The servants at home rushed to Song Anqiao every second to stop pushing her out of the villa.

It’s raining and snowing outside, and there’s water on the ground of the courtyard. Muddy servants push down Song Anqiao’s sister-in-law, regardless. They cling to Yao Xue to prevent her from struggling.
Covered in mud, Song Anqiao got up and collided with her servant, but she was weak and weak and could not resist the five servants’ obstruction.
Pushed to the ground again and again Song Anqiao got up again and again.
On the side, Yao Xue couldn’t help her with a little strength. Her eyes were sour and she couldn’t see Song Anqiao suffering. She let go and Yao Xue Zheng immediately broke free and ran to Song Anqiao.
"Ann Qiao Anqiao, don’t do this." Yao Xuechong rushed to hug her. "Let’s not have children first, okay? Let’s …"
Tears in the eyes flowed out of the eyes. Song Anqiao was groggy and cried in Yao Xue’s arms, "Little rice cake, little rice cake …"
The emergency brake of a car outside the villa screeched.
Rain and snow mixed in the sky, the man came through the snow and came in the rain coldly. Zhang Jun’s face and eyes were cold and awe-inspiring, but it was so sharp, firm and steady, and he walked step by step to the thin figure who was sad and crying.
Yao Xue looked at the people and the line of sight was a little dull. She had seen those charming rich young men in the movie, and it was not too far away.
Chufei walked to the front of Song Anqiao with a long arm and pulled Song Anqiao back to his arms.
The rain and snow were mixed with mud, and she felt bitterly cold.
A warm embrace
A familiar smell
In an instant, the softest place was poked by warmth, and Song Anqiao completely collapsed and lost his tears in his arms.
He didn’t come. Song Anqiao was crying. He came. Song Anqiao seemed to have found an security screen and cried wildly.
"Chu Fei is far away, I want a small rice cake …" Tears blurred the line of sight. Song Anqiao couldn’t see whether the man in front of him was far away.
Chu Feiyuan wiped her tears with one hand, and her voice was deep, clear and firm as if from the sky. "Okay, I’ll give it to you and ask you not to cry."
Song anqiao sniffed and tried to hold back his tears. "I don’t cry, I don’t cry."
ChuFei far hold her chest stuffy pain eyes YinZhi look at the door, mother chu mother one hand over his waist, his eyes "give her the child".
Sharp and unyielding sound
"She doesn’t deserve this child!" Chu mother was determined not to give even if Chu Fei was far from being stiff, "this child is bleeding from the Chu family."
Chu Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his facial features were cold and cool. "Child flow is my blood and hers, and you are the most unprofitable owners."
Mother Chu’s face froze. "What do you care if you have a woman outside?"
"You’re wrong. I’m far from raising a woman." Chu Fei is far from holding Song Anqiao’s hand tightly. "My wife."
"You …" Mother Chu was dazed. "What do you mean?"
Chu Fei’s distant eyes are stunned. cool thin’s "You don’t need to know" glances around. "People who bully her should always learn a lesson."
The servants shivered when they smelled them.
He came and she came, so we can’t go back in vain.
Bodyguards came in with big black umbrellas, and their faces went straight upstairs to take back the little rice cake.
"Uncle Li, I think you should know what it is to offend us." Chu Fei’s eyes are as cold as ice. "Whoever pushed her and hurt her, you’d better give me an account!"
Uncle Li looked pale there and bowed his head. "Don’t worry, Master, I will take care of it."
"Remember," Chu Feiyuan said word for word, "Song Anqiao was the hostess of the Chu family!"
Chu mother looked at Chu Fei far in amazement. She couldn’t understand the meaning of his sentence? Isn’t it cut off? What does this sentence mean again?
Song anqiao was slightly stiff in his arms.
Trying to hear him clearly, the vision is blurred, the head is groggy, the body is weak, and the eyes suddenly turn black, and it is difficult to support and faint in his arms.
Chu Fei’s heart sank and Yao Xue shouted, "An Qiao is still running a high fever!"
Her eyes were stiff, and Chu Fei didn’t think she was muddy, so she picked her up and drove away quickly.
Chapter 265 must be strong
A splitting headache, stuffy nose and poor breathing. Song Anqiao suddenly opened his eyes. A face of a man with a blue beard and an anxious face was clear and handsome.
Song Anqiao looked at the Zhang Jun Yan with a trance. She slowly reached out and touched his cheek in her dream.
He has lost weight and his cheeks are sunken.
This face is tired, decadent and thin, which is obviously not the face she remembers.
It’s hard to restrain the acidity. Song Anqiao’s eyes are condensed with a layer of tears. Chu Fei is far from moving and watching her eyes deeply. "Don’t cry."
Touching his face and hand paused. Song Anqiao was absent for a moment, and her eyes became confused. Isn’t she dreaming? What, he can talk?
The cool little hand moved slowly along his angular face and pinched his ear for a long time, but still refused to let go.
My ears are pinched so hot that I can’t laugh far away, my eyes are spoiled, and my voice is heavy and slow. "Do you want to pinch my ears to make wine?"
Song anqiao frowned and looked at him straight for a long time. Her heart secretly woke up, not a dream, but a reality.
Fundus with disgust Song Anqiao quickly withdrew his hand and closed his eyes to stop looking at him.
She hates Chu Fei’s distant sight, and her heart suddenly hurts.
Thin lips pursed Chu Fei got up and touched his feverish ears. "Now that we’re awake, we’ll talk."
Song anqiao does not move or speak.
The bed sank suddenly, and Chu Fei sat far away and reached out to touch her forehead. The fever had gone down and she was relieved.
"Qiao Mei I …"
"Don’t call me!" An Sok Joe suddenly opened his eyes and glared at him. "Don’t call me Qiao Mei, you don’t deserve it! Your mouth will defile these two words. "
ChuFei far look a sip lip dark eyes transfixed at her.
"You go! Get out! "
Song anqiao’s tone is vicious and mean.
ChuFei far by her tone good half-day breathing.
Song anqiao felt extremely uncomfortable when she said that. She couldn’t figure out what Chu Fei-yuan meant and what she was going to help her.
What a man hurts a woman is not necessarily that he loves someone else, but that he lets her down when she has expectations and doesn’t help her when she is weak.
But …
Chu Fei is far from helping her when she is most vulnerable.
How should she hate such a man?
"Where am I going? You show me a place. "Chufei’s distant voice is faint and strong, and my heart hurts." If it’s too far away from you, I’ll get out. "
Song anqiao listened to a stream of gas in his chest and turned over and ignored him with his eyes closed.