Zhou Qihua nodded and said, "Come to the room with me." The girls’ literature on the second floor was updated into Zhou Qihua’s special room for the first time. Zhou Qihua made a pot of tea and put it on the table opposite Sunday. "It caused me a lot of things in Jiangzhou."

On Sunday, I felt ashamed to listen to this tone as if I were a dude who would make trouble. Nai said, "Alas, how can I make trouble if I am so honest? Dad, don’t wronged your son."
Zhou Qihua laughed. "Come on, don’t pretend to be honest in front of dad. In Jiangzhou City, you also caused a lot of trouble to your dad, but you also did a lot of things. By the way, your grandfather and I just talked to me about you. You really joined the alliance to fix the truth."
On Sunday, one leng casually asked, "Dad, you also know about the fix true alliance."
Zhou Qihua said, "The Alliance of Fixing Reality was specially established with the approval of the Central Committee. Apart from those of you who attended the meeting, there are also several people in the Central Committee who know it. However, I am opposed to your participation in the Alliance of Fixing Reality, but since you have already joined as a father, it is hard to say much."
On Sunday, I faintly felt that Zhou Qihua had something to say. It seems that the Fix True Alliance has also hidden many secrets, and this kind of secret Zhou Qihua can’t reveal any information to Sunday under the pressure of confidentiality. "What’s the secret of the Fix True Alliance?"
Zhou Qihua saw Sunday’s meditation and knew that he understood the meaning of the words and smiled. "Don’t think so much, you don’t have to worry so much. When you encounter things, you should have a self-preservation mentality and don’t be arrogant."
On Sunday, I laughed. "Dad, don’t worry, I was the day before. Now I will never grow up to be a teenager."
Zhou Qihua nodded and said, "That’s the best. You still have six days to form a patrol, and if you want to take advantage of this, do you have any plans in mind when you raise the degree of cooperation between these elites to a good level?"
Sunday shook his head and said, "I haven’t decided on a candidate yet, let alone any plans. Well, I won’t worry about this problem."
Zhou Qihua said lightly, "Oh, how can I say this?"
Zhou Tiandao: "After the jungle, I established a deep friendship with them after World War I, and they also regarded me as their only captain in their hearts, and we experienced life and death together, and the degree of mutual cooperation could not be replaced by people."
Zhou Qihua said, "You have been thinking about how to cultivate your own power at an early age, and how to ask people around you to see the place where the forces of Xiuzhen gather and buy a famous mountain."
On Sunday, I was surprised, "Dad, how do you know?" He really told Mu Ting and Guan Feng to go to those places where big families and families gathered to see more than a few famous mountains, and then bought them for Tianzong headquarters in the future.
Sunday thinks these things are very secret, but I didn’t expect to be noticed by Zhou Qihua.
Zhou Qihua grunted, "Is there anything else I don’t know about you? It’s quite ambitious to secretly set up the Tianzong Group and want to set up the Tianzong Group."
On Sunday, I felt ashamed and said, "I’m not kidding."
Zhou Qihua sees that beating Zhou Tianmu has been achieved, but it will hit his initiative, which is the opposite of his original intention
He meant to hope that Sunday could be more secretive and careful when doing these things. After all, how many pairs of eyes are staring at them now? A little carelessness on Sunday will cause others to talk about it. It’s not that I want to dispel Sunday’s initiative. Since Zhou’s brother is ambitious, it’s not to say that Sunday is ambitious.
"Don’t be so depressed," said Dad. "It’s not that you don’t approve of this. I hope you can be careful when you do these things. You may not know that all forces are staring at our family now, but you and Weichen are the key targets. You should pay more attention to your words and deeds."
Zhou Tianbai understood Zhou Qihua’s bitter heart. "Dad, you can rest assured that Tianer knows what to do. I won’t mess around and I won’t let you down."
Zhou Qihua smiled with relief. "That would be the best."
At this time, Mei Xue Hua Yin came from the building. "Your father came to dinner when he finished speaking in the face. Don’t keep the guests waiting for a long time."
Zhou Qihua got up and said, "Let’s go and don’t go to dinner. It’s estimated that your mother will come soon. She is blaming me for occupying her son."
On Sunday, I was surprised and followed Zhou Qihua up the stairs. For the first time in my heart, I felt the warmth of home and the smell of separation.
I chatted with Mei Xuehua very late this Sunday, and everyone else had gone back to their rooms to rest. The two of them were still chatting nonstop in their rooms on Sunday. Finally, I was really tired of watching Mei Xuehua on Sunday, so I advised her to go back to her room and rest quickly, saying that she would take more time to go home to accompany her.
Mei Xuehua went back to her room to sleep.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Major General Rank
The next morning, after breakfast at home on Sunday, don’t pass Mei Xuehua and Zhou Qihua with Xia Lan and kindness, and take a special bus from the National Security Bureau to pick them up.//Remember Baidu Search 23 Literature Network for one second to find it.//
When Zhou Tiangang was about to get into the car, Zhou Qihua stopped him and took a look around. He whispered, "Be careful when you are outside, and don’t rush to the front and learn to protect yourself, okay?"
On Sunday, Zhou Qihua’s words were of great significance, but aside, several NSA people endured it and didn’t ask anything. With a slight smile, "Dad, I know", they got into the car.
The car slowly drove out of the compound on the road. Xia Lan was unhappy on Sunday. Just when he wanted to talk, he saw Sunday secretly winking at himself. The driver seemed to be white. Aha, I closed my eyes and said nothing.
