Like the epiphany before breaking the chaotic gas wall, Qing Ye entered a ghost state.

Various laws of the HarmonyOS world, the metaphysical Pangu world, and the scenes that prove the Tao emerge in this mystery, and then blend with each other and evolve, while Qing Ye’s soul keeps rising and becoming empty.
I don’t know how long it took, but it seems that a moment has passed for hundreds of millions of years. When Qing Ye’s soul rose to Dharma and then rose, it suddenly "boomed"-Qing Ye felt that the vast world had changed, as if everything was in Qing Ye’s hands.
Twelve ancestral witches’ doppelgangers have merged together. After the integration, Qing Ye is like Pangu, and thirty-six violets have also turned into a seal, which appears on Qing Ye’s forehead, and the eyes are closed together. Thirty-six violets are in charge of preventing heaven and punishing the eyes.
When Qing Ye opened his eyes, the sky descended with colorful red light and colorful rain, and the dragon swam away, wrapped Qing Ye in yellow gas and colorful red light, and then disappeared into the Qing Ye body.
Calm was restored after a long time.
"Is this the feeling and strength of being in harmony?" Qing Ye felt that heaven and earth were not enlightened by the Tao, and before he spoke in Pangu world, he proved that the mixed sage reached the mixed sage’s soul, and the mixed sage reached the mixed sage’s soul. With the help of the power of heaven, Qing Ye now achieved the mixed sage’s mixed sage’s soul in HarmonyOS, which is the idea of heaven to truly control heaven and earth and dominate punishment.
In this heaven, Qing Ye is heaven.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-three Qing Ye HeDao wei
Qing Ye secretly shouted in his heart that he had been pursuing his goal for hundreds of millions of years, but there was not much joy in realizing Qing Ye today. Think about how many years, step by step, from chaos in HarmonyOS to pick Jinxian, then to quasi-saint and then to prove the Tao, and then he was suppressed by heaven and rebuilt. Step by step, he has achieved mixed success in HarmonyOS and Qing Ye.
Some secrets that were not known before were also seen white after he joined the road.
Sorrow, joy, wind, light clouds, light sky and earth, one side of the universe is in the chest. Qing Ye came to her senses from the feeling of joining the way and then looked to one side, only to find that Nu Wa was still sitting there with a clear cloud on her head and a bright light around her.
Qing Ye choke refers to a calculate immediately and then stood by and waited.
It didn’t take long for the heavens and the earth to shake suddenly, and the colorful flowers and rain poured in one after another, and the husband and wife flew down the road, and colorful brilliance and mysterious yellow gas enveloped the female Juan and then disappeared into the female breast.
However, after Qing Ye, the prostitute realized that the heavenly heart and the fruit contained the law of heaven, and then proved that it was a sage of mixed yuan. However, Qing Ye could see that the female milk was stuck in the peak of mixed yuan’s Luo territory, and there was no way to achieve mixed yuan’s HarmonyOS territory.
Tianxin Daoguo took the opportunity for female prostitutes to sanctify their previous lives, and these achievements, "Everything’s Tactics", will be achieved again. However, it is much better to make people and make them holy than before Pangu.
Hedao Nuwa is the first person. The former Nuwa mixed up the Yuan Dynasty, but now it has surpassed Sanqing to rank at the forefront.
The two men have successively achieved the goal of mixing the saints in Yuan Dynasty, and thousands of people living in this world are worshipping in Tianxin Valley.
Prostitutes received colorful Guanghua and Xuan Huang qi, and then got up and looked at the side. Qing Ye felt that Qing Ye felt a sense of pressure from heaven and earth. Prostitutes couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised at her present state. She naturally knew that she was now at the peak of mixed yuan and Luo Jing, but there was still a feeling of looking up at the mountains in front of Qing Ye.
"Husband is you?" Female milk surprise asked.
Qing Ye nodded and laughed. "Yang Mei’s words proved to be true." The female hinder a happy smile in her heart. "When you got Yang Mei’s advice, now you owe Yang Mei a great favor. We’ll go back and thank others then."
Qing Ye laughed. "That’s natural." Speaking of which, Qing Ye looked at the fairy lotus in the center of the small lake and saw that nine branches of the fairy lotus were already bare after nine fruits matured. There was a faint ray of light around Qing Ye’s eyes, and he saw that day’s subtle roads gathered from everywhere to the fairy lotus.
It seems that the fairy lotus is reunited with nine sources, trying to bear fruit again, but when it bears fruit, it will be years, maybe ten thousand yuan meetings, maybe ten million yuan meetings.
The prostitute followed Qing Ye’s eyes and looked at the center of the lake. Xianlian also sighed, "This time, we also owe it to the heavenly heart, otherwise we don’t know the year and month before we can rebuild the realm of mixed saints."
Qing Ye shook his head and said, "God’s will suits us so well, but it is impossible for others to understand the law of heaven and earth avenue inside."
What Qing Ye and Fu Juan can understand from the heavenly heart is that the law of heaven and earth avenue is contained in it, because the former two have proved that the realm of Tao is not comparable to that of others, otherwise Qing Ye would not be able to join hands.
After joining hands, Qing Ye and Nu Wa stayed in this small valley for a while and then left.
Qing Ye’s knowledge of gods easily covered this world, and the female breasts rode their mounts, yazi and qingluan, respectively, and rose slowly to swim in this world. After that, they didn’t stay any longer and broke the high HarmonyOS and chaotic atmosphere.
Two people achieve mixed yuan sage is not without support defense is not afraid of this tyrannical HarmonyOS, chaotic airflow, especially Qing Ye is a mind to read those HarmonyOS, chaotic airflow and then have to retreat to such means, Nu Wa is not as good as Nu Wa this smile "followed by her husband is much more labor-saving."
After breaking the high HarmonyOS and the chaotic gas layer, the two of them came to the chaotic gas wall again and looked at it again. Qing Ye could not feel the power again. Now, in Qing Ye’s eyes, the chaotic gas wall is different from ordinary people.
"Let’s go," Qing Ye said, and then rode to the chaotic gas wall.
Prostitutes take a clap and sit with Qingluan, followed by quipped, "Look, it’s labor-saving again." Qing Ye winked back and smiled. "Well, you really treat your husband as a bodyguard, and then I’ll punish you when I get back."
Nu Wa, the bodyguard, is ignorant, but Qing Ye said that the regulation of female milk is a province to spit out Qing Ye after listening to it. "It’s not serious to be a monk."
Qing Ye laughed. "So what? I’m still my Qing Ye or Qing Ye. "Speaking of which, Qing Ye had a bad laugh." I’m still your husband. Hey, hey, my wife is my husband’s interest. "Nu Wa patted Qingluan and came straight to catch up.
Qing Ye laughed and then let the yazi run on all fours.
When I crossed the air mixing wall, I didn’t see Ye Qing moving. I pinched a trick and shouted "!" Suddenly, the chaotic gas wall came out like a wall being discharged from the sea.
Qing Ye rode through the wall with Nu Wa.
Soon they passed through the chaotic gas wall and then frolicked all the way and walked slowly for two days before they came out of the cave of death.
Out of the cave of death, the two of them rode their mounts and climbed out of the valley of death, then came all the way to violet city.
They went into the cave of death, crossed the chaotic gas wall, and then went to Tianxin Valley, Tianxin Daoguo, and then to the enlightenment and re-certification of the mixed sage. But after more than a month, they added refining and soul-eating guns. When they came to Qinglian City for about a hundred years, Qinglian City was more complicated and powerful than when they killed Yelv in a hundred years.
Qing Ye and Nu Wa returned to Qinglian City, and Xing Luo and others naturally rejoiced. In the past 100 years, Qing Ye and the prostitute of Xing Luo and others had previously given the elixir help to cultivate quickly. In the middle of the original true fairy, several people had reached the early stage of Taiyi True Fairy, and others also had an overall rise.
Back to violet city, Qing Ye and the prostitute will teach the branch of violet city in the mainland of Dragon God another day to collect stars, etc., to reach the younger brother in the early stage of Taiyi True Immortal, and give the elixir and achievement method again.
Qing Ye and the sacred body of the woman’s milk certificate are so heavy that Xing Luo and others are even more awed.
Is Qing Ye didn’t think that after a hundred years of killing Yelv lightly, the water god’s face, the family of Germany and Italy never sent someone to take revenge. Did they dare not come when they found out that it was killed by Ye Qing?
In the violet palace, Qing Ye reached forward and saw a catty of small water curtain forming a water mirror. In the incredible eyes of Xing Luo and others, the water mirror appeared with the face of the water god, the family of Germany, Italy and Yelv and others.
But Qing Ye didn’t expect this to find out, but he saw several winged angels
In the water mirror, the family of Germany and Italy and the core members of the family of Germany and Italy are accompanying the winged angels to talk from the water mirror to the Qinglian Palace, and everyone can hear clearly. This discovery of other gods and magical powers hundreds of millions of miles away makes Xing Luo and others feel greatly sighed and incredible.
They’ve never heard of such an avatar.
From the water mirror, Qing Ye learned that in recent years, the light gods and the major gods of heaven have United together and pulled up the planes of the major gods. Some large and medium-sized forces have jointly resisted the religious affairs in hell, and the law-mad of the German-Italian family also knows what Ye Qing killed in the dragon kingdom, and even knows what Qing Ye, a German-Italian family in the dragon kingdom, cleared ten thousand years ago.
Although I hate Qing Ye, Yelv is not mindless and reckless. People have been hiding in the water god plane and secretly taking refuge in the light god world to slaughter the brothers and heavenly soldiers in the periphery of some gods.
Looking at the water mirror picture, Qing Ye is happy and sad. Don’t say that Yelv’s lightness is a whole catty of light gods. Now it’s also a matter of interest for Qing Ye to join hands and mix yuan HarmonyOS to kill with one blow.
"Let the dragon nine deep and remote and her them to play with them Qing Ye thought.
I explored the family affairs of the water god, Germany and Italy. Then Qing Ye checked the Heavenly Palace in Hell and saw that the Heavenly Palace was much stronger than it was a hundred years ago. Qing Ye nodded, especially when Qing Ye and Nvnai were very relieved when Ye Tian, a practitioner, had reached Jin Xian for repair.
Prostitutes laughed. "It seems that Tianer has worked hard since we were a hundred years ago, and reached the early stage of Jin Xian. Qing Ye laughed." But you are not in a hurry to praise him. His tail cocked up when he praised him. Finally, Qing Ye found out about the light gods, but it was impossible to find the light dominating Augusta.
Not in the light world? Where did you hide? Qing Ye mused, and then Qing Ye explored several other dominant situations. It was found that when the fate of heaven dominated Orff, Qing Ye and the prostitute could not help but show their surprised faces to see the water mirror coming out of the Orff body from fate.
It turned out that light dominated Augustus! Are Orff, the master of fate, and Augusta, the master of light, the same catty? !
Augusta, the light master of the Archaic Garden in Heaven, walked out of the Orpheus, the master of fate, and the two of them laughed at each other.