After the wind heard less, he couldn’t help but look embarrassed and said nothing more. Several other ghosts were also silent.

"Tell you what happened to Wan Mei? You guys can’t run away one by one. Now you have to secretly unite your family to send me some troops. I will also unite my father to send some experts in hell to come here! Remember that Miss Qin’s capture must not be mentioned to the outside world. Tell your clan leaders that they will know how to do it! " Jiang Kun surly to present several ghost repair said
After Zhang Xiaotian entered the restricted area, he carefully rushed to the lair.
The restricted area is not so safe. There may be a powerful spirit beast here at any time, but from the second incident, Zhang Xiaotian knew that it was all arranged by that "king". The "king" didn’t want Ghost Xiu to enter this restricted area, so he should be careful not to be met by that "king". Now he believes that he won’t be so unlucky to meet the powerful spirit beast, Zhang Xiaotian thought.
With the strong inspiration of Fat Boy, every time there is movement, Zhang Xiaotian is far away and finally comes all the way back to his lair.
I have set traps and early warning things that have not been destroyed. It seems that in the past three days, I have not recognized the spirit beast breaking into my lair and inspecting the surrounding situation of my lair. Zhang Xiaotian safely entered the cave.
Seeing the familiar scene in the cave, Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help sighing that there have been too many things in the past three days, especially today, when I was on the verge of life and death, this day really passed like a century.
However, I was still very happy to retaliate against Du Hai-Zhang Xiaotian, especially the depressed expression when Du Hai handed over the bear and bear and pulled out the magic weapon in the middle order. Every time Zhang Xiaotian thought of it, he was very happy. And when he put Qin Wan away, Du Hai’s consternation and panic made Zhang Xiaotian feel a sense of Japanese.
When I think of Zhang Xiaotian, I think of two little bears and Qin Wan who have been in the cage for such a long time. It’s time to suffocate the big bear and bear. And Qin Wan doesn’t know what expression she will have when she comes out. Zhang Xiaotian is looking forward to it.
Zhang Xiaotian took the cage out of the lock, and when he moved his mind, he released Bear and Qin Wan.
After the two bears came out, they came home again and felt very excited. After going out for three days, they were also homesick.
"This … what is this place?" As soon as Qin Wan came out of the cage, she was now in a strange place, and she was puzzled and murmured.
"This is my home!" Zhang Xiaotian said lightly.
"ah? You … why are you here? " Qin Wan looked frightened. She just didn’t notice Zhang Xiaotian behind her. Now she can’t help but feel scared when she hears talking. Zhang Xiaotian, the black kid, impressed her deeply. She clearly remembers that two knives in her neck are very painful! Thought of here, she couldn’t help reaching out and touching her neck. A smooth wound has healed, but she still feels very painful. This is a kind of psychological shadow that is difficult to eliminate.
"This is my home. Why do you think I’m here?" Zhang Xiaotian asked a little funny. He said that he didn’t hate this girl. He didn’t hate it. At that time, he blamed her for treating Fat Boy that way. Now think about it. She was also very worried about Fat Boy when she was injured. Zhang Xiaotian knew that it was impossible to pretend that Fat Boy wanted to kill her. She knew that she didn’t dare to hug Fat Boy and squat down to make out with him. But when Fat Boy was injured, she ignored her own safety and squatted down to see Fat Boy, which proved her heart for Fat Boy.
"Your home? What is this place? " Qin wan a face of panic asked.
"Trial Sen forbidden area!" Zhang Xiaotian said lightly.
"Ah?" Qin Wan opened her mouth wide. She heard others say that the spirit beast in the restricted area is not common sense, and it is easy to encounter powerful spirit beasts. She also heard that Du Cheng sent people to find out the restricted area twice, and most of them were killed and injured. I didn’t expect that I should be here now, but it seems that she could not help but become calm again.
"Hum! What did you forget when you attacked me earlier? Don’t! If you let me go, I’ll forget it with you! Tell you that I am not finished with you! " Qin Wan suddenly became so angry that Zhang Xiaotian was the first to dare to treat her like that. After Qin Wan said that, she pulled out a magic weapon from her body and attacked Zhang Xiaotian. She saw Zhang Xiaotian defend Jiang Kun’s mental attack and knew that he was wearing a protective clothing. She was very clever and chose a magic weapon to attack.
Just now, it suddenly occurred to her that she and the kid in front of her are at the same level, and she is still gold qualified, so she should be much better than the kid in front of her and should not be afraid of him.
Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help smiling bitterly at the sudden change of Qin Wan. I didn’t expect that she actually wanted to compromise with her, but Zhang Xiaotian didn’t answer because Qin Wan’s magic weapon was about to attack. That’s an intermediate magic weapon! It’s terrible to hit the body!
Zhang Xiaotian smiled in the hands of Blackstone to qin wan ribbon magic weapon.
"poof!" Blackstone ribbon magic weapon collision
See the magic ribbon twisted several times in the process and fell to the ground.
After Qin Wan saw it, his face changed and he gritted his teeth. Once again, he took out a small golden sword and shot it at Zhang Xiaotian, which is also a magic weapon in the middle order.
Zhang Xiaotian once again put the Blackstone right to listen to "David Tang". A small metal sword swayed in the middle and fell to the ground.
Chapter ninety Sweat! Is this an insult?
I have to say that Qin Wan’s magic weapon is still a lot. There are three swords and other bells! Small print magic weapon! One is not an intermediate magic weapon, but it is not struck by Zhang Xiao’s dark stone.
Qin Wan’s face is getting redder and redder. Although she has a lot of magic weapons, she can’t help doing this. The Blackstone in Zhang Xiaotian’s hand has hit three or two magic weapons at most, and it has reached the limit. But now it seems that this Blackstone is like a magic weapon that can limit others. Every time it comes out, it will hit one thing. It’s nothing at all.
Watching Qin Wan continue to attack herself with one magic weapon after another seems endless. Zhang Xiaotian’s face changed, so I don’t know how long it will take to knock down her magic weapon. I have to say that this girl’s family is really rich. She listened to Fat Boy with so many magic weapons and said that she still had a treasure coat to stop material attacks. No wonder she dared to try Zhang Xiaotian herself in the trial.
Seeing the black kid’s face change in front of him, Qin Wan’s heart is happy, and Blackstone’s magic weapon function has reached its limit.
Zhang Xiaotian once again struck a magic weapon and cast a seven-star maze step to Qin Wan.
Qin wan saw the black kid suddenly conjure up seven figures in front of him, and he couldn’t help but feel a little panicked and didn’t know which one to play.
For a moment, she felt that the black kid had come to her, and the familiar long knife was put on her shoulder again, and she heard a cold voice, "If you don’t stop, I will be impolite!"
Qin wan one leng hand couldn’t help to stop.
The posture stopped Zhang Xiaotian’s other six figures slowly disappearing beside Qin Wan, and his figure gradually became real.
"It is good to know to stop. You have to recognize your current position! You are our prisoner! " See in front of the girl stopped her crazy move Zhang Xiaotian put a long knife said coldly.
"captive?" Qin Wan couldn’t help feeling dazed after hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s words, but she didn’t make another move. She knew that this black kid could easily control himself. Although he has put a long knife in his hand now, he is still alert to himself. If he does it again now, he will definitely be stopped again.
Even if you want to start work, you have to wait for him to relax. At present, it seems that he didn’t intend to kill himself. She has seen many big scenes in Qin Wan’s heart, and she soon recovered her composure.