Smell Song Anqiao first zheng holding his daughter’s side eyes look slightly stiff.

The sickbed was pale, Jiang He’s cilia trembled, his eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and then he slowly opened his eyes and moved as if he were trying to open his eyes.
"Yes, yes, yes." Song Anqiao’s heart beat a little faster. "Yes, it moved."
Shocking sound
In the mist, Jiang He seemed to hear a familiar sound.
Who is it?
Oh, yes, it’s his sister Song Anjiao.
Open your eyes vigorously and gradually clear your eyes. Two women’s anxious and incredible faces are in your eyes.
"Wake up, wake up …" Zhao Shi wept with joy and tears rolled out of his eyes for more than a month before he finally woke up.
The black pupil is twinkling, and Song Anqiao’s brain is stunned. Her brother wakes up and finally wakes up. He will be like her sister …
Jiang He
Excitement made Song Anqiao say "Jiang He"
And these three words are engraved in her heart, an important relative, her brother.
ChuFei far outside to pick up the words to hear the movement inside eyes sank "so I’ll contact you again"
Hang up the words and walk into the ward. Zhao Shi has been holding the awakening Jiang He and crying again.
After the doctor came to check, his face was very happy, and he also checked Jiang He’s waist to the bone nerve. Jiang He could feel slight pain.
"This is still conscious," the doctor said with excitement. "Paralysis is unlikely."
Jiang Hexing inspired many people, including the police.
Recalling the situation on that day, Jiang Hemei frowned. "At that time, I threw myself at my sister and hugged her to hide. My eyes glanced at the driver. The driver’s eyes were wide open as if …"
Chapter 25 Weird package
Section 162
Jiang He frowned, struggling to recall the day when he caught a glimpse of the driver’s eyes. Where did he seem to have seen them?
"Mr. Jiang didn’t think slowly." The Wang team saw that he had difficulty in thinking and calmed down.
"It seems to be a woman’s eyes," Jiang He said uncertainly. "No, no, not a man’s eyes."
ChuFei far sitting on the sofa with Song Anqiao hands in one hand and dark eyes in the other.
"No, no, not a woman."
"No, it’s a man."
Repeatedly, Jiang He was sure for a while and uncertain for a while. The Wang team patted Jiang He on the shoulder with a sigh and signaled him not to think about it.
In the end, it is still a gain
At noon, Zhuo Wen came to the hospital, and Chu Fei whispered, "General Chu’s family has secretly returned to Italy by private jet three months ago, which should be a family."
The eyes are sharp and the distance between Chu and Fei is cold and heavy. "Where is Shi Youshi?"
"Back to Italy," Zhuo Wen truthfully replied, "Now there are several servants living in the Mid-Levels Villa."
Chu Fei sank his eyes and stroked his watch. "So you secretly sent a few people to Italy to check the recent activities of Shi Jia in Italy."
Zhuo Wen nodded and was ordered to leave the hospital.
Song Anqiao walking has freely reached over ChuFei far "brother, are you finished? Let’s go out for a stroll after work. "
Chu Feiyuan smiled and scratched Song Anqiao’s nose with his long finger, and spoiled "Okay, let’s go for a walk."
Chu Fei pushed the stroller far away, and Song Anqiao took his arm. The family of three went upstairs, and the canna was blooming in the flower bed.
Go to a bench and sit with your daughter’s little rice cake lying in the stroller, clutching at the air with two small hands.
Chufei’s lip angle slightly ticked the line of sight and slowly looked at Song Anqiao’s long arm stretched out around her shoulder. At the end of September, the weather suddenly felt warm like spring at the moment.
It’s very satisfying to have children around her and watch the sunset and the years are quiet.
Song Anqiao relies on his eyes closed in his arms to quietly enjoy this rare leisure time.
When he closes his eyes, the smell of him condenses in the air around him. She thinks that she once hoped for security, that is, she needed that person all the time.
Before she met Chu Fei, she was happy-go-lucky. After she met him, she was safe.
The nurses passing by couldn’t help looking at them. Some people looked envious and whispered, "It looks so happy."
Soon Song Anqiao recovered and before leaving the hospital, she went to see Jiang He again. He was in serious condition and his legs could not get out of bed today.
Even if you love others so much, you are still grateful that he survived from death and thanked him for not abandoning them.
Grandma Jiang He came. The old man had a kind face and silver gray hair. She wore a black hairband and blamed Sun for not telling her earlier.