She forgot that she was speaking and nodded in recognition of Yao Xue’s statement.

"Is Chu Feiyuan sure it’s Liang Zheng?" Yao Xue turned the subject and asked suspiciously, "Don’t waste manpower and material resources in the end."
"He said yes!" Song anqiao worships the sound and defends her home. "Alas, we don’t need to worry about it. Now let’s think about how to rebuild the sweet shop."
"Come on, man, you know best that you trust him." Yao Xue said, "Jia Qi and I will go to Luhai to find you these two days."
Song Anqiao frowned. Yao Xue said nonsense about her man. Of course, she knows best.
At the same time, Liang Zheng didn’t make an appointment.
"Won’t be Song Anqiao doubt you" Someone got the sofa.
"impossible!" Liang Zheng got up and said urgently, "Are we too urgent?"
As soon as his voice fell, his cell phone suddenly rang, and he looked at the sofa people in a daze. "It’s not far away."
When the man froze, "you answer"
Liang Zheng calmed down and pretended that he didn’t know Chu Feiyuan’s number. "Hello?"
"Mr. Liang, I’m Chu Fei-yuan." Chu Fei’s distant voice is cold and direct. "I think it’s better for us to talk formally when you agree."
Liang Zheng froze and stared.
"Mr. Liang, will you listen again?" Chufei far eyebrow heavy asked
"I’m listening," Liang Zheng replied quickly. "When?"
Chu Fei is far from moving. "I have both these two days, depending on Mr. Liang."
Liang Zheng took a look at the sofa man. "I have something worse than afternoon, too."
"Good afternoon"
After the call, Chu Fei’s far lip angle evoked a sneer. He picked up the table. In the past two years, Liang Zheng’s general activity range, one of which clearly showed that he sailed around the sea in go on road trip by car two years ago.
At that time, Shi Youshi’s cruise ships almost coincided with each other. It seems that he should know Shi Youshi.
Chapter 41 Torture me hard
"Will there be fraud?"
Liang Zheng sat on the sofa after the conversation frowned and could not help but worry
"No" Liang Zhengbi affirmed that "I didn’t do anything out of line and he wouldn’t doubt me"
He paused and smiled coldly. "If he agrees with me, I can take advantage of this opportunity to send him to prison."
Liang Zheng is bold. He is so sure that the sofa people will not say anything.
At two o’clock in the afternoon, Liang Zheng went to the golf course mentioned by Chu Feiyuan.
When he arrived, Chu Fei was not far away. About ten minutes later, Liang Zheng saw him driving into the stadium in a bottle car wearing black sunglasses.
Chu Fei was far behind the car, followed by the caddy and his assistant Zhuo Wenliang Zheng, who was slightly absent for a moment at the grassy stadium.
I have to say that Chu Fei’s temperament is naturally noble and extraordinary. He alone feels that when Chu Fei came far away, his whole body looked like a layer of glow.
"Hello, Mr. Chu" Liang Zheng reached out politely before taking the initiative.
ChuFei far off sunglasses ZhuoWen immediately took over and then sadly on one side.
"Mr. Liang doesn’t like to bring an assistant when talking about things?" Far from shaking hands, Chu Fei took the club handed by the caddy and hit a beautiful ball. "This is not a good habit."
Liang Zheng looked at the white ball with a perfect arc and fell into the hole. He came to his senses. "I have been used to doing everything myself for so many years. Don’t take it personally, Mr."
Chu Fei heard that his lips were hooked, and he said, "My wife praised you as a gentleman. Thank you very much for sending her home last night."
Liang Zheng suddenly breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. It was because he sent Song Anqiao away last night that he suddenly decided to close it.
They played for more than half an hour.
Chu Fei stopped and said, "Can Mr. Liang play a yacht?"
"Will" play for a long time and let Liang Zheng relax and blurt it out.
When he finished, his body froze for a moment and quickly covered up the past. He smiled and said, "People like us should have played."
"Well" ChuFei far light should be a black as thick ink eyes look at the hole freely way "another day to play together"
Liang Zheng’s face was calm. "Good to play together."
One minute passes by.
At dusk, the two men sat in a bottle car far from the stadium and never took the initiative to talk about things.
Liang Zheng was not sure at the moment and dared not talk casually.
Two days later, Chu Fei-yuan invited Liang Zheng to go yachting again, but there was still no talk.
"He definitely suspects you." The man looked uneasy with a certain tone.
Liang Zheng testily tugged at the collar and tugged at him. He was not sure that Chu Fei was far away, and he couldn’t say anything for a while.
"Stop it or follow my plan." The man tried to stop Liang Zheng.
How can Liang Zheng stop easily if he doesn’t listen to him paving the road?
The next day, Liang Zheng took the initiative to talk to Chufei, but was blocked by Zhuowen Chufei.
This Liang Zheng heart more agitated.
"Chu always he left" Zhuo Wen came in to report the situation "I’m afraid I can’t wait to see his face"
Chu Feiyuan’s face was calm and the line was cold. "I don’t believe I can’t find Shi Youshi’s hiding place if I consume him again."
Liang Zheng is very cunning. There is a house in the south of the city. In fact, there are three sets of houses that others have checked, but there is no one he suspects.
Chu Fei suspected that Shi Youshi was not dead that day, but was saved by Liang Zheng, but he didn’t find Shi Youshi in Nanshi today.
Did he suspect that he was wrong?
After the matter was handed over to Chu Fei, Song Anqiao put his mind on the renovation of Qiaomutian Store.
Chu Fei-yuan spoiled her long hair after reading her design drawings. "Marrying you is worth anything."
Song anqiao didn’t feel satisfied. "It’s your luck, or I’ll be someone else."
When Chu Fei heard that her face was black, she threw herself on the bed and looked down at her with cold eyes. "What did you say?"
"Speak without thinking" Song Anqiao smiled awkwardly "Don’t mind"
"Do you think of Shen Sike!" Chufei far refused to let her go easily cold way