Chapter three hundred The Temple of the Immortals

Even if Chen Shaobai again how slow the three ri Lin Wei inseparable also let him white each other’s mind.
However, the girl did help him in many ways and helped him solve many complicated things. On the day before the end of the first auction, he could be confused with nothing.
The first auction of Yuan World, which was hosted by Ri’s father, was finally officially called.
The location is still in Fuxian Island, which is located in the southeast.
There are tens of thousands of rooms and courtyards scattered all over the plains and hills of Fiona Fang, and they are full of fairy sounds and aura all the year round.
Just taking a breath here will make people feel refreshed. For monks, it is even more beneficial for Shu Tai to live here all the year round.
However, the vast majority of people in the world of hūn Autumn Rehabilitation Institute are destined to enter this place.
The first auction of the day did give many monks a chance-of course, the monks who are rich in Lingshi.
You know, the tickets for this auction are less than 10,000 pieces of lingshi, and the counting unit doesn’t say that beginners who have practiced their first place, even if they step into the secret realm of quenching gas, the monks are a little shy and can’t save enough money for 10,000 pieces of lingshi.
But these are all out of the question for Chen Shaobai. What he cares about is going to a "meeting" next.
It’s a meeting, not an auction
For the vast majority of monks, all the natural materials and treasures they care about will be presented and delivered one by one today, but for those with higher status, it will be a long time before the real "the first auction of the day" will really be exhibited in Vivi Lin, leading Chen Shaobai to cross the winding path, the bright avenue, the beautiful and meaningful lotus pond and the Ma Benteng Plain to his destination.
Today’s Ri auction can be regarded as taking out stomach dishes before dinner. Some things are "secret silver", which may be very attractive to monks who have just entered the quenching gas realm, but it is lack of attraction to the training environment.
What they really expect is to start the drama again.
You make a determined effort to fight bravely. I don’t know which one is higher or stronger.
"Sky fairy spring, dry Kun Jasper Dan, Wan Liu? Such things can be bought by Lingshi here? "
In all kinds of wonderful environments, there are different auction houses, and Chen Shaobai has consciously gained a lot of knowledge and a little emotion.
Imagine that these natural resources and treasures were black and eaten by Wan Li, and Chen Shaobai was somewhat embarrassed.
It’s hard to figure out the changes in the world when it was rare and precious, but now it’s hard to figure out.
"Chen Gong, here we are."
Vivi Lin still looks like a innocent girl, saying that her voice is crisp and weak but she is not too deliberately close.
From this point of view, this core female practitioner of Star Island is not like those flatterers who know how to curry favor with their own beauty resources.
Chen Shaobai nodded slightly and found that there was a misty white fog in front of their eyes, but nothing else.
He slowly turned his attention to mana circulation, and the pupil was suddenly rendered into a pure purple. The edge of Se Ze was coated with a layer of Jin Hui, who suddenly felt that a wide white fog was dissipating a lot.
Heaven and earth suddenly changed.
Appear in front of Chen Shaobai is a treasure city carved by deep blue Se gems.
Here, Ling Hua is full of jewels, and it seems that there are many swordsmen, immortals, royal swords flying in its vertical and horizontal directions. These are all self-possessed, extraordinary in appearance and elegant in temperament, which makes people feel ashamed.
A pure white Se lustre attracts light from Baocheng to form a sky-high stage, and the aroma of this stage is fascinating.
If ordinary monks come here to see this wonderful fantasy scene, they are afraid to rush into it, but when they see it, Chen Shaobai chuckles and doesn’t take it lightly.
"The person who strayed into the triple dreamland was enchanted by the fragrance and fell asleep after being imprisoned by mana, qi and blood."
"hūn Qiu is really willing to pay attention to it. If I were not afraid of my famous world, I would have to plan now, right?"
See Chen Shaobai stupefied looking at the front wordless Lin Wei a pair of Yu words and check appearance seems to want to speak wake up again in scruples.
"Unless the person who has never held the token outside the fairyland avatar comes here, he will be confused by the environment and fall into a deep sleep. Master asked me to bring Chen Gong here without giving him a password for the entry token. What on earth?"
Wandering in my heart, hesitating and hesitating for two or three breaths, Vivi Lin firmly came to her lips and was ready to say something.
Feeling the emotional changes of people around me, Chen Shaobai smiled and shook his hand slightly. "I know how can the environment be difficult for me?"
Are these environments just the initial luck of hūn Qiu to God’s national strength, or how can he be trapped by learning superficial tricks from him?
Say Chen Shaobai running god national strength guard step into the sky light.
A metaphysical force derived from around seems to want to invade his mind and let him fall into a long lethargy. Clearly capture this force and will to Chen Shaobai with one hand and the other hand, and refer to the sword as a gentle hook forward.
Sapphire floating fairy city was destroyed, and a simple but elegant Shangqiu villa appeared in front of him.
The world around us has become dark, and there seems to be a dim path leading to the unknown distance without any barefoot.
This is a pass to test the mental fortitude of the entrants.
Chen Shaobai turned a blind eye and walked slowly into it.
In this dark road, there is no sound, no light, and when all foreign news is cut off, it seems that everything is still, which makes people feel like years.
But for Chen Shaobai, which has broken the mystery of Y and N caves, this little test can be solved without hanging on your heart, as simple as eating and drinking water.
After half a quarter of an hour, I came to a mountain star to send the front.
This mountain star seems simple and crude, but it breeds the mystery of poverty and dryness. Only those who have a body and a mind can barely get a glimpse of it. Only those who want to see through the mystery may have great magical powers in the Kingdom of God.
"Tearing instant Wan Li, although I have condensed the life world, is still slightly inferior to the strong in the fairyland …"
When Chen Shaobai carefully studied the mystery of seeing off the array, Vivi Lin had unconsciously come behind him.
Although it’s been a while, Lin Wei’s heart is still in turmoil for a long time, and she can’t calm down and be shocked.
Even if the great avatar of the fairyland wants to enter this "Hall of the Immortals", it is not the dharma, Daoism, Taoism, and the cat will do its best to finally detect a flaw in entry.
And Chen Shaobai?
Step by step, step by step, light up the sword, and all the illusion and vanity will dissipate and annihilate, which is as simple as taking a gentle breath.
But what does such a move mean? Vivi Lin feels that he can see it if he is not stupid.
The master of Star Island, her great avatar, hūn, spent a whole month sleepless in autumn to arrange the array, and even a face-to-face meeting could not resist the young people in front of her?
At this moment, Chen Shaobai’s figure is magnified endlessly in her heart, and the mystery makes people want to spy out the truth.
Vivi Lin, who has not been tested by the world, still doesn’t know that when a female practitioner is curious about different things, she loves each other.
A little affection in my heart has undergone a wonderful transformation unconsciously, but Chen Shaobai’s mystery makes Vivi Lin afraid to approach them easily. They kept their distance and entered the farewell party side by side until they really set foot in the hall of immortals and never said a word.