However, Chai Ren entrusted the second time to catch the green daffodils, but it was inspired by me. As you know, Wan Jianzong, the top ten sects, is the enemy. Although it was founded after the great war 200 years ago, it did not participate in the siege of us, but it sent Wan Jianzong, the founder of it. That traitor has a long history! At that time, they were not far away from the Tianshan Sword Sect, and the doubts were very grateful for this policy. "

Listen to Yan Xie’s explanation. There is nothing to say about the clouds. After all, this Jianghu is not a game place. They have already made a punishment. At this time, the position has been changed. It is not good for the clouds. Besides, the clouds are slightly stinging at the thought of becoming frosty.
"I hope Sister Cheng will be happy on that island. If I can get away from this treacherous Jianghu, it’s better to live with Sirong on that desert island than to be laid back here."
Throw away these thoughts and ask the question that was interrupted just now to "Why did your Lord really not know where Master Manglietia was going?"
Thank you with a wry smile. "Xie really failed to stop the patriarch master. Although he is a sword-level martial arts master, his experience and strain are really first-class. Xie Pingsu thinks highly of himself, but he is very impressed that he can escape after fifty moves in the sword-level state. It is unlikely that Xie Pei will cheat the patriarch?"
Before walking, I was worried that my master would fall into the hands of these people, but at this time, I was even more worried when I heard how to thank you.
You know, Xingyun is now the patriarch of Wan Jianzong, Mulian. If they catch him, it will save trouble. If you ask him to give you an order, everything will be solved. But now, as Yan Xie said, "Where did your master go?" The clouds are so dark that "Master Manglietia’s martial arts can escape when she meets a soul-level master, but why didn’t she turn to Qingcheng?"
Xingyun was so sad that he suddenly laughed, "How does the patriarch feel about thanking his sister?"
Jianghu is a big chessboard (Chapter 236)
When I suddenly heard Yan Xie’s words, I didn’t reflect it. "What did you say?"
Yan Xie smiled and repeated that Yun Yun’s face turned red at once. Yan Xie asked Yun Yun so readily, but he was embarrassed to get busy "making my sister look dignified and very good."
Seeing that Xingyun was a little flustered, he smiled and said, "Thank you for asking if the patriarch is agreeable to my sister?"
Clouds see how to thank that smile is very similar to Yan Qinghan, but the thought of Yuan Sirong immediately woke up with some positive colors to "How to make the Lord stop joking and walking in Qingcheng Mountain is already engaged, so that my sister will find someone better than Clouds with such a face and martial arts"
How Xie Wenwen seems a little disappointed and hesitated to say, "That’s thank you abruptly. At this time, at noon, Xie won’t disturb the patriarch. If there is anything to send someone to thank you immediately," he said and hurried.
See how Xie left the clouds, but there is still some confusion. Since the narcissus arrived from Shaolin, it’s a long way to recuperate here after Dengfeng Beppu. She didn’t care about her tenderness on weekdays, but when she knew that she was a woman, Yunyun couldn’t help but feel great.
Dumped their heads and threw away all these thoughts, blaming themselves for thinking so. I’m really sorry that Yuan Sirong, who is far away in Qingcheng Mountain, came back quickly.
A left pocket and a right turn, the clouds actually found the rain and fog pavilion. It seems that the road here is also gradually familiar. Just go in and see Qin Baicheng waiting inside for a long time.
Fortunately, the old man didn’t take the clouds away, but he was going to sit down and have dinner together. With an outsider, the seven women naturally won’t be presumptuous again, and then they left.
Qin Baicheng took a sip of wine, which was specially prepared for Qin Baicheng, and he stopped drinking since he was drunk that time.
Holding a glass and carefully relishing it for a while, Qin Baicheng put a cup and said, "Today, the patriarch is too modest to be true."
Old Qin should wake up the patriarch and say that you are the patriarch. The patriarch is the biggest and most beneficial in this ten thousand swords clan! What you need is to make them awe, not modesty. "
How did the clouds know that Qin Baicheng wanted to say these things? Wanted to think wry smile to "but walking cloud is not that kind of person, others are polite to me, and I will naturally be polite to him. Qin Lao also knows that walking cloud is really not a suzerain material."
