Twenty iron hoofs roaring around five lines of smoke and dust gradually merged into a dragon rolling forward.

Tinkling and fighting continues.
Zhao Yang couldn’t help feeling "a lot of ducks" because of the surging head in front of him, neck elongation and concentration.
In front, four demons are besieging an old man in white. The hands of the old man in white seem to be chained fiercely. The chain is like a black dragon, but it will take four weapons and throw them to the ground in a moment.
The old man in white laughed at the sky. "Ha, ha, ha. I’ll spare your life when you four make moves. Get out!"
"Thank you for showing mercy to the right."
Four Christians were ashamed and didn’t even pick up weapons. In the magic godbrothers who watched the war, they even burst into applause.
"Is there anyone else who wants to learn from someone?" The old man in white suddenly roared and the echo continued.
Ya di!
Zhao Yang is cursing!
It’s obvious that he was profited by others. It’s no use thinking about it. It must be Yingying, the ghost bitch!
In the original work, Xiang Wentian can escape, but he also has clever hands and feet. Otherwise, it is like a prison. How can a prisoner break out?
If there is a secret passage, then Ling Huchong and others will have to modify the wooden cliff?
Even if your clever plan is amazing, it will be as useless as your lack of strength!
In Dong Fangbubai, it is estimated that the strength of the East’s small defeat and the painstaking efforts of Yingying is not great, otherwise Xiang Wentian would not be trapped here.
Damn it, the bitch tried to make Xiang Wentian escape because of the conflict between my demons and religions?
I don’t like Yingying Zhao Yang. It’s terrible for a woman to think about it.
I don’t like Xiang Wentian and Zhao Yang either. Ling Huchong helped him a lot. As a result, he abandoned the chess game casually. Later, Ling Huchong got out of trouble by himself. It is still unknown whether Xiang Wentian can remember this name. Maybe our bank will leave after recovering the black and white people, leaving Ling Huchong to cry and sigh in the corner of the black prison and then starve to death.
Zhao Yang, who is even less fond of our bank, is an old man with arrogance, ignorance, brain damage and polio!
Although Dong Fangbubai is a transvestite, it’s different if he doesn’t dominate the Jianghu and dream of being a Wulin emperor. He just got out of prison and wanted to restore it. It’s just that the restoration was successful. It was ungrateful to wipe out Huashan, swallow Wuyue and crush Shaolin.
The question is, what should Zhao Yang do now?
No matter which choice is full of risks, it is also full of opportunities.
Chapter 43 【 broken 】
Hengshan Zhao Yang! "
I don’t know who recognized Zhao Yang and shouted a bomb in the crowd. It was so noisy that everyone squeezed their heads and moved closer to Zhao Yang.
Zhao Yang is now famous!
Destroying the anti-magic teaching in Songshan has made a splash; Fighting Shaolin and defeating Wudang is even more arrogant.
Dong Fangbubai is the only one who can stand up to Zhao Yang if there is something good going on.
Although the magic religion scoffed at this statement, it also admitted from the bottom of my heart that it was reasonable.
Chongling is the head of Wudang, and Chongxu is the abbot of Shaolin. The skill difference between them is not too far, even if they are not as good as their brothers. But they jointly heard that they insisted on more than a dozen moves in Zhao Yang.
Shaolin Ten Arhats, Wudang Zhenwu, and Seven Sectional Arrays were also broken by Zhao Yang.
The array of Shaolin Ten Lohan Venerable was broken by Zhao Yang’s disciple Lin Ping. Wouldn’t Zhao Yang be better?
Everyone in Dong Fangbubai believes that he is the best player in the world, but the question is who can see Dong Fangbubai’s face? Who has seen Dong Fangbubai?
Zhao Yang is different from this living master, but it is just around the corner!
Xiang Wentian?
Fuck him. Look at what Zhao Yang looks like first, and then brag that I played against Zhao Yang!
Head of Hengshan?
Xiang Wentian’s eyes lit up and his expression changed. "Aren’t you afraid that you dare to travel openly here, Zhao Yang?"
Xiang Wentian’s words made the magic brother’s heart cold. Oh, my God, this Zhao Yang is our enemy. I, I am so close, aren’t I dying?
Zhao Yang rode forward with a cold hum. "Xiang Wentian is now in turmoil in China, and the pirates are invading the sea. All the heroes don’t fight against the pirates. Before you, everyone is as ashamed of their own family as you are."
Xiang Wentian was angry to death by Zhao Yang’s words, and some enemies have seen more about it. What’s the point?
"Knowing that children waste their breath" Xiang Wentian’s face would be.
"Old disrespectful angry generation" Zhao Yang mouth and tide wait for no man.
Xiang Wentian didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to say anything. He waved the chain and threw himself at the black chain. The piercing whine was like a black flash.
Zhao Yang cold hum a sit tight without starting work whip bounced up to the top of the chain.
The whip and the chain hit each other with a crisp sound, and then the chain reflected back faster.
Xiang Wentian didn’t expect Zhao Yang’s strength to be so strong that it was bounced back, and the chain hit his chest and throat, and he spit out one mouthful blood and rolled back. The chain conveniently wrapped Xiang Wentian’s neck and made his pupils turn white.