Shen Suer wondered what Taiping was.

The meaning is almost the same. It was only the older generation that knew about it. Because the Xiao family was very low-key in recent decades, it was gradually forgotten by the young people, but the older generation, including the big old ministers in the DPRK, also knew about it.
What do you mean? I’m confused. This royal secret is really not ordinary.
Manager Chen kowtowed and continued to tremble, which means that the Xiao family’s Qing Jun side has a special interest for generations, and the Taiping Order is the Taiping Order of the North Wan. At the beginning of the country, it can stun the monarch and kill the slaves. If they are disobedient, they can kill the slaves at any time.
Manager Chen told the truth intermittently.
What he said is not true, but people will naturally say how many bad things they have done in the direction of self-interest. It is not stupid to say that the queen mother’s harem is the main house, and it is forbidden to interfere in politics. If you help the emperor to govern the affairs, I am afraid that even the emperor will not be able to keep your slave. I am worried that General Xiao will find you in the imperial house.
The fear behind is purely unnecessary and far-fetched
But Shen Suer heard confused confused many doubts did not lift.
It seems to be getting a little white gradually.
Is it because of this that Xiao’s Qing Jun side is designed to lead Mu Jing to Hancheng for assassination? Qing Jun side is even clear of a monarch.
Manager Chen continued
Tell me what the slave has said.
When Shen Suer’s eyes are cold, he said, "Peace is peace, and Qingjun’s side is Qingjun’s side." This thing is also worth keeping.
No, it’s not the empress dowager. That’s because the old master doesn’t allow my slave to talk nonsense about a little Xiao’s family affairs, and he can’t talk nonsense, which will kill my slave. Do you dare to say that my slave is hanging on this remnant? Manager Chen is crying bitterly.
If he is acting, he can also win an Oscar. Section 948 Xiao family special Xiao family 8
Hum Shen Suer’s cold hum. Do you play with Ai Jia as a child? Did Xiao Jia’s Taiping Order put the emperor on death row a few years ago and almost destroyed the three clans?
I don’t know about this slave, but I also found a chance to ask the old master once. He said that the peace order on the Qing side was a day’s peace order, not a Xiao family’s life. At that time, he was not surprised that Manager Chen said intermittently and quietly looked up at Shen Suer’s reaction.
Shen Suer frowned, even if the Xiao family was too lenient, Mu Jing was not something they should directly assassinate. Hum, the most common way is not to move to the court and let the civil and military officials decide.
No, there must be something wrong with it
This question can really be answered by the Xiao family.
Now it’s not that I haven’t learned less about the Qing Jun side peace order.
This matter has to be checked in the Tibetan Pavilion at some time.
Manager Chen, why did you hide this profit for so long since the old master?
This queen mother can be white if you think about it carefully.
No, Ai Jia wants to hear what you say. Remember, if you can’t satisfy Ai Jia, your head will hum, and she will laugh coldly and sigh a little, which means nothing.
Manager Chen gasped and shivered in front of her, which is not the same as that in front of the emperor. She said that killing is killing slaves by herself. I know that the Xiao family has never been peaceful in front of outsiders, and generations have always been cautious, and it is also tacit.
If the empress dowager is brilliant, it is also a potential threat to the king. A little carelessness will also bring disaster to the expansion. In fact, the case of Xiao Guifei is in the hearts of the old ministers. Many people are doomed to Xiao’s family. Suddenly, it surprised many people
Oh, is that so? It’s also a bit of a way. Section 949 Xiao family special Xiao family 9
Oh, is that so? It’s also a bit of a way. Shen Suer faintly gathered his eyes and Mujing knew about the Xiao family at that time. Just now you said that the younger generation didn’t seem to know about the Xiao family.
Including an emperor? She suspected that it was Mu Jing.
I don’t know manager Chen, and I dare not talk nonsense.
Guess in your mind?
Slave guess don’t come to manager Chen prone to dare not get up and dare not touch the body bones are falling apart, especially the back of the ass is bloody. He didn’t say that fake Mujing mind is unpredictable. Do you know if he really guessed that he didn’t come? Although he also felt that it was more likely to change Mujing sex, after all, if he really knew it, he still let the Shaw clan go.
I don’t think you want to guess.
What else does Shen Suer want to say?
At this time, there was a little commotion at the gate of the courtyard.
Chen Shoujin came to report that the old master had come.
Shen Suer sink a smile Qingjun side, peace makes her not afraid of living and dying. Isn’t that one thing? She is in politics, so what? Is politics ruined by her? That thing doesn’t make sense.
If we blindly follow the precedent of our ancestors, we should say that her old grandfather should die early, so don’t make a fool of yourself and chill the hearts of the world.
However, there are many grievances in the world.
The imperial family is even more numerous.
Shen Suer didn’t get dizzy to admit it.
Pay attention to evidence in everything.
At this time, the old man with pale temples lifted the imperial secretary’s soft sedan chair and slowly helped it.
He slowly let people hold to Shen Suer.
Shen Suer also looked at him carefully. It seems that it was four years ago when she was still talking to their Xiao family in the hall. After several years, the older the old man gets, the more sick he looks. But it’s really hard for him to live for another year.