Qin Baicheng shook his head to "Patriarch, don’t say that. It’s not a good thing to know that you are too modest. Patriarch, you are too young. Others are listening to you now because of your status as Patriarch. It’s not that you can do it with modesty, but also let them fear from the heart!
Wan Jianzong governs the three patriarchs, but Gao Ke doesn’t intervene in all the affairs on weekdays. Each door is independent, but even so, the patriarch is beneficial to order everyone in this Wan Jianzong.
The day before yesterday, God and Chaomen were independent and restricted each other, but now after that war, the heavenly sword and the Excalibur have been weakened and Chaojianmen is the only one. Now this Wanjianzong is actually the patriarch of Chaojianmen. It is not very good if you are too modest. "
As the clouds listened, their hearts darkened to the point that "Qin came suddenly and told me what this remark meant. What was he implying?"
Qin Baicheng drank another cup of laughter at this time. "Patriarch, one thing you need to remember is that although there are only a few people in the old Qin Excalibur Gate, they are all carefully selected candidates. Patriarch makes Excalibur Gate unique."
Xingyun sat there and thought, "Qin Lao seems to have something in his mouth today. Is it because he wants me to guard against Xiao Shouchen?" On second thought, "I, the patriarch, was elected to Xiao Shouchen by both of them. How could I be redundant?"
I can’t figure it out, but it’s a truth that the clouds are young but white. It’s absolutely impossible for an outsider to suddenly become the patriarch of these people if everyone cares.
"This patriarch is not important. It is necessary to protect my Qingcheng Mountain and find my two masters. Even if they take this position again, what’s the harm?" Clouds in the dark heart to "this ten thousand sword clan patriarch is good but not suitable for me"
A walking cloud is trying to get up in Qin Baicheng, drinking wine in his hand as if remembering something. He said, "I’m too busy these days. I forgot to mention that there is a place in Chaojianmen where the patriarch should often go. That’s Fengjiange. You can’t always go out after you come out of the mountain, can you? How can Wan Jianzong, the patriarch of the land, know Qingcheng Mountain swordsmanship?
So you sometimes go there for a walk. Feng Jiange, a ten thousand sword sect, is one of the most exquisite swordsmanship in the world. wu-tang clan Zhengdao Pavilion and martial arts treasure house in Shaolin Temple were destroyed in the great war 200 years ago, but some of Feng Jiange’s treasures remained, and now they are all in Chaojianmen.
Although Qingcheng swordsmanship is true, the rest of swordsmanship can be more beneficial, and there is also a swordsmanship that is very suitable for you to practice. Only the patriarch of Wan Jianzong can practice swordsmanship. "
Say Qin Baicheng laughed until "Old Qin won’t disturb the patriarch for dinner" and left with a smile.
Qin Baicheng said a lot of walking clouds sitting in a chair and savoring it carefully.
In the sects, the fighting between Li and Xing Yun doesn’t really want to get involved. Firstly, Xing Yun’s personality doesn’t like intrigue. Secondly, it’s really beyond Xing Yun’s present age to see how these old people of Wan Jianzong can participate in the sect with deep roots and long years. Xingyun knows his weight very well.
The only thing that interests Xingyun is the Fengjiange mentioned by Qin Baicheng. If it’s true, if he says it’s a good place, it’s especially a problem that Xingyun should show his face when he’s frustrating himself.
The clouds are so dark that "if you go to Tongren, if your true face appears, isn’t it that you are trapped in Qingcheng Mountain?" It’s easy if it’s easy, but what about martial arts?
Naturally, flying skills can’t make the dragon leap, but now my strength is soaring, even if the ordinary posture is vertical, it’s fast and sword-like. It’s a big deal that the iron sword is the moment when the predecessors seem to be able to make the iron sword without damaging it. Only this swordsmanship can’t be stabbed casually?
It’s okay to make joint fencing, but it’s already your own brand. How can you make it public? But if you don’t want to make the United swordsmanship stab with this Excalibur without swordsmanship, you will also support your opponent by the ground, but Wudang. "
After thinking about these clouds, I feel that it is really necessary to go to Fengjiange, especially that only the patriarch of Wanjianzong can learn swordsmanship, which has a strange attraction to Yunyun.
