"Little Sister-in-law" Chu Qiao poked his head out to greet Song Anqiao.

Song Anqiao smiled. Chu Chang came in and looked at his daughter-in-law. I’m sorry. I’ve been restless since I got married for the first Spring Festival. I wonder what she thinks of Chu’s family?
"Mom, please rest. I’m almost wrapped." Song Anqiao knew that Chu’s mother had a fall and stopped her from helping.
"It’s too tired for two people to be busy alone."
Chu mother washed her hands and threw herself into the dumpling bag. Chu Qiao looked at her and shouted to learn.
The family is happy, but there is also a kind of New Year atmosphere.
Hot dishes served dumplings table, and everyone ate with relish. No one bothered Chu Yan.
"Look at how delicious our big Jojo is." The old lady took a bite of dumplings and kept praising Song Anqiao.
"This daughter-in-law of yours is worth marrying." The old lady said to Sun that Chu Feiyuan nodded solemnly and agreed with the old lady.
Song anqiao bowed his head and was very embarrassed. I’m afraid there was something to do on her body, which flashed like gold
The night was deep, and the Chu family went back. Song Anqiao sat in bed and seriously thought about it. According to her sister-in-law, I’m afraid the Spring Festival this year will not let her live.
Suddenly, an idea flashed through Song Anqiao’s mind.
"Chu Fei Yuan"
She called on Chu Feiyuan to brush his teeth and looked at her from the bathroom. "What’s the matter?"
Section 9
"Your aunt is not going to have a good year." Song Anqiao said his thoughts. "Let your parents, grandparents and sisters go to a warm place for the winter."
Chu Fei listened far and wide, and the deep lip angle could not help but be involved. This is a good way.
After the decision, Chu Feiyuan asked Zhuo Wen to book a ticket to send the family to the plane.
Chu Qiao took Song Anqiao hands before the airport "little sister-in-law don’t you go? I’m not fun alone. Would you like to go with me? "
Song Anqiao wanted to comfort Chu Qiao, Chu Fei, and said coldly, "Don’t disturb our husband and wife life and go quickly."
Song Anqiao gave him an oblique look. "Don’t listen to your brother’s nonsense. We can video chat when you get there."
Can’t go? Her mother has gone to Hainan for the winter. She can’t leave her sister alone. What if she suddenly wakes up this time?
What if …
She is always looking forward to a miracle.
On the 30th, the Chu family went abroad for the winter and looked at the plane whizzing overhead. Song Anqiao blinked. It is true that it is not a good way to avoid seeing people, but it gave each other thoughts.
On the way home, Chu Fei took a message far away.
Song anqiao didn’t feel good when he heard it. Parents even gave it to Chu Fei to go and have a look.
Hang up Song Anqiao’s flat mouth "There are too many things"
After another wave of unrest, this year is doomed to be bad.
ChuFei far smile "I’m not going to let ZhuoWen in the past"
"Don’t," Song Anqiao said quickly. "You’d better go and see for yourself. Parents are worried that their children will feel bad."
Chu Fei’s eyes were dark. "Do you know this mood very well?"
"Almost," Song Anqiao nodded, "because I often miss my father. I guess this heart-wrenching mood should be worrying."
Chufei glanced at her without moving. Although she knew her father was not there, she didn’t know why.
"How did your father …" Chu Fei thought far and found a suitable word "how to disappear"
"I don’t know," Song Anqiao lowered his head and sulked. "When I was three or four years old, my dad went out to do something and then disappeared."
"Did you call the police?"
"I didn’t find anyone when I reported it," Song Anqiao recalled with a wry smile. "At that time, my mother took my sister and me to identify the body. Every time I went with my mother, I prayed that it wasn’t my father, but none of them were my father."