It can be said that if the emperor Beishan County may make people feel afraid, but if General Su Long comes, people will be ecstatic and respectful!

Su Yu on the airship deck frowned slightly and looked at the weeping faces with great joy, which made me feel blocked.
He had been prepared before he came, but I didn’t expect people in Blackstone to live in such a difficult situation!
People in other counties and counties can’t hide if they hear about joining the army, but people in Blackstone county regard joining the army as the only chance to have enough to eat!
This place is his Su Yu territory!
People here are all after him, Su Yumin!
But these people’s words reveal a message that they don’t even have enough to eat!
Su Yu’s eyes flashed a trace of anger. He wanted to know what the officials here were doing! Their heads are full of shit!
The news that the airship in red appeared in Blackstone County suddenly spread all over the county, and many people ran to the streets and looked up in succession.
Blackstone county official residence also sent people out more than 50-year-old county magistrate directly goes out to be solemn and dignified.
"Find a place to stop!"
Su Yu indifferently commanded
"It’s a grandfather!"
Sunan returned to the cabin and personally drove Blackstone County to find a spacious place to park.
"Go to the official residence! !”
"Yes, go to the official residence where there is a place to stop!"
People in Heishi County, the airship side, shouted excitedly and told the airship where to dock.
The airship in red drove slowly to the official residence in the heart of Blackstone County, where there was indeed a very spacious place to dock.
The huge airship in red landed slowly, and the crowd had already gathered near the official residence square.
Su Yu filed out of the airship with Lingyu and others.
"Look! Someone is coming out! "
"You are Sue ares army? Are you coming to Blackstone to recruit? "
"We are all willing to join the army. Take us away!"
"Yes, if the Soviet God of War army, we are willing to join the army!"
See Su Yu and others appear in Blackstone County, people are so excited that they have gathered around the airship and Su Yu and others to be excited and excited and asked.
At least tens of thousands of people gathered in the square in Blackstone County, and there was no room for airship soldiers to come.
Su Yu’s face is full of wry smile. People here are really enthusiastic, but they still misunderstand him.
He’s not a Su Long hand soldier. He’s Su Longer.
Just as he was about to raise his hand to speak, a well-dressed old man with a lot of soldiers broke into the crowd.
"Let! Let the untouchables! "
"Give me the county magistrate!"
Behind the old man, the soldiers shouted and stretched out their fists to knock over the crowded crowd, and people were afraid and panicked and stepped back.
Even what are some things near the good airship? The children have eaten a lot of punches from the soldiers.
"whoa, whoa!"
The children cried so much that some of them were knocked unconscious by the soldiers’ iron fists.
Some farmers took their children away before, and there was a look of anger and dare not speak in their eyes.
This is not a soldier. It’s a bandit!
"What are you people! The Su Long Army has gone to other places in Beishan County to recruit soldiers in early spring. According to the imperial military service rules, it is no longer possible to recruit soldiers this year! Why do you still come to Blackstone County! "
Well-dressed old man rushed to face alert and with a hint of disdainful expression to Su Yu and others unceremoniously shouted at.
Chapter 37 You are not Su Longer! You’re lying!
"Yes, I only recruited soldiers in the early spring. Why do you suddenly want to recruit again?"
"Is it possible that the war in northern Xinjiang is tight?"
"Then the Soviet God of War will definitely be in danger!"
When I heard the words of the old county magistrate, many people talked about it, and their expressions were puzzled and worried.
More people are disappointed.
County magistrate old man followed by hundreds of soldiers armor style and weapons in his hand let Su Yu feel a little familiar and they are all solid strength!
With only tens of thousands of people, Blackstone county is famous for its poverty-stricken areas. Can such a powerful warrior be cultivated?
Want to know all the big noble details of Baiyang City and send them to Su Yu, which is only five thousand intellectual warriors!
Su Yu frown think it’s a bit odd.
Hearing the old man yelling at Su Yu, Yang Mingwei walked up behind him. He wore armor and held a pike with a serious expression. "How presumptuous! Who are you to talk to your grandfather like that? "
Yang Mingwei pointed at the old man with a flashing pike.
By Yang Mingwei hand pike refers to the old man a little afraid to shrink back, and then his expression emerged with a look of anger and he took a step forward and shouted, "I am the county magistrate of Blackstone County. What is your attitude! Is this the way to recruit soldiers? Do you still want to kill me? I’m an imperial knight! You’re not afraid that I’ll tell the sheriff! "
Jazz does not belong to the nobility, and it is not hereditary. The lowest baron’s aristocratic status is even lower, and the military soldiers and civilians are higher.
However, for Blackstone county, the county magistrate’s old man’s jazz status is the most distinguished status, so his expression emerged with a proud color.
"Don’t wave when Su Bo shows him the official seal."
Su Yu frown with the wave gently said