Chapter 237 Learning new skills in Fengjiange
Double cultivation is the standard of being a master of ten thousand swords. Isn’t this swordsmanship with ten thousand swords a kind of swordsmanship specialized in joint swordsmanship? "Clouds dark to" Wudang Tongren help out and I don’t know how to wait a few days, but it’s always urgent to learn early to be prepared "
After lunch in a hurry, Yunyun found Jianmei and took himself straight to Fengjiange.
There are nine layers of walking clouds in Fengjiange, the highest in Chaojiange. There are two guards around the front door of Fengjiange. When they see that the walking clouds are coming, they all salute, but they block the sword from one of the people outside the door. They apologize to "Fengjiange for asking the patriarch to forgive Wan Jianzong’s official brother."
As soon as Hangyun heard this rule, Jianmei went back first. The guards outside the door were all young people. Seeing Hangyun, the patriarch was younger than himself. Many of them were curious but afraid to talk. Only the young man who had just stopped Jianmei from coming out at this time did he need guidance from his generation when he first came here?
Clouds see this FengJianGe so many layers and I have never been here. Naturally, someone guided me and was about to promise the sound of the moment. "I am familiar with it here."
Clouds and a stare blankly, but since the moment so said that nature is true when with the wave.
When I entered Fengjiange, I asked, "How can my predecessors be familiar with this place?"
A cloud says, "I think that when Wan Jianzong retreated to Anle Valley 200 years ago, his elder roots never came here to see this sword gate, and the scale was not built for a while. At that time, his elder was sealed in Tianshan Mountain. How could he be familiar with it?"
At this moment, the sound seems to be more relaxed than in the past, as if recalling that "although this Fengjiange is newly built, there is no difference before. Look at this appearance and you will know that this is the first floor where ordinary swords are put … Hum"
When I said this, I seemed to be alert. I suddenly stopped and replied to the sound, "Don’t ask these things and go straight to the top. That’s where you came today!"
Clouds will tell some past events in an instant, but they are still dark. "I can’t think of the moment when my predecessors still care about going to things, and that feeling is actually different."
Thought of here touched his broken bridge dark to "my sword soul can also practice to the instantaneous predecessors? If there is such a day, I don’t know that his predecessors can’t get along at the moment. "The clouds are, after all, young minds and thought of here."
Although Fengjian Pavilion is tall, the clouds can travel faster. If we hadn’t looked at every floor, the clouds would have reached the top floor.
There are swords on the first floor to the fifth floor, and there are all kinds of swords. This has opened the eyes of Xingyun to see that those swords are over ten feet small but less than an inch. There are different shapes of straight, curved, hard and soft, and Xingyun couldn’t help thinking to himself, "This ten thousand swords Sect really became the name of ten thousand swords. How many swords do there seem to be in Qingcheng Mountain?" I don’t know if these swords have different methods? "
On the sixth floor, a burst of incense struck and instantly changed the world. There were more than 30,000 or 50,000 swordsmen in the middle school, and they were looking through the clouds and saluting.
Walking cloud at this time, although I really want to go and see it, the top swordsmanship is more attractive to walking cloud.
When we speed up our steps, there are people guarding the top floor, which shows that it is different. It is very different to see the clouds on the top floor of Fengjian Pavilion. There is no frame inside, a chair next to a delicate small table inside, a meditation futon, and besides, it turns out to be something else.
And there is a piece of paperweight with a square hair carved on the table.
Clouds walked past, only to find that the "paper" was actually a thin piece of jade, the size of which was similar to that of a book. On the thin surface, there was a piece of flannelette with jade one-sided engraved with two big words "sword meaning".
Clouds a stare blankly dark to "this is the name of jianfa? Good or weird, is this swordsmanship carved on the jade side? "
Thinking of this, the cloud moved the paperweight to "Since there are those two big characters on the front of this jade piece, it must be on the back?"
Carefully turn this thin piece of jade upside down, hoping to see what’s unique about learning swordsmanship only if it’s the patriarch of Wan Jianzong, but the result is …
There are no words!
The back of the jade piece is warm and smooth, but it is smooth and there are no other words!