Then a sword just like the Milky Way directly hit Li Yuan who was trying to attack him.

Li Yuan sensed the danger, but it was too late. It was like the Milky Way sword gang directly defeated him, attacked and shattered the half-step instrument in his hand, and then cut off the small half of his right body.
Li Yuanyi screamed and flew backwards, just hitting Tian Kui.
Tian Kui suddenly waved his half-step multiplier Shuang Bian directly to Li Yuan.
Bang! ……
Li Yuan’s body was smashed by Tian Kui’s double whip, and a washbasin-thick tree was broken. Yu Yuanren was directly smashed by Shuang Bian, and he had no breath for a long time.
Tian Kui smashed Li Yuan and was in shock. Although he was forced to kill his roommate, he was also an outsider. This sin is great. If Zongmen knew about him, he would lose his life.
When Tian Kui was dismayed, Xu Ren had already thrown his sword at him. Although this sword was not as good as the previous one, it was fast.
Tian Kui accidentally killed Li Yuan and was pierced by Xu Ren’s sword before he could return to absolute being.
Tian Kui’s face was pale, but then he showed ferocious color. Then he was radiant and the Great Sage knew that he would die. This guy directly detonated the abdomen and the whole body meridians.
Bang! ……
A muffled sound Tian Kui’s body was torn apart, and Xu Ren was nearly stunned by the earthquake. When Xu Ren managed to stabilize his breath, he found that there was a mark on his right hand, which was like a cloud of thunder and a faint light flashing.
The fiftieth chapter after
Xu Ren’s right hand holding the sword appeared a mark like a cloud and thunder. After he explored it, his brow was wrinkled into a big pimple.
It turns out that this cloud-like mark is the result of Tian Kui’s spiritual obsession, which is a very difficult and partial technique.
By this time, Xu Rencai knew that the younger brother who was called Tian Kui Piao Yun Men chose to blow himself up, not because he wanted to pull him to perish together, but because he wanted him to plant this cloud and thunder mark.
After some exploration, Xu Ren found that the Yunlei mark in his hand would release Tian Kui’s spiritual power from time to time. That is to say, no matter if he hides Tian Kui, the spiritual power in the Yunlei mark in his hand will expose him. After leaving him, this forest of beasts is like a lamp that will attract several powerful monsters to hunt. However, this is not the most difficult place of Yunlei mark. Xu Ren found that there is a special power in this Yunlei mark besides Tian Kui’s ordinary spirit. This power is to guide someone to find him.
In order not to let the hand mark play as much as possible, Xu Ren took out a pair of spiritual gloves from the ring of material acceptance and added several inscriptions to isolate spiritual power
Xu Ren breathed a sigh of relief slightly after wearing the re-refined gloves, and then quickly the brothers who were dead outside the floating cloud gate searched.
Killing several brothers outside the Floating Cloud Gate every time made him gain a lot of spiritual stones. Today, these brothers outside the Floating Cloud Gate should have both strength and status, and these personal good things must be indispensable.
After careful search, Xu Ren really found a lot of good things. Apart from a few horoscopes and half-step implements, he also found thousands of lingshi from these people’s treasure bags, and there are hundreds of lingshi. In addition, Xu Ren also found a lot of Yaodan and monster beast’s valuable materials. These monster beast’s body materials are good things, and he can make a small profit when he comes to Donghua County.
But the most exciting thing for Xu Ren is to find out some refining materials from these people, especially an absolutely high-grade refining material with colorful shimmer ore.
After careful identification, Xu Ren recognized this colorful ore. This colorful ore is similar to the colorful Xuangang Star Iron, and it is also a kind of advanced refining material that can only be found in the depths of Xinghai.
Xu Ren was excited to get colorful xuangang. His multiplier Xinghai Sword has the ability to grow, but the most convenient way to ascend to the rank is to devour some high-order refining materials. Generally speaking, even if the refining materials are swallowed by the multiplier Xinghai Sword, it doesn’t have much effect, but colorful xuangang is different. The refining materials in the depths of Xinghai have the rank of Star Iron, which is just right for the multiplier Xinghai Sword to devour.
Of course, it takes a long time to make the multiplier Xinghai Sword devour colorful xuangang.
In order to make the multiplier Xinghai Sword rise in rank, Xu Ren can temporarily give up going to Baihua Valley. He plans to find a hiding place in the depths of the forest of beasts to give the multiplier Xinghai Sword enough time to devour colorful xuangang.
Although the animal forest is called forest, it is not a forest, and there are many peaks.
Among the many peaks in Xu Ren, I chose a relatively hidden cave to live in and set out to raise the rank of Xinghai Sword.
Xu Renxian laid a small five-element true fire array, then cut out a part of colorful xuangang, and finally manipulated the five-element true fire array to let the multiplier Xinghai Sword slowly devour the colorful xuangang.
Xinghai sword is wrapped in five elements of true fire and five elements of true fire. In the raging flame, the body of Xinghai sword seems to have turned into stars all over the sky, and the stars all over the sky are not controlled by Xu Ren, so it works on its own in a slow and mysterious way like having spiritual wisdom.
Although colorful xuangang has no spiritual wisdom, its physical characteristics repel Xinghai Sword, but the exclusion of colorful xuangang does not affect the speed at which the multiplier Xinghai Sword devours it. Colorful light is like colored silk thread wrapping the multiplier Xinghai Sword in circles.
Xu Ren’s eyes are fixed. Although the multiplier Xinghai Sword has slowly devoured colorful xuangang, this process is not necessarily without twists and turns. He must always stare at the multiplier Xinghai Sword and help Xinghai Sword when he is in trouble.
Hum …
The sword body of Xinghai Sword vibrates. Although the stars and iron are quite equal, the amount of stars and iron in Xinghai Sword is not as large as you want. It is not easy to swallow colorful xuangang.
