"Apologize? Do you know how I have been here for three years? Because of you, my parents are all dead. Do you think you killed my parents? "Once the resentment accumulated for many years broke out, it was almost no less than a nuclear bomb explosion. While admiring John, who was curled up in the ground, he even kicked and roared angrily, showing how much resentment he had.

"No, it wasn’t me. I didn’t kill your parents." John didn’t even have the ability to fight back. He hugged his head and defended himself. Of course, he didn’t dare to fight back. There are still so many guns pointing at him around. Once he does something to fight back, he will be shot into a sieve immediately.
After a while, I was tired of admiration, so I stopped panting and looked at the ground. Annie said, "Annie, you come with me."
"I …"
"Why? Do you still want to follow a scum like him? " Anne wanted to say something but was interrupted directly by admiration.
"No, I’m … I’m sorry. I’m sorry." Annie cried. "I’ll go with you. I’ll stay with you for the rest of my life."
"Ahem … Admire this guy. What are you going to do with it?" Qin Shaojie interrupted the conversation and asked.
Yeah, what did he do with it? The accumulated anger has been vented. I once liked the girl and promised to follow me. Do you want to kill him?
Admire and hesitate to hit people, but he doesn’t have the guts to kill them.
"Well, then I’ll make the decision for you." Qin Shaojie saw the admiration and hesitated, turned around and said, "Break his legs and throw them in the street, then let him beg and die."
Chapter 325 Angie’s words
In Qin Shaojie’s aesthetic view, that Annie is not bad-looking, but this means that after wearing makeup, she doesn’t know what she looked like before, but she is getting better and better. According to this law, Qin Shaojie definitely didn’t look good before she recognized her. How can it be so strange that Qin Shaojie admired her? But now this is not what he needs.
With Annie, several people returned to the hotel. In Phoenix, things were handed over to Robert to deal with. Qin Shaojie believed that the mafia was comfortable in handling this matter.
After admiring and having a room alone with Annie, Qin Shaojie was really ready to go back to her room, but her cell phone rang.
"I said Angela how to call me now? Are you also lonely in the middle of the night? " Looking at the phone to show Qin Shaojie pick up words couldn’t help teasing.
Qin Shaojie, the vampire prince, is really not serious, probably because she was a bar buyer when she met her, and she tried to take the lead. Even now Qin Shaojie doesn’t treat her as a vampire prince, so she has no scruples to joke with her like a friend.
"Do you want to die?" Angie said, "I’m not in love. Will a little girl still be lonely?"
I also thought about Qin Shaojie, except Ling Fang. If men and women are older than themselves, many Angie will go out. Although she looks like a girl in her twenties, who knows how long she has lived?
"Are you kidding?" Qin Shaojie smiled and said, "Is there something wrong with you calling so late?"
"Nonsense, of course, there are things. I mean what I say, but if I agree with you, I will definitely agree with you." Angela said, "You are lucky. Don’t you want to see other princes? There is a chance now. "
"ah? Have the opportunity to meet other princes? " Qin Shaojie wondered and asked
"Yes, I just got word from them that there will be a parliament in Manchester tomorrow. If I dare to go there, I’m calling to ask you if you want to go there?" Angel said.
"Parliament? What parliament? "
"Is this still true?" Angie said, "I want to know everything about the heel. It must be a matter of going to China. Although it is no big deal for them to die, they have not completed their plan. This is to blame me."
"Is there something wrong with this group of people?" Qin Shaojie listened to Angie’s words and couldn’t help but scold, "Are they out of their minds or haven’t been sucking blood for a long time?" The plan is that when they come out, they raise their hands and ask you to do it. Now it’s not done, but it’s your fault? "
"Yes, I told you the other day that I joined you because I hated those old guys for a long time," Angie said.
"These bastards are still thinking about going to China. Now it seems that I have to go. I don’t want to give them something to see if they really don’t know how many eyes the horse king has." Qin Shaojie said angrily
"Giggle" Angie suddenly laughed at Qin Shaojie’s words. "I really haven’t seen a few eyes of Lord Ma, but you do have two giggles. You can’t even beat me. Are you ashamed to say that you want to attack those old guys?"
Qin Shaojie is angry. How do you know that I can’t beat you? You die as a prince, that is, the peak level of the meat fairy period. Of course, you have to drink that shit holy blood, that is, the cultivation of the immortal period, but I am not afraid of anyone.
"How do you know that I can’t beat you if I haven’t beaten you?" Qin Shaojie said. "Don’t just try to play a game. Don’t say that I bully women when the time comes. It’s just bullying female vampires."
"Chat" Angela said, "Why should I argue with you on this issue? I’m the first to wake you up. If you are sure you want to go with me, then … giggle when I’m a secret. "Angela suddenly remembered that Qin Shaojie saw her as a secret role when she first met him.
"But you must remember never to start work easily, even if you reveal your identity. Those old guys are not as accommodating as me. If you don’t start work, you can say it in the past, otherwise I can’t stop them from getting angry." Angela woke up again.
"Well, I promise you." Qin Shaojie said that he is not an impulsive person. Even if Angela doesn’t intervene, if she wants to deal with six princes, it is impossible. The main thing is to find out what they are going to China and whether they have a relationship with the mysterious man.
"But if you take me there, won’t they do it if you really reveal your identity?" Qin Shaojie asked
"I don’t know, but if you don’t do something special, you won’t be exposed. Usually my housekeeper, Duke Charles, goes with me, but this time it’s just changed."
"When are you going for nothing?"
"We’re leaving early in the morning," Angie said.
"I’ll come to you on a good day."