"Sir, with all due respect, what is your identity? What is sure to help the Lei family? There are only a handful of people in Fengcheng or country A who can compete with Liang’s family. How can I believe you? "

Longteng surprised immediately smiled "ha ha ray less this question is very good, that’s good, I will tell you what I have to help you! But you listen to my identity clearly. If you reveal it, it will definitely do you no good. "
"…" LeiYaoHui twist eyebrow "you say …"
"Listen up …"
Listening to the words, Lei Yaohui’s look suddenly changed and the whole person became tense.
"why?" Longtengyang asked, "Does Lei Shao think my words are credible now?"
"Er" Lei Yaohui swallowed hard "Hmm"
Longteng’s attitude towards him is not surprising. "So Ray, your answer is less …"
"Good" Lei Yaohui nodded hard and agreed "I know"
"Very good!" Longteng satisfied and raised the volume. "Lei Shao really knows the time. I’ll send someone to pick you up when the time is fixed. I want you to say it in detail, and then you won’t be needed. The Lei family’s predicament will be lifted. It’s a profitable business for you!"
Hang up LeiYaoHui good half-day still didn’t recover.
Section 55
Longteng words have been lingering in his ears … He suddenly closed his eyes and raised his forehead. Did he just say yes? You should promise, right It seems that he didn’t refuse to choose, but why is he so uneasy?
Liang Juanbang’s failure to enter the country from now on made him pay such a heavy price early!
If this time …
Lei Yaohui suddenly loosened his hands and eyes with horror. "No …"
This time it’s different. It’s still early to be directly affected by the wave! If he really testifies against Early, even Early will be in danger! In the imperial city, she was already a’ dead man’ early on. If something happened to her, even Hang Zegao couldn’t help it!
On the one hand, it is the family business that is trapped, and on the other hand, he is ashamed of his former "fiancee"
What should I do when I think of what Longteng said just now? He just said yes! Promise to be quick and regret faster now, but he is not Liang Juanbang. He doesn’t know how to deal with this situation.
I hesitated for a long time. Lei Yaohui picked up the phone and wanted to call Liang Juanbang, but I thought that Liang Juanbang was being watched by someone around him at the moment. Lei Yaohui quickly hung up and dialed early.
The sound came early with drowsiness.
"I’m Yao Hui." Lei Yaohui is very eager. "Can I see you early?"
Early surprised sat up from the bed "yiu fai? What is it! " Look at the bedside clock. It’s early in the morning.
"It’s very important!" Lei Yaohui said in a hurry, "I can’t say clearly in a few words, we’ll meet tomorrow."
"Oh!" Nodded in ignorance early. "When and where is that?"
"Early!" Lei Yaohui said a place, "Is it ok?"
Surprised early "so early?"
Lei Yaohui repeated, "It is early!" It must be earlier than when Longteng people come! Then he added, "If you can be with Liang Juanbang, you’d better come together early!"
I think Liang Sven could have protected his son in that situation. If Liang Juanbang came, there must be a way to solve this problem.
"This … Oh, I’ll try." I hung up early with doubts.
What the hell is going on? Look, it’s too late. Let’s call Junbang early in the morning!
Longteng, an old mansion in Fengcheng, took a shower and wore a bathrobe. When I looked up, I saw someone in the room. "Why are you here?"
"Come and see how you are recently? Not busy? "
Longteng laughed unfathomable. "It won’t be so idle soon!"
Chapter 791 Our early dragon surname
I got up early and dialed Liang Juanbang’s number early.
"Hello Junbang"
"Miss me so early?" Liang Juanbang chuckled, "But I’m busy today and I’m going out now. Do you think you didn’t want me to accompany you last night or regret it?"
This man ….. Since the reconciliation, he hasn’t spoken seriously.
However, I heard early that he was busy and wanted to take a message, so I didn’t have the nerve to say it. Yaohui means it’s best to go with our country. Since we are busy, it probably doesn’t matter, right? Kuang Juanbang has always been unkind to Lei Yaohui.
I don’t think it’s necessary to bother our country early, but I didn’t think what would happen early at this time.
I changed my clothes and hurried away from the commander’s office to the appointed place with Lei Yaohui. Lei Yaohui had already arrived.
Lei Yaohui waved his hand to Chao Zao "Here it is!"
"Yaohui" trotted over early to see if he found a layer of bluish gray on his eyelids. "What’s the matter? Didn’t sleep well? "
Lei Yaohui saw that she was frowning slightly. "Liang Juanbang didn’t come?"
"He …" Early doubt "what’s the matter? Is it better for him to come if anything happens? He is very busy today and went out early in the morning. "
"Ah" LeiYaoHui sighed and shook his head "car! Let’s talk about the car. "
"Oh" nodded early and followed Lei Yaohui to the car and found that he looked flustered and confused. "What happened?"
Lei Yaohui carefully observed the look in the rearview mirror. "I came to tell Liang Juanbang, but I don’t know if it’s right to tell him … let him follow others carefully!"
"Follow others?" I was surprised early. "Do you mean those people who followed me this time?"
"… well" LeiYaoHui nodded "should be a group of people"
I was relieved early and smiled gently. "You don’t have to worry about this. They have already evacuated."
"Evacuate?" Lei Yaohui was surprised and obviously didn’t expect this. "How did you do it?"
Early secretive smile "naturally we can always if you worry about this, you don’t have to …"
"hey!" LeiYaoHui didn’t relax to tone more anxious "have to worry about! You should be more careful if you say so! I don’t know how you do it, but this person is not simple! "
Listen to his tone early also nervous show eyebrow screwed up "what do you know? Speak plainly! "