I think so.

Then come on. Franz said verbally that it was him. That’s right.
What did you say?
Nothing. Nothing. Tell me what you’re doing here.
I’m imagining an amazing little plan.
You know it’s impossible to get a carriage.
I think we’ve tried everything, or a fight.
Well, I have a wonderful idea
Franz cast a glance at Albert as if he didn’t quite believe his imaginary suggestion.
My good man Albert said that you just stared at me, which probably meant that I should give you a satisfactory answer.
If your plan is true, I must be satisfied with it openly if you say it is so clever.
Okay, so listen
I’m listening.
You don’t even have to talk about getting a carriage, do you?
I think so.
not bad
But we can probably get an ox cart.
A pair of cows
Then you agree that I am a good man, and we can easily handle a cow cart and a pair of cows. That cow cart must be decorated with fun, but you and I are both wearing Naples peasant clothes and Leo Polobott’s famous painting posture. What an amazing picture that will be made now. It would be even more exciting if the countess would take part in making her dress up as a peasant woman from Beaujolie or Soren. Then our team would be perfect, especially because the countess is beautiful enough to be a goddess of education.
Harfranz said, this time, Albert Hall, I have to pay tribute to you. You have really thought of a wonderful idea.
But also very rich in the flavor of the old country, replied Albert triumphantly
Just borrow a holiday mask of our country. Haha, Roman lords, you can’t find horses and chariots in your begging city, but we unfortunate strangers, like many people in Naples, run with our heels behind your ass. Great, we will make innovations.
You haven’t told anyone about your proud idea.
I told our store that when I got home, I would send someone for him to explain my meaning to him. He assured me that it was the easiest thing. I asked him to plate the horn with gold, but he said it would take two days if it didn’t come. Look at this extravagant little decoration, we can give up.
Where is he now?
Our store
Go and find us clothes. It will be too late until it is too late.
Then he can give us an answer tonight.
Oh, I’m waiting for him all the time
At this moment, the door opened, and the boss Pastrini probed in. Can you come in? He asked.
Of course, of course, said Franz loudly
Hello, Albert asked eagerly. Have you found the cow I asked for?
Better than that, replied Signor Pastrini with a very full air.
Be careful. Albert, my respected shopkeeper, says it’s okay, but it’s a good enemy
My lords, please leave it to me. Signor Pastrini replied in a tone of limited letter.
What on earth have you accomplished? asked Franz.
Two adults know that the hotel owner replied proudly, the count of Monte Cristo, you live on this floor.
I think we know what Albert said. That’s why we were put into this small room, like two poor students living in a small alley in Paris.
Uh-oh, the Count of Monte Cristo heard that it is so difficult for you to send me to tell you that you can take his carriage and prepare two seats for you in his appointed window of the Rospo Palace.
Albert Franz looked at each other, but do you want Albert to ask, can we accept such an invitation from a complete stranger?
What kind of person is this Count of Monte Cristo? Franz asked the shopkeeper.
I’m not sure whether a very great nobleman is Maltese or sicilian, but I know that he is really the gold mine of Houfubi, the king of Guijia.
In my opinion, Franz said to Albert that this man really deserves a high compliment to our store, and he will invite us in another way. He can’t be so rude and tell us that he should write a letter or
At this moment, there was a knock at the door, Franz said, and there was a servant at the door. He was dressed in an unusual elegance. He handed two business cards to the hotel owner, who handed them to two young people. He said that the Count of Monte Cristo Pavilion greeted Al Bermar, the Count of Seve Pavilion, and Franz Ipinay Pavilion. The servant continued that the two gentlemen allowed him to visit him as neighbors in the morning and wanted to know when they would be happy to meet him.
What a coincidence, whispered Franz Albert. Now it’s time to strike