"Oh," Lin Chengyi sounded disappointed. "Brother, let me ask you something. This is what happened to her." Lin Chengyi refers to Su Qinglian. "She is a very good friend of mine. Her brother left home from Fujian the other day and left a note saying that he would visit famous mountains and rivers in Sichuan. Everyone in his family is anxious. I am not thinking about looking here to see if there is any. But this bear kid hasn’t left a specific address yet, which means that we can try our luck one place at a time in Sichuan. "

Lin Cheng said it was pitiful, as if Su Qinglian’s younger brother had run away from home. In general, Lin Cheng felt a little reluctant to deceive his fellow villagers, but many words can’t be said. Who knows if this restaurant owner and Nature Gate have other outposts? It’s hard to say, but it’s better to be safe.
However, the restaurant owner smiled after listening to Lin Cheng’s words, apparently because it was very white for Lin Cheng to say that he was a good friend. He secretly gave Lin Cheng a thumbs up. First, he praised Su Qinglian’s beauty. Second, he praised Lin for becoming a beloved woman and coming all the way to find her brother.
Lin Cheng can’t deny that he can smile.
"Bro, it’s too slim for you to find someone so different from looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s hard to find. You know that the whole Sichuan is not small, and there are many who know it." Speaking of which, the hotel owner had a delicious meal. "Wait, where did you say your daughter-in-law was from? Fujian? "
In the mouth of the restaurant owner, Su Qinglian has become Lin Cheng’s daughter-in-law. He just said it because he wanted to read smoothly.
Qing-lian su a shy bow but Lin Cheng didn’t see qing-lian su expression, he is a root and didn’t pay attention to other things grabbed the hotel owner’s hand "what? Brother knows that he has fallen? "
"If you are sure that he only came here these days, there is indeed a young Fujian here at Dujia Martial Arts School."
111 I have an enemy trail.
Mobile reading
Lin Cheng and Su Qinglian were very happy to hear what the hotel owner said. There were dozens of things online, that is, just asking casually. I didn’t expect the hotel owner to really know the situation
After searching all over Ng Ka Tsuen and asking a lot of people, they were not sure that Wu Xiaofeng had come to Sichuan, but they were still very happy to hear what the restaurant owner said.
"Brother, tell me what he looks like?"
"It’s hard to describe what it looks like. It’s neither short nor short. It’s not thin and of medium height."
Lin Cheng and Su Qinglian looked at each other, which is really consistent with the characteristics of Wu Xiaofeng obtained by Baihemen.
"Yeah, yeah, about brother how can I see him first? Where is he? "
"Where should he be in Dujia Martial Arts School? How did I meet him? He often comes to my place for dinner these two days, and he eats a lot at noon. Every time he comes, he asks two or three dishes to eat by himself. "
"oh? How does that brother know that he is in Dujia Martial Arts School? "
"I’m not sure about what I said, but I remember he seemed to say that he was very light-mouthed, especially not used to Sichuan cuisine, which was spicy and spicy, while our Shandong cuisine was suitable for both the north and the south. He has been eating for three days in a row. I wonder if he will come today?"
"How does that brother know that he is from Fujian?"
"I didn’t know when I came, so I asked him casually where he was, and later he said he was from Fujian. You didn’t ask me just now, but I couldn’t remember."
"Thank you so much, brother. I’ll wait for him here and see if he will come to dinner for a while."
Lin Cheng looks at the performance that it’s time for dinner, and people are eating one after another. Lin Cheng greets the restaurant owner not to greet himself and asks him to go to work. If he really finds his brother this time, please treat him to dinner again.
Dongshan people are just not melodramatic, and the hotel owner listened to Lin Cheng and went to work.
"Do you think your fellow villager said that Wu Xiaofeng would really come to dinner today?"
"I feel that it’s almost our own analysis of Ng Ka Tsuen when we come to Shu, but no one knows where Wu Xiaofeng has gone. We feel that he may come to Sichuan to defect to Wu Dahe, who is the soul leader of Ng Ka Tsuen after all."
"Well, it’s a little lighter for us Fujian people, so the spicy taste here is really unaccustomed when we first arrived."
"Haha, let’s wait and see if your brother will really come as promised."
"I hate him. Where is his brother? I think it’s your brother who was so affectionate just now."
"Haha, my brother, my brother."
But it’s a little too much. The restaurant owner said that Wu Xiaofeng didn’t come to dinner, and the restaurant owner was also busy. After a while, he came to Lin Cheng’s desk to sit down and catch up with his hometown. It was a fate to meet his hometown two thousand miles away, and the restaurant owner was also a good guest. He drank three cups with Lin Cheng’s glass in a row.
"Brother, it seems that my brother won’t come today?"
"Well, I’m afraid I’ll accompany you to Dujia Martial Arts School to ask?"
"No, my brother and I will go there after drinking this glass of wine. After all, she is in a hurry to find her brother."
"Yeah, yeah."
"Whether I can find my brother or not, I thank my brother."
"Don’t mention it if you are all fellow villagers."
"Let’s do it." Two people were gulped down by a glass of wine. Lin Cheng took out 500 yuan. "Brother doesn’t know if it’s enough. If I find my brother, I’ll ask my brother to have a good drink."
The restaurant owner was not happy when he saw Lin Cheng pay for it. "I said it was my brother’s treat. You are so polite. You just look down on my brother and put the money away quickly, otherwise my brother will not be happy."
Lin Cheng didn’t want to argue with this fellow villager for a meal, and there wasn’t much money for a couple of hundred dollars. If Lin Cheng felt embarrassed, he cheated the fellow villager and benefited his fellow villager. Lin Cheng took out the money to pay the bill, but the hotel owner could see that the fellow villager was sincere and put the money away, so the hotel owner smiled.
Lin Cheng and Su Qinglian thanked the hotel owner and left for the natural door.
"Are we still apprentices?"
"Master? Isn’t it deceiving teachers and destroying ancestors to learn from them? Now that we know the accurate information, we can directly call in with their VIP "Lin Chenghao’s anger."
"Is that all right?"
At the gate of the martial arts school, I saw the person who introduced Lin Cheng to join the martial arts school. I didn’t expect this person to remember Lin Cheng and Su Qinglian. "Have you considered joining our natural door? Our natural gate is very influential in the local area, and there are too many benefits to join us. "
Lin Cheng smiled. "Let’s talk about it later. Is there a brother named Wu Xiaofeng here? I have something to do with him. "
"Wu Xiaofeng? I haven’t heard of you looking for him? "
"There is something I hope you can help us find one."