The coming victory paralyzed everyone, and the soldiers were eager to participate in the pursuit and taste the first victory of the human alliance against the orc tribe.

No one expected the other party to be so insidious.
This is worse than an attack on Ryan. If more than half of the kings of the alliance fall here and lose the king, the country will be in chaos, then the alliance will inevitably fall apart, even if the Lothar front wins again.
For the tribe, these Burningblade Clan blade master almost became heroes.
It’s really that close.
The only thing they didn’t expect was that Duke would come back to life!
The ambient air suddenly dropped to freezing point, and the tornado appeared like a snowstorm. blade master had already found something wrong, but the snow in front of him was so big that it was opaque.
I have to say that the leading blade master is definitely a first-class expert.
He didn’t even hesitate for half an instant to pull out the Blade Storm directly.
Burningblade Clan and blade master will definitely know that if we deal with this trick, but human beings are another matter, Reagan will not escape it because it is so narrow, and it is not a sword-edge storm, but a dozen blade master people will enlarge it at the same time.
Even if these blade master didn’t lead the way, the blade master was so powerful that the storm of the sword blade was not underestimated. Looking at the sword light full of vision, even knowing that a mage was protecting them, every king was frightened.
"get out!" A binge drinking will make everyone’s eardrums hum like thunder from heaven.
In an instant, the whole command post exploded dozens of huge ice prisms on the ground, and the kings suddenly felt that they were in a snowy forest.
They came to their senses and had a question in their hearts. Where are those damn orcs blade master?
The stone ceiling was pierced by a pile of icicles.
Blade master … Also be top fly.
"Turn! You guys are good at spinning! ? Young master, I’ll let you turn around enough! " On the ground, Duke dissipated in the frozen white fog and showed his figure, pointing to the sky and swearing.
It’s really awesome to create a number of sharp shock waves as sharp as blades in the high-speed rotation of the body. Don’t forget that the sword storm in blade master comes from rotation, and rotation needs a foothold. What Duke did was to fly these fulcrums into the middle.
Blade master were so depressed that they vomited blood
We agreed to have a king’s head meal tonight?
We agreed to make a big move together.
It’s said that once it’s out, it’s bound to be a bloody affair, and all the big moves have become a silly one-man show
It’s not that they don’t want to stop, but this kind of instant burst into a big move of energy and terror. They don’t mean to stop. They also want to move themselves off their feet and drop the icicles before cutting Duke. But their feet keep thickening and extending, and they don’t want them to fall.
As a result, the roof of the alliance headquarters was lifted off during the attention ceremony of thousands of alliance soldiers, and then more than a dozen small swords and dragoons were transferred more than ten meters high.
I wonder if this scene is terrible or ridiculous.
This situation directly alarmed many frontline soldiers.
"Not good! !” Every general has a bloody face.
"Stop! The army returns! " Turayan shouted nervously
"Wait!" Lothar stopped Tulayan’s thoughtlessness. "What can we do now? Duke should be fine! His words … His words … "
Almost at the same time, every wizard in charge of communication around the general received Duke’s notice.
"All the dignitaries all right! The headquarters is under attack! Krasus! Kel’ Thuzad came back! "
Duke is very calm and sober. At this time, calling the cavalry back is absolutely necessary. Not only the two Faye, but also the other one.
A series of "flashes" of light lit up from the hills on both sides, and the coordinates were not locked. Two famous law lords of later generations took the fastest violent way to "flash" continuously to move on.
Low-and middle-level wizards have to take a break to adjust their magic circuits after each flash, but there are not so many restrictions for Huiyue mage. A flash distance is 2 yards, and these two guys are 2 yards, so they don’t need to stop.
They are simply worried.
The original Duke also planned to hold out until they came back, but Duke suddenly found an opportunity to be continued.
Chapter 266 Enemy Hero I Enemy Kou (26 Monthly Pass)
Unified elves rarely cavity.
"dear host! Do you want to eat alone? After scanning, I found that they seem to have skills. Can you use them? "
The unified elves are connected to Duke’s brain, and this almost brainwave-like communication is almost unnecessary
"skills? What does a mage need blade master skills for? I’m tired of carrying such a big kitchen knife. "
"I don’t know. Anyway, some of their body energy fluctuations are consistent with yours. If you can kill them alone, you may be able to refine your skills from their body energy."
Wow, shit! This will do! ?
Duke was excited at this moment.
Duke screamed!
What skills does blade master have? Blade master has a lot of skills.
But the core of blade master is those four skills.
Wind walk can make blade master invisible and increase the moving speed. If stealth blade master attacks the target, it will cause additional damage and show up at the same time, which is much more powerful than stealth of thieves.
[Mirror Image] can create blade master Phantom to confuse opponents and eliminate all its unfavorable magic effects.
[Critical Strike] There is a higher chance that blade master will do more damage when attacking.
[Blade Storm] Not to mention that the fast rotating blade can easily hit all enemy ground troops nearby and make blade master feel enchanted.
Any of these four skills can bring great help to Duke.
At that time, great ambition flooded into Duke’s mind.
Fight local tyrants! Divide the fields!