So his face became more and more dignified. "No wonder this little arrogance turned out to rely on the sword!"

When I thought about this, Chen Zhong’s eyes flashed a trace of joy. "After killing him, this sword will be mine!"
So Chen Zhong no longer hides his strength and directly sacrifices the sword of J and jīng, who refined his sword and roared, and directly rolled up a half-inch sword.
See each other god se change Chen Shaobai has been secretly brewing counterattack in my heart, but I was taken aback when I saw each other really offering a killing move.
"Gangfeng covers not only the tip of the sword, but also many blades!"
The shape of the sword body determines that most of the swordsmanship is puncture. When a swordsman takes out his sword for the first time, jiǔ is formed at the tip of the sword. As time goes by, the more proficient the swordsmanship is, the more he can bring out the wind at the blade.
If you can bring Gangfeng to the sword ridge further, it will no longer belong to the swordsman category, and you can proudly claim that one swordsman can defend against hundreds of enemies.
In front of Chen Zhong’s arm, the tip of the sword moves in a circle with the shaking of the wrist. It is even more frightening that an ordinary wrist flower is displayed with a broken blade and spewing half an inch of Gangfeng.
Chen Shaobai’s eyes narrowed slightly. He knew that such fencing seemed flashy, but with Gangfeng blessing theory, wherever it was played, it would immediately blow up a big pit with extremely strong destructive power and great coverage, which was almost fatal to people.
The gangfeng brought by waving a long sword is almost the sum of one’s physical strength, while the other’s long sword will be damaged and fly if it is hard to fight, even if the quality of the dream is good.
At this moment of life and death, Chen Shao’s mind flashed when Ri Sun Kai was fighting, and he moved back for two or three feet in a row.
For a swordsman, the distance of two or three feet is almost blink of an eye, but this short distance consumes Chen Zhongjian’s sword potential.
When the Jian Gang reached its peak and declined, Chen Shaobai’s body immediately spun back, and the tip of his dream stabbed out along his chest.
Green red se light flashed across the ground and exploded like thunder.
The skill of transporting swords in Jilei gives ordinary swordsmen great power. Gangfeng collides with each other and annihilates their dreams. They have to smash the sword in Chen Zhong’s hand directly, and even cut his arm in half from the middle. Looking from the side, you can directly see the blood-stained bone marrow in the raw white bone.
"I give up, I give up!"
Chen Zhong brimming with pain and twitching all over gave a shrill call.
Chapter 20 Silver Tung Ice Silk Piano
"Give up?"
Chen Shaobai evenly with blood sword slowly paced near.
Seeing his cold face, Se Chen Zhong’s face, which looked a little pale because of excessive blood loss, immediately turned sallow, and his lips trembled. He only touched a sachet at his waist with his hand. "I don’t have my change. All my money is in this sachet."
It’s not Chen Zhong’s special way, but he’s worried that Chen Shaobai will be angry if he can’t find the money over and over again, and he will kill himself from his heart without regard to the rules-he has seen too many examples of practicing sword for the New Year.
"What a pity"
Secretly, it’s a pity that Chen Shaobai’s eyes swept Chen Zhongshen like a fierce tiger.
After receiving the sachet, he felt quite heavy, but after hitting it, his eyes inadvertently swept away and suddenly he became thirsty. "Twenty-two silver ingots and three hundred and twenty silver tickets for Wanjilou are so rich!"
Chen Zhong’s facial muscles twitched suddenly when he heard the words "pity" and "eunuch", but people had to bow their heads in the eaves, so he gritted his teeth and asked, "Can I go?"
Chen Shaobai’s eye-catching enthusiasm for the fencing that can inspire the wrist flower covering the blade naturally won’t let him go so easily. "It’s very good to play the sword with the wrist flower. What’s the secret of fencing?"
"I’m not in the Chen family’s Tibetan Pavilion." Chen Zhong seems to be so weak that he may faint at any time, but his long-term sword practice has given him a strong body, but he has survived forcefully.
Looking at each other is not like a false expression. Chen Shaobai conveniently put away the sachet. Considering that the other woman’s dress was not searched, Yu returned to the Ritual Pavilion to buy a piano.
"Why do you want to practice sword?"
Chen Mejīngxuan sound like a sword will be noisy noise profile j and ng quasi than to fall into Chen Shaobai’s ears.
Hearing the other party’s questioning, Chen Shaobai was prepared to deal with two sentences at will, but a cynical word that had been recited in previous lives suddenly came to mind.
In line with the status quo, Chen Shaobai immediately gave birth to a sense of resonance, so he held his head high and recited a way
"liger fame by things poor elk who flow? The world has never been strong and weak, even if it is reasonable, it is disconsolate. "
"practicing sword for freedom"
Chen Mengxuan bowed their heads and thoughtfully, but when he saw that Chen Shaobai had a tendency to go, he ignored the aristocratic demeanor and sprang to the urgent way. "More than two months ago, you didn’t know any fencing. How can you be so fierce now? Did you get the sword fairy’s advice? "
Even if there is gas therapy to maintain physical fitness, Chen Shaobai’s sword practice effect in the spare time can be close to that of others for a year, but it is impossible to reach the present level of half-inch sword.
So he shook his head and had some understanding of his progress, so he threw out a false truth that "where there is a will, there is a way."
Chen Shaobai tilted his head to his fiancee and said, "Miao Miao, let’s buy a piano."
Miao language piano at his side to observe it again to make sure that he was not injured after this just nodded weakly to Chen Mengxuan "goodbye".
However, at the moment, Chen Mengxuan is holding his waist sword with blurred eyes and repeatedly chanting the six Chinese characters "Where there is a will, there is a way". It seems that he didn’t hear the little girl’s words.
See the yesterday ri style threatening miss Chen Jiaer lonely appearance Chen Shaobai also didn’t go to tease out interest so took Miao language piano weak bones to small hands pacing to the second floor.
Playing the piano is a learning, and picking the piano is even more a learning. For Chen Shaobai, it is half an hour in the fog.
However, after picking and choosing the Miao language piano, Chen Mengxuan was finally chosen to play the piano at first.
This piano is silvery and bright, about four and a half feet long, giving people an elegant and classical feeling. The strings are blue and bright, like jade. The piano is dark and deep, except for the faint fragrance of the wood, and there is no other miscellaneous smell, which is very refreshing and refreshing.