It is said that relatives or people who are more sorry for others have also killed disrespectful people and slaughtered them. People who don’t believe in his true sadness are only rewarded by heaven, people who dare to be angry and dare not complain. It is just a bunch of subjects and people who try their best to do a fake show of grief and loss.

Ning Zhao was silent for a long time, as if he could not feel the cold wind in the morning, and he slowly shook his head and turned around to leave.
So big, so big, so big, so big, the state of Qin couldn’t find a person, but he was equally sad, but he shared the sadness.
How many people are really sad when their eyes are full of sadness?
When the Empress Dowager is crying, will she be thinking that no one in this country will be more honored than her from now on? Let’s not think too clearly about something.
Is the Queen Zhubinfei crying for her grandmother or trying her best to get her approval?
Forget it. The means of infighting in the harem is either too much or just fine. When the emperor is fine, he can still open his eyes and close his eyes and play dumb.
Although the courtier Tao wept bitterly, many people didn’t know that the handkerchief hidden in his face was secretly sprinkled with Chili powder.
I also have to get a nalan.
Get a Nalan. Ning Zhao sighed and shook his head.
A Nalan will go straight to Cizhao Hall when he throws gold and silver at the Buddhist temple on the day of his panic and amnesty.
A Nalan dared to speak out when the Empress Dowager was seriously ill that day. Can he abolish the law alone?
A Nalan dares to kneel down before the monarch in awe when he is furious and wants to punish the doctor too much and forbid anyone to say a word of no.
I still remember that I was so angry as a child who didn’t grow up that I grabbed something heavy at hand and threw it at me.
Open the emperor personally beat the prime minister of a country with blood on his forehead.
Also have to he on this occasion can also half a step not to wipe back or wipe the forehead blood glared at him every word heavy pursuit of personal affairs.
A Nalan will break into the palace alone when his grandmother died and his heart was broken and God was sad about state affairs.
Even Manager Mei stopped him personally, regardless of a slap in the face. He shouted angrily, "You are a man who dares to stop the prime minister and then glared at the guards. My body and minister will be remonstrated when they die, or they will take my life with a knife, or they will just stand up and go straight for me."
A Nalan knows that this move has made the king taboo, and he still dares to break into the temple so brazenly, and he angrily rebukes Empress Dowager Yi if he sees the spirit, which will surely lead to death.
Ning Zhaoli shook his head. Yes, a Nalan. Even if he hates him, suspects him and is angry, he always has to sigh that he can rely on him to help him rely on the national government. Is it really such a Nalan?
Even though he was shocked by his courage and shock, he still had such a strong control over the palace guards that he dared to run amuck in the palace, but he also had to say that he had to stand up and warn him bluntly regardless of the interests.
Although that man is greedy for money and gains, his followers are widely spread, but he has never failed to do his duty as a country.
Nalan’s selfish desire is certainly greater than anyone else’s, but he has never done anything wrong when the country is important, that is, he still dares to take responsibility.
Ning Zhao sighed sadly, even though he knew the king’s private affair, he was still a person. Even though he said that he was white, he used it again and again to persuade himself. However, he also wanted to cry bitterly one day without telling the overall situation.
Nalan is either an able minister or a minister, or someone who makes the king love and hate, but he is not the one who can grieve with him.
Many people in heaven and earth share his sorrow.
Happiness has gone to Nalan, and people still believe that he is full of pain.
Early in the morning, Ning Zhao drove the imperial secretary far away and wandered around the palace alone. Manager Mei was afraid of any mistake and was in a hurry to turn around.
There are not many people walking in the palace so early in the morning, and the weather is so cold that there are very few patrol people everywhere. There are rules in the palace that people everywhere are not allowed to walk around at will, even if they have to send people to find the emperor, it is inconvenient. Finally, I thought that the emperor would probably go to Cizhao Hall to remember the Empress Dowager, and Manager Mei gritted her teeth and ran to Cizhao Hall.
Seeing from a distance that in a few days, many Daqin emperors have come to me in a wandering spirit. Manager Mei hurried to meet them and tried to play the music softly. God cooled down and went back to rest first.