However, the strength of these demon monks is not general. It is also impossible for Xu Ren to defeat these demon tribes by running these days and nights alone.

However, Xu Ren’s meteorite attack on the demon family doesn’t really need the meteorite to defeat these demon families. What he has to do is to make these demon families hurry up and ignore him to do other things.
When those demon tribes resisted the attack of Xu Ren meteorite, Xu Ren had already offered his virtual spirit shield and successfully put all demon monks in the virtual spirit shield.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and nine DaFei
When those demon monks ascended to Xu Ren to attack, Xu Ren also urged the stars to attack them on Sunday.
However, the lethality of the meteorite falling from the sky in Xu Ren this week is not particularly strong, so the attack by Xu Ren did not hurt these demon monks who ascended to the territory.
Of course, it doesn’t mean that Xu Ren’s attack is not real, and Xu Ren’s attack is not to attack these demon families. His attack is to distract these demon families and then to urge the heavens and the earth to cover up this piece.
After he will be imprisoned, these demon monks will have no way to escape.
In addition, Xu Renxu’s spirit shield can not only imprison these demon monks from escaping, but also isolate the cat from his powerful demon monks to find them fighting, so that they can deal with the two dozen demon monks who are soaring in front of them in a down-to-earth manner.
On the surface, it seems that the confrontation between Xu Ren and the small demon leopard Molin’s 20 ascending monks is absolutely very disadvantageous. You know, among the 20 ascending monks, there are five ascending monks in the late stage and three ascending monks in the peak. Those guys are all experienced and powerful in kill array. Compared with Xu Ren and the small demon leopard Molin, they are much more isolated. Not only are they isolated, but they are also much worse than these demon monks in the road. It can be said that they have no advantage at all.
But even if it seems that there is no advantage, Xu Ren is not afraid of his life, flying swords, treasures of heaven and earth, and two thousand spirits. It is still not a problem to take those things out to deal with these demon monks. Of course, it is not sure to deal with the stronger demon king Xu Renke. The principle of Xu Ren now is not to provoke the demon king demon monk, but the demon king demon monk dares to come over and make trouble. They will never let go. They are all stepping stones for the promotion of the little demon leopard Molin.
"Damn it, what have you done?"
Most of the demon monks didn’t notice that Xu Renxu’s spirit shield was imprisoned, but the three demon monks who rose to the top of the territory were not easy to cheat. Even if the stars in Xu Ren covered up on Sunday, they still noticed something strange.
But even at this time, the three demon monks who have risen to the top of the territory have already noticed the strangeness, so it is not necessary for Xu Ren to leave without his permission. None of these demon monks want to go out from the virtual spirit cover.
"What I did was just to leave you here completely. Now that I’ve done it, you won’t have a chance to leave here again."
Xu Ren to the three soaring peak demon monk smiled and then said slowly.
"The tone is not small. It depends on whether you have that thing. Stop dawdling and kill these two guys quickly."
The demon clan man in the late stage of his ascension was surly. Although he didn’t believe that Xu Renzhen had anything to do with them, looking at each other’s expression also made him feel very disgusted.
"Whether it is a big tone or a true story, you will know when you see it."
Xu Ren spoke in the hands of Xinghai sword has been quickly waved up.
Swish swish swish-
Xu Ren swung his sword very quickly, and then he successfully cut out 991 swords.
As soon as this 991 sword Gang appeared, it gathered into a huge sword Gang and flew directly towards a demon monk in the late stage of his ascent.
At the end of his ascent, the friar did not give in when he saw Xu Renjian’s attack. He waved his weapon directly and greeted him.
For this friar who ascended to the peak, Xu Ren is just a friar in the middle of the immortal realm, and even if the means are strange, it is impossible to pose a threat to him.
A loud noise came to Xu Ren to cut out the fusion sword Gang, and the demon monk who soared into the late stage collided with Gang with great strength.
After the collision, Xu Ren’s fusion sword dissipated, and the attack released by the demon monk in the late stage of his ascent disappeared completely.
Not only that, but the shape of the demon monk in the late stage of his ascent was also stopped by the impact caused by the collision of two strong forces.
When the demon monk’s figure stopped in the later stage of his ascent, Xu Ren’s second fusion sword gang had also been cut out.
But this time, the fusion sword that Xu Ren cut out was not aimed at the demon monk in the late stage of the ascent, but flew towards a demon monk in the early stage of the ascent.
At the beginning of the ascent, the demon monk didn’t believe in evil either. He waved his sword directly and cut out a sword.
Xu Ren fused the sword Gang. At the beginning of the ascent, the monk’s sword Gang met and made a loud noise.
But this time, the collision result was somewhat unexpected. The friar expected that his first sword Gang was directly shattered by Xu Renjian Gang, while Xu Ren’s fusion sword Gang was still good. Although the speed was slower than before, it still attacked him.
The demon monk was surprised at the beginning of his ascent, but he didn’t panic. He waved his sword directly and attacked Xu Ren’s sword.
There is a series of rumbling again. This time, the friar’s efforts to Xu Ren’s sword gang at the beginning of his ascent were finally completely eliminated.
Swish swish swish-
Xu Renjian Gang has cut out more than a dozen fusion swords in an instant.
Most of Xu Ren’s dozens of fusion swords are flying to those demon monks in the early stage of ascension. Because these demon monks have weaker attack power in the early stage of ascension, one sword can often offset several sword attacks from the other side.
This also made the dozens of demon monks feel very depressed at the beginning of the ascent. You know, they are monks in the ascent, and Xu Ren is a monk in the immortal realm. They show that they are stronger. However, the result of realistic confrontation is that several demon monks in the early ascent suffer losses. How can they accept this result?
However, when Xu Ren attacked the demon monks in the early stage of the ascent, those monks in the late stage of the ascent and some monks in the middle stage of the ascent had been killed.
However, even though the monks in the late and mid-ascending stages have already killed Xu Ren, they are not worried at all because there are still small demon leopards around him.
When the little demon leopard Molin saw those monks in the late stage of ascension and the monks in the middle stage of ascension pouncing on Xu Ren, his figure also started quickly.
Swish swish swish-
The little demon leopard Molin’s figure flashed for a moment as if there were several Molin around him.