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? King Henry was very happy to hear Lin Cheng agree to his request. He jumped three feet high. Although Henry was not young, he acted like a child.
"Master Oriental is so called? Then I don’t call the teacher, I also call the master. "
Lin Cheng nodded "grace"
"Master, what are you going to perform?"
Lin Cheng walked to the wall, put one side of his body against the wall, and then slowly lifted the other leg. After about ten seconds, Lin Cheng released the lifted leg.
This dynamic Lin Cheng once performed once. At that time, Lin Cheng performed in public at the Tai Ji Chuan exchange conference organized by the Beijing Wushu Association.
Although this move is simple, it is the top kung fu of family boxing.
However, this excellent boxing skill did not greet Prince Philip, and no one could see the mystery.
This movement was too simple until Lin Cheng finished and returned to everyone. No one still felt the wonder of Lin Cheng’s movement.
"Teacher, what about your performance? It’s not just this leg lift, is it? " Henry said that he also lifted his leg and made an identical move with Lin Cheng.
Everyone laughed when Henry finished this move.
Lin Cheng watched everyone laugh and he smiled.
"You go to my place just now and do it as I did." Master Lin Cheng Henry gave Henry instructions for the first time.
Henry came to the place where Lin Chenggang just stood and put one side of his body against the wall, only to find out how difficult it is to lift the other leg. It will be faster to lift it violently, and he will find that he can’t lift the root as slowly as Master Lin Cheng does. This dynamic difficulty is called ten points.
Henry tried hard for a long time, either leaning to one side or unable to lift the root. After trying hard for a long time, he finally admitted that he had failed and could not lift the root.
Sometimes it’s funny for the royal family to watch Henry move. This move is too simple, but Henry just can’t do it if he tries hard.
Everyone saw it as a joke. Later, some people couldn’t help but learn from King Henry to do this simple move, but an external failure ended.
This move was too difficult for everyone to imagine, including the royal family present and Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip, who personally tried it.
As a result, everyone can imagine.
Henry asked Lin Cheng to do it again before Henry exclaimed, "Great!" At this time, Henry found that he had just worshipped this master. Henry is now studying for a master’s degree at University of London, England. He is rich in knowledge. After some attempts, he found this moving root, which violated the physics attempt.
In physics, the middle line from the nose to the navel is the center of the human body and the center of gravity. In order to keep balance, the human body should keep the center of gravity balanced left and right, while the feet should keep the fulcrum of the center of gravity. If the human body loses one foot, it must lean in the opposite direction, leaving only the center of gravity of that foot.
The center of gravity must be in the human body in order to maintain balance.
This is obvious, but if the human body sticks to the wall and lifts its other foot, it is bound to tilt toward the wall in order to maintain balance, but the wall is fixed and the root cannot tilt toward the wall. If the foot is lifted sharply and sticks to the wall, the arm will be more opposed to the wall and fall faster.
If you want to lift slowly, you will find that your feet are almost fixed by the weight of your whole body, so you can’t lift your roots.
But Lin Cheng can lift his other foot easily and slowly for more than ten seconds. From here, he can’t afford to finish physics.
King Henry, who was rich in knowledge, admired Lin Cheng like a torrent of water at this time.
Henry explained to everyone how difficult it is for everyone to understand this move.
"Master, what the hell is going on?" Although Henry asked, everyone was puzzled. They all pricked up their ears to hear how Lin Cheng did it.
"Ha ha, although this movement looks simple, it is extremely difficult. The human body touches the wall like a pool of mud. It is sticky in Tai Chi. In fact, this is still the appearance. The most important thing is that the true qi in the human body has changed the center of gravity of the human body. Of course, the true qi has weight and clings to the other side of the wall, so that the true qi and the other leg form a balance. Of course, this balance cannot be maintained for a long time. Because this movement is extremely exhausting, it will hurt the body if everyone insists on keeping the minutes."
Lin Cheng’s explanation is also a physical explanation, but with the addition of qi, people can’t understand it. How can they know what qi is when they tell a group of foreigners?
Henry seems to understand the specific meaning of the true qi in his mind, but he can guess that he will cultivate the so-called true qi with Lin Cheng.
Until now, Lin Cheng’s ability has not been truly recognized by everyone. This is simply amazing. There are few royal families, queens and princes, ladies and gentlemen. Whether Henry and Sophia are fond of Lin Cheng or they have repeatedly challenged Andrew and William against Lin Cheng.
In general, this achievement has established a name in the British royal family.