When Xu Ren saw that Xinghai Sword was struggling, he suggested the five elements of true fire array to help the multiplier Xinghai Sword resist some colorful xuangang attributes.
The multiplier Xinghai Sword devoured the stars at a very slow speed, and it was not until ten days later that Xinghai Sword devoured a small piece of colorful xuangang department.
After devouring the colorful xuangang, the instrument Xinghai Sword shone brightly, followed by the split of the inscription on the body, which was another long process. It was not until seven days later that Xinghai Sword regained its stability, and at this moment Xinghai Sword was promoted from the former instrument to the middle instrument.
Xu Ren is very tired these ten days, but he is very happy in his heart. Firstly, his strength seems to have risen compared with before. Secondly, the quality of the instrument Xinghai sword has risen. At the same time, he has re-refined a pair of gloves, which have reached the rank of the instrument and can better isolate the spiritual power from the mark of the right hand Yunlei.
Everything was ready according to Xu Ren’s expectation, and he left the cave to continue his journey.
The deeper the forest of beasts goes, the higher the trees are, the higher the terrain is and the more dangerous it is.
There are many monsters in the periphery of the Beasts Forest, and then there are monsters in the third and fourth order, while the monster ranks near the border of the Beasts Forest and Baihua Valley have exceeded the fourth order.
The high-order monster beast is dangerous in the depths of the forest of beasts-there are still some dangers that are no less than the monster beast.
In addition to the towering trees, there are several vines in the depths of the forest of beasts. These vines are famous for their ghosts winding around vines. You can predict where these ghosts will appear when they are winding around vines. Once the monster beast is entangled with human beings, it will die. Few monks come to the border areas of the forest of beasts and the valley of flowers, and high-level monster beasts will try to avoid them.
But if Xu Ren wants to go to Baihua Valley, this place is the root method to avoid all animals. The forest is like a big circle, and Baihua Valley is at the center of the circle. Unless Xu Ren gives up going to Baihua Valley, he must cross this border.
On the fifth day after Xu Ren left the cave, his position was close to the border of Baihua Valley, a forest of beasts.
But at this time, Xu Ren suddenly felt that he was stared at by a pair of cold eyes. At that moment, he felt that he could not even walk steadily.
This feeling makes Xu Ren extremely uneasy. He is going to speed up and enter Baihua Valley.
Swish …
Xu Ren hasn’t come yet, and the cold wind suddenly appears behind him.
In the face of sudden attack, Xu Rengen thought too much in his spare time and quickly jumped out of more than twenty feet horizontally.
"What person? What is a sneaky sneak attack! " At the beginning of the shock, Xu Ren looked around and soon found the sneak attack.
The man looks to be in his fifties, of medium build, with a sword in his hand.
The appearance of this man made Xu Ren suddenly feel cold because he couldn’t see the depth of the other party’s repair.
At present, Xu Ren’s perception has been restored to the peak of Yuanjing, and he can recognize other methods at a glance. It is hard to say that the strength of repairing people must have surpassed the realm of Guiyuan.
"The posture is quite clever, but that’s all. Let me ask you, did you kill my nephew Tian Kui?" The man looked at Xu Ren’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled. He was Tian Kui’s uncle named Tian Yuan, and he was also the leader of the experience of the younger brother of Piaoyun Mountain.
Just ten days ago, his nephew Tian Kui ordered the Yuan lights to go out together, and there were other door conditions. Li Yuan, several of his team members, experienced the floating clouds outside the door.
This result is a great loss to the outside door of Piaoyunmen. The leader Tian Yuan was very angry, but when he was at a loss, he suddenly felt the imprint information left by Tian Kuizong’s secret method. However, the imprint information passed by as if it were covered by something, but it was enough for Tian Yuan. He finally found a clue and the reality was chasing Xu Ren all the way along the trace of if-if imprint fluctuation.
"What Tian Kui? How do I know you must be mistaken for someone else? I have something to do and I have to go first! " Xu Ren, of course, won’t take the initiative to admit that he killed Tian Kui and several of his younger brothers. This man is not only menacing, but also powerful enough for him to see through everything. Xu Ren is not stupid to meet such people. Naturally, he can hide.
"Want to go? It’s not that easy. Now that I’ve found you, whether they kill you or not, they will all die! " Tian Yuan said that without Xu Ren’s explanation, he waved three swords directly towards Xu Renlian.
Xu Ren turned around and ran. Although Tian Yuan waved his sword at will, the potential of his sword was extremely amazing. If he was hard-jointed, he would be injured. Or he would simply turn around and run away.
Bang bang bang …
Three swords didn’t hit Xu Ren, but three trees with a hug thickness were cut off.
Xu Ren also dare not back, but hearing the noise behind him has made his heart tremble.
Tian Yuan saw that Xu Ren was running so simply, and he became more and more convinced that Xu Ren must have his nephew and his brother who was floating in the clouds, so he did not hesitate to chase after the sword.
Chapter 59 Baihua Valley
Xu Rengen didn’t dare to look back, so he plunged into Baihua Valley.
The road is naturally not peaceful, and it was almost entangled in vines that suddenly appeared several times. Xu Ren reacted quickly enough and his posture was good, so that he could avoid danger in the crisis and temporarily have no life worries.
But Xu Ren knows in his heart that he will be chased by the other party sooner or later. Although his posture is not outstanding, he has not chased him for the time being because of the high speed. It is also a potential crisis in the forest of beasts, and he dare not help him.
Running forward, Xu Ren suddenly had an ominous feeling, but he didn’t dare to stop because there was a Tian Yuan chasing after him in the rear. At this time, Xu Ren put his heart on the line and ignored what was in front of him, and plunged into a dense jungle.