and added weakly, "No …"
The scene is awkward.
The girl obviously wants to do something, but she really can’t do it. Her heart is mixed with resistance, unwillingness and anger, and the medicine seems to have passed away and slowly burned up.
"I don’t want to … don’t want to …" At this time, she was mumbling and repeating these low voices. After reading them, everyone could not help but sigh. Even if some people came with disloyalty, they would always look on coldly. People’s hearts would not be soft.
"Well," there was silence for a long time. There was a sound in the hall, and everyone was a little stunned to find that the student didn’t know when he got up and was walking slowly to Xu Anqi’s side, and then he gave her a serious look.
How much help does the girl have in her eyes?
"You see, I said earlier that there are some things for me." Xu Xuanchao gave her a smile.
The girl was dazed and suddenly saw that the student turned from the ground and handed over to She Wenyi’s arch. "Hello, shopkeeper, Xu Xuan!"
The stereo sounds a little unreal on the girl’s side …
Chapter 4 (2)
"Hello, shopkeeper, Xu Xuan!"
She Wenyi just watched the students walk from the periphery of the crowd to the girl’s side, whispered at random, and handed this sentence to herself.
This gave birth to some things, although he didn’t do a special investigation, but he knew something about Cheng Shan’s entanglement, so he didn’t think highly of him in his heart. Some manners after Xu Xuan took the door earlier also made him more certain of his own judgment. At this moment, of course, he didn’t know what Xu Xuan wanted to do, thinking that if those so-called means worked in front of him, it would be very wrong. She Wenyi nodded at Xu Xuan and looked at her elders with a somewhat condescending look, and she didn’t hide it.
Xu Xuan looked at She Wenyi with a somewhat contemptuous attitude and smiled. He experienced a lot of things, so it didn’t affect his mentality.
"Hey, boss, do you think your lady is tired? There are things left … why don’t we talk?" Xu Xuan smiled and said, "Just don’t worry if you know what to say. Everyone is one of our own."
After listening to these words, Shewenyi’s complexion has not changed, and some ideas in his heart have been filled-indeed as expected, this life has not said three words, and some habits are revealed again.
"Hum, who are you?" She Wenyi didn’t speak, but Liu Shina, who had been hit by Xu Xuan, took the lead. At this time, a face of ire was obvious. "It’s strange what are you?" Xu family hall is now a discussion place. What qualifications do you have to sit here? If I were you, I should get out of here at this time … "
"Oh ~ ~" Xu Xuan looked at him and thought, "Well, then consider you as me …" After that, he stood up and stood up. "Then what?"
"Uh …" Liu Shinan immediately smothered.
"You, you, you …" Liu Shinan stretched out his hand and pointed to Xu Xuan. There were still some redness and swelling in his face and eyes, and he was trying hard to show his anger. On the other hand, he also summed up the words of Xu Xuan’s behavior in his heart. It took a long time to hate the tunnel. "Sven scum is simply sven scum … waste being a reader!"
"Er …" Xu Xuanwen looked around doubtfully and counted with his fingers. "Who are the other two readers besides here?" Said the blunt Liu Shina hand laughed "hi also bother mr.liu introduce a thing or two …"
Xu Xuan said this Liu Shinan first leng leng, then his face was very ugly. When he was out of the limelight, he was stunned by Xu Xuan. At this time, Xu Xuan made a ridicule and let his face break into pieces. He couldn’t vent his emotions in his heart, so he was a little frustrated. "You, you, you, you …" Teeth clenched straight but he couldn’t speak.
"Oh, it turned out to be four …"
Laughter sounded. When they looked around, they saw that Daier’s little hands were covering her mouth tightly and suddenly became the focus. Everyone’s eyes made the girl very nervous, but her heart really wanted to laugh, so her little face was red. "Well …"
Xu Anqi also gently touched the corners of the mouth thinking that this guy really is … It really is … Ah.
And one side yunzhu looked at each other when he saw that his eyes were smiling over there.
At this moment, the scene is a little funny, and many people feel a little funny at first, but after all, there are still some gags under the influence of the atmosphere, which can’t change anything. In the end, it is more in distress situation.
Of course, there is nothing funny about these things in the eyes of a few old people. Although Xu Xuan’s previous passage through the door really stifled Liu Shina’s arrogance, the means in the eyes of several old shopkeepers, after all, were not allowed to stand on the table. They didn’t like it, so there was such an emotion. At this time, they felt even more unhappy. Zhao Lao also snorted it straight out.
Also don’t feel funny and she wenyi.
"Yeah …" She Wenyi frowned slightly and then said, "Xu Gong is such an occasion …" The midpoint of the tone means that it is "really not suitable for an outsider"
"She shopkeeper this statement is very!" Liu Shinan hated Xu Xuan with a toothache. Now that She Wenyi has said this, he feels that he has seized the opportunity. "Gentlemen, this is the Xu family hall. This is Xu’s private business. How can an outsider run around?"
"decency? This is simply … er, "he stopped before his words were finished because Xu Xuan stretched out his hand over there and picked up the table and a cup of tea. For Liu Shina, some emotions were recalled a moment ago.
Although he didn’t say anything more, he said it already, which also represented a lot of people’s common point of view. At this time, people’s mentality was complicated. Some people had decided to run away, and they hoped that things would be spread out quickly. It was not a thing to drag on like this. They still decided to support Xu’s family, and they didn’t want Xu Xuan to importune here and wait and see. The mentality was probably a combination of the two, so at this time, people looked at each other with a kind of stirring stick in their eyes.
"Mr.liu, there are some things … are you mistaken?" At this time, everyone’s mood Xu Xuan seems to be indifferent. Holding a tea lamp, he gently put his mouth and smiled at Liu Shina and then took a sip.
"What’s your family name? What is my last name? " A sip of tea went to Xu Xuan’s mouth and asked, "What’s her last name?"