The car soon drove into the area where the forces of fixing the truth gathered, and Fu Yi, the third deputy director of the National Security Bureau, had already waited at the gate until Sunday and others stepped in front of the car and knocked on the door with their own hands. "But I’ve been waiting for you for a long time."
Sunday was a little flattered and hurriedly said, "How dare you help the director to work and give me the car door?"
Fu Yi said, "This should be right. There is a life I forgot to tell you. After high-level discussion by the National Security Bureau Military Commission, it was unanimously decided to award Comrade Sunday the rank of Major General." He stood at attention and gave a standard military salute.
On Sunday, he stood there and murmured, "Director Fu, what’s going on? I have left the National Security Bureau. How can I be awarded the rank of Major General? "
Fu Yi said, "Now is an extraordinary time. It is necessary to adapt to the development of the current situation. Your military literacy and command ability have been affirmed by the military leaders. At the same time, the country has made many contributions. Once you left the National Security Bureau, but your rank remained."
What’s going on at this time of Sunday? It’s not this real rank that is holding him back. He awarded him the rank of major general, but there is no actual position. It is estimated that there is no comment in various services. To put it bluntly, it is just a swing major general.
Sunday sighed and suddenly thought of what Zhou Qihua told him to be careful not to be used as a gun. Maybe this is a strategy in the struggle, but he didn’t show his dissatisfaction. He smiled and said, "Thank you for helping the director to cultivate me. I will do my best."
Fu Yi smiled and walked with him to a training ground with Sunday. This training ground was specially built here by the headquarters of the National Security Bureau. Secondly, any major competitions and assessments will be put here for the daily training of new recruits of the National Security Bureau.
When Sunday and others entered the training ground hall, it was already full of many people. These people were carefully selected from various families and sects, and their younger brothers could be regarded as the elites of the major fix true forces.
On Sunday, all those people’s faces were solemn, and their eyes were flashing. Among them, the lowest level of repair has reached the middle stage of the master, and two or three repairs have reached the early stage of the martial arts.
In today’s science of uniting the world, it’s true to find out so many masters. It’s true that elites from all factions have come together. If twenty people are screened out among them, it will be the most array combination of the whole Chinese nation.
On Sunday, I didn’t expect that the factions of the major fix true forces would send so many elites to be stupid for a while, and then those elite brothers gave him a disdainful expression. They smiled at him with their junior qualifications and were silent.
Fu Yi coughed loudly and shouted, "Everyone quietly called everyone here today because the annual assessment of the National Security Bureau has come, ensuring that this assessment can be successfully exhibited and protecting the safety of the contestants. After we passed the meeting, we will unanimously decide to set up a patrol composed of 20 people to be responsible for maintaining all safety during the assessment period."
A finger on Sunday said, "This man named Sunday is the most dependent on the rank of the third generation Didi of the Zhou family, and Major General is the patrol captain of you."
"I don’t agree." A cold voice interrupted Fu Yi’s words and saw a middle-aged man in his forties slowly coming out of the crowd. He snorted, "I don’t want to weigh my weight even if I dare to lead such a small person."
Fu Yi said crossly, "Don’t mess around in Nangong Day. It is our unanimous decision that you are qualified to doubt your captain’s ability."
The nangongshan day grunted, "I just doubt this feather small ability he with what to lead us? What’s better than us? This world is about strength, not background. Worse, my Nangong family background will not be worse than their Zhou family. "
Sunday smiled faintly and asked, "Oh, who do you think is qualified to take the post of captain?"
"I" Nangong Tian said rudely, "My strength in the theory of heaven in Nangong is that Wu Sheng’s pre-repair and on-site repair are higher than mine. Few people talk about family background. I am the second-generation brother of Nangong family, and I advise you to get out of here, or don’t blame me for being rude."
Sunday came slowly from the rostrum and slowly came to Nangong Tian and asked with a smile, "How do you want to be rude to me?"
Nangong Tian sneered, "I will beat you like a pig head and throw you out from here to climb back to your family."
Sunday said otherwise, "well, I can also tell you that I won’t choose you to join my patrol. I’ll give you a minute and get your horse out of here, or I’ll show it in your body one by one when you spoke to me just now."
"Don’t you dare," said Nangong Tiannu. "What are you? My Nangong family is bigger than you. If you dare to humiliate me, you won’t get out of here today."
On Sunday, if you don’t bully today, it’s hard to make a crowd. The Nangong said coldly, "You still have 30 seconds."
"Fuck you for 30 seconds." The Nangong Day roared and punched out.
"Pa" Sunday reached out and caught the nangongshan day fist cold way "there are twenty seconds"
The nangongshan wrath way "how about my feet" swept out with one foot to sweep out the door on Sunday.
"Whoosh!" Zhou Tianshen suddenly disappeared. As soon as he arrived behind the Southern Communist Party, his right hand backhand grabbed the Nangong Day fist and said coldly, "You are still stubborn for ten seconds, so don’t blame me."
"Fuck your ancestors", Nangong Tiangang just wanted to go back and punch again, and suddenly his eyes took a moment to reach him. Before he could react, "pa" his face was burned with pain and he was slapped hard on Sunday.
Sunday said solemnly, "This palm is to teach you a lesson and then keep your mouth clean."
As soon as the Nangong Tianren was stunned, he reacted and was completely angered and roared, "Don’t you dare to hit me. No one has ever dared to do this to me. I will kill you."
Sunday sneers, "You don’t have this chance." The whole hall is enveloped by Sunday’s firm but gentle generate’s firm but gentle "shua shua" maser, staring at the venue people with sharp, deep firm but gentle cold.