Accompanied by Rick’s huge roar and thunderbolt, it was like a knife that fell from the sky in lightning speed, and a knife cut off the iron fist that kept dragging the iron forehead and the dragon king’s huge claws.

The knife potential extends to the earth to split a huge crack ten meters long and I don’t know how many.
Thick plasma spewed into the sky and the huge broken wrist suddenly burst. The high-pressure hose rolled wildly and sprayed thick blood everywhere. Rick was sprayed with plasma all over his face as if he had just taken a warm bath with blood.
With the great cry of the black forest, the severed wrist quickly shrank back.
Smoke slowly drifted from the deep pit where Rick split it, as if to prove that the battle just now was short but shocking and touching.
Rick’s face was pale and his chest fluctuated violently with a big move.
Just now, this record of breaking the moon is one of the three deadly skills of laser scalpel. Because of the lack of laser scalpel, he will break the moon first.
However, the blow also exhausted the physical strength, and it took ten minutes to recover. That is to say, after playing this trick, the knife man will not die. When the strength will be somewhat Zhong Zhen, this is also the main reason why Rick never dared to be on the battlefield.
It’s impossible to estimate the situation of this broken moon. During the siege of Guzil, Rick could kill the 3,000 lion heavy infantry by himself, and it was not worth the precious lives of so many soldiers.
Even the Emperor of Light did not dare to do this trick easily. In order to complete this blow, it is necessary to force the body to exhaust its potential and exceed the speed of sound. It is a great pressure for the knife. It is conceivable that it is wrong for Rick, a perverted physique. I am afraid that no matter how talented he is, he will not escape the fate that his blood vessels can’t help but burst under strong pressure.
However, even if Rick’s physique is good, he is never better than the faint appearance of blood vessels in his face and the aorta in his neck. It is even more frightening to jump and jump.
It took a long time for the blood vessels to regain their shape and slowly fell silent.
Rick’s chest was full of qi and blood, and he felt a sense of fatigue. Wave after wave hit his mind, and it was like a dizzy spell, so he could not help but faint.
A sharp bite on the tip of the tongue made him sober up.
He knew that he could never go back to the monster hidden in the depths of the jungle. Although he was hit hard, his strength was still there. Once he rushed back, it would be unimaginable.
At the thought of this, Rick grasped his luck and tried to recover in the shortest time, even if he recovered half his strength, it was better than waiting for a poke.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Look for yourself
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Look for yourself
The dragon king, who was gripped by the huge claws, finally struggled awkwardly from the broken claws, vomited blood in his mouth, slowly got up, and then walked slowly towards Lake.
Don’t look behind Rick, be on high alert and be hostile. The dragon king slowly lowered his head and stretched out his huge tongue. He gently licked the stinking blood in Rick’s body, and his eyes were moved by a kind of name.
It is grateful to Rick, who gave his life in life and death and saved his life. Before that, Rick was still fighting for his life.
The dragon king, who has always been divided into feuds and feuds, was really moved by Rick’s feat. The previous hatred and smile disappeared and he was replaced by sincere respect and worship
sound of crying in pain or suffering
The giant beast roared, and the Tiefrontal dragons were so excited that they couldn’t believe that Rick actually saved his leader from the monster.
Gratitude, excitement, worship, respect, and several kinds of light emotions are tied together, which makes them roar and express their greatest respect.
Lei Shou, on the other hand, are so proud to hold their thick heads high and cooperate with the Tiefrontal dragons to roar. They are yelling at their leaders and masters to express their respect and worship to mankind like this god. At the same time, a person who can understand the language seems to say to the Tiefrontal dragons, Look, this is the high-tech king of Milla, Rick, worshipping him. He is a miracle of Milla Gaozhen.
Rick is a bitter family, but he knows that the thunderous cohesion blow just now consumed too much strength, and now he dare not move in the ground to speed up the gathering capacity.
He was really afraid that when this key was pressed, the monster suddenly became furious and rushed directly to kill him, which would be in trouble.
I hope that beast will not be so clever when he retreats from difficulties.
Rick wry smile in my mind to say
It’s contrary to the reality, always thinking about the huge contrast, and whatever you are afraid of.
The monster’s crazy roar rang again, and it was cut off one claw end to end, and the claw man was still a weak human being. At the bottom of Milla’s high food chain, it was a shame for it, and it was furious.
With the branches and leaves swaying wildly, the giant trees click click toys are generally broken and thrown away, and the monster with a broken claw finally comes.
Mom, this beast
Rick’s heart is dark and scolds him for bad luck, but the situation is no longer up to him. Behind him is Lei Shou’s iron-fronted dragon group. He retreats. These Taishan beasts who lean on him now will be hurt by the fish in the pool. Besides, it is never his character to retreat when cold feet. The more difficult and dangerous Rick is, the more he touches it face to face.