Obviously, Chu Fei-yuan didn’t throw her a trash can with a trace of humanity, but he washed it for her last night. Although it was aired all night, it didn’t dry, and it was still a little damp.

Chu Fei was far away with a hair dryer to blow her Song Anqiao’s face was dripping with blood. The whole person was muffled in the quilt and said angrily, "Mr. Chu, please hurry up. I’m starving …"
She’s really hungry
I don’t know if I feel hungry for the first time in six months because I saw him
Her stomach kept growling, and Chu Fei heard it clearly, and her dark eyes looked at her hiding in a ball.
For the first time in more than half a year, Chu Feiyuan felt comfortable, which seemed to be the cause of long-term accumulation of old age. She was cured in an instant and released with the word "comfortable"
He knows that their problem has not been solved, but this moment is not important.
What is she hiding? What did she leave? He needs to know that she has come back to him now, so he won’t force her. Be patient and don’t worry. When she thinks about it one by one, she will explain it to him carefully.
Ten minutes later, Song Anqiao changed Chu Feiyuan’s shirt and suit pants.
She walked out of the bedroom and shook her sleeves in front of Chu Feiyuan. The sleeves were so big that she could wear them out to sing in an opera.
Chu Fei’s eyes were heavy, and his eyes glanced at her and sank.
"Of course I want to roll it. I’m protesting to you." Song Anqiao rolled his shirt sleeves while talking. "You threw away my dress and you have to compensate me."
Chu Feiyuan put the soup bowl on the table and turned to look at her. "I’ll buy you anything you want, but forget about the dress like yesterday."
"What?" Song anqiao cocked his head and looked at him puzzled.
This aristocratic dress is very slim and sets off a woman’s temperament. It’s just a little waist-tightening.
"Don’t you feel sad?" ChuFei far looked at her slow mouth.
Song Anqiao slightly leng turned out to be worried about her panic. In this case, Song Anqiao Tantan hand mumbled, "I won’t let you lose."
Sure enough, this world is far from Chu Fei and I love her the most.
Song Anqiao rolled up his shirt and rolled up his trouser legs. When she was bending down to roll up, Chu Fei had already rolled her up before her. wait for a while looked at the crouching man and his eyes were sour and uncomfortable.
Her little hand involuntarily stretched out and touched Chufei’s hair, and Chufei’s body froze for an instant, and her face slowly raised and lowered her eyes, and she looked at each other.
Song anqiao’s eyes are a little red and he looks thin. He can’t help but caress his face and slowly slide along the outline of his face to him and gently say, "Mr. Chu is so happy to be your wife."
Chu Fei looked at her from a distance and seemed to be dull for a moment. He bowed his head and quickly rolled up his trouser legs for her, then got up and hugged her waist tightly with a rotating body.
Song anqiao was stunned. She didn’t know what was going on, so he kissed her.
"Uh-huh …"
Song anqiao was in a panic.
He kissed too eagerly, and she didn’t kiss for half a year, so she was a little uncomfortable.
When kissing in a daze, Song Anqiao stepped on his foot in slippers. Chu Feiyuan couldn’t feel Song Anqiao’s good grip on his waist and flesh. Chu Feiyuan finally let her go.
Song Anqiao’s lips were red and swollen and glared at him. "Mr. Chu, do you want to starve to death? If you want to starve to death, I will say so."
She’s hungry. Can we eat first?
Chu Fei’s eyes were heavy, and she raised her hand to pinch her face. She was so thin that she had no previous sensuality. Her heart suddenly hurt. "I will raise you back when you come back."
Song anqiao’s heart was melting when she listened, but she snorted, "I don’t know you."
Chufei’s face turned black for an inch, and he didn’t care about her and dragged her to the table for breakfast.
Seeing her eating too fast, Chu Fei frowned "eat slowly"
Song anqiao’s mouth is full. Eat and drink a mouthful of porridge. "Mr. Chu, I heard that you have a lovely daughter. Can you show me?"
She misses her daughter and everyone.
Chu Feiyuan raised his eyebrows and choked her with her words. "I don’t know you, my daughter doesn’t see strangers."
Song anqiao chewed chopsticks in his mouth. "Didn’t you say I look like your wife?"
"Then what?"
"I can pretend to be your wife," said Song Anqiao seriously.
Chufei’s face sank and he was going to be grieved by her.
After breakfast, Chu Fei brushed the bowl, and Song Anqiao pestered him and shook his arm. "Let me see, let me meet her …"
"Then what?" Chu Fei wiped the bracelet over her waist and put her on her forehead by the pool. Her forehead looked at her with a heavy eye. "Are you going to leave me again when you see her?"
Song anqiao looked at his deep eyes and held his breath.
Section 262
all of a sudden
Chu Fei is out of control. Bow your head and aim your thin lips at her lips. When you want to kiss again, Song Anqiao says, "Chu Fei is far away. You can’t kiss me."
"What?" Chu Fei is at a loss.
Song Anqiao held her breath slowly and her accent was very weak. "I’m sick."
Chufei heard that Zhang Jun’s face was stiff for an instant, and his eyes flashed